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Habit Changer: First Online Source Dedicated to Creating Good Lifelong Habits.

79 Percent of 900+ Surveyed Participants in Beta Test Have Positive and Lasting Life Changes

SAN FRANCISCO -- Habit Changer, the first online source of programs that give participants the tools to make positive and lasting life changes, launched today. Developed after four years of extensive research, Habit Changer was created to specifically help people recognize and address the underlying behaviors of their bad habits and work to replace them with good behavior.

The programs on Habit Changer presently focus on healthy eating, healthy finances and healthy living. They are based on well known techniques and behavioral modification practices encompassed by cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness and neuroplasticity.

Each program developed by Habit Changer provides a 42-day challenge that helps participants create daily work plans with easy step-by-step action. The challenges provide experiential activities that allow participants to integrate concepts easily in their daily lives. These include physical, written and mental activities with each day presenting a "challenge" that focuses on a specific habit that typically impacts participants.

"Our goal with Habit Changer was to bring about positive life changes to the lives of our participants," said Larry Tobin, co-founder of Habit Changer. "Our programs give participants the tools to analyze their lives and behaviors to really get at the root of their bad habits, not just mask them with a crash course or quick fix. We give them the tools to keep creating positive behaviors indefinitely."

Each program is divided into digestible segments one day at a time with instructions on what to focus on and act upon. This allows for a cumulative effect of each program and it is reinforced by email, text reminders and work plans for participants to review their habits and daily behaviors and examine why they do what they do.

"Habit Changer is on the right path to help participants make lasting positive life changes," said Lisa Nicholson, PhD, MS, RD and an associate professor at Cal Poly. "It takes a mixture of researched methods and behavior modification practices to help participants make important changes. Participants need to be given the tools to look critically at their own behaviors and habits and given the skills to change them. Habit Changer does exactly this."

Participant Kim Hicks of Spring Valley Lake, Calif., says Habit Changer enabled her to take a serious look at her behavior and recognize bad habits.

"It was a fresh approach to weight loss; it was about finding what works best for me and getting into the habit of thinking before acting to make real lifestyle changes," said Hicks, who participated in the weight loss beta program. "The interaction with daily emails really kept me positive and on track to achieve my goal. The tools I was given by Habit Changer have stayed with me even after the program ended."

Habit Changer is now available online at Programs range from $14.95 to $24.95. In partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative, the Healthy Living program "Feeding Your Kids" is offered free to parents.

About Habit Changer

Habit Changer is a set of online programs that is recognized by third party experts and designed to help participants, from all walks of life--different age groups, incomes and lifestyles--recognize the underlying behavior of their bad habits and work to replace them with good behavior.

The programs on Habit Changer are formulated with well known techniques and behavioral modification practices around Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity. Presently Habit Changer's programs focus on the areas of Healthy Eating, Healthy Finances and Healthy Living.
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Date:Dec 2, 2009
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