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Hack the recording.

In the sidebar section "Everything You Say Can and Will ..." of Tarrance Kramer's "Fibbing on Frequency" in August, he said that everything you say is recorded. I once heard that a controller can put a "hack" mark on the tape to mark where a discussion or a disagreement has taken place. True?

Richard H Uecker

Hollywood, FL

Tarrance replies:

We can't just "mark the recording" on the fly, because there's really no need.

If something needs review, we manually write down the time range, call sign, and other relevant notes. For instance, if a runway incursion happens, I'd scribble down "1205Z-1215Z. N12345. Runway incursion," tear off the sheet, and pass it on to a supervisor. The supervisor can pull the audio (and radar) recordings for all ATC positions involved literally seconds after it takes place, so if we need to make statements or file a report we have the data immediately available.

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Author:Uecker, Richard H.
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Date:Oct 1, 2015
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