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Haake Beck credits intensive marketing campaign for national sales increase.

Haake Beck no-alcohol brew reported a national sales increase of nearly 40 percent last year, while sales of its major competitors declined, the company said. Key to the success was the "Haake Beck Body" promotion launched by the company in July, and a media test held in Denver, CO., last fall.

In just 16 weeks since the start of the Denver "sell-in," off-premise distribution rose to over 95 percent, while on-premise distribution climbed over 370 percent during the same period.

"The successful combination of an excellent, highly dedicated distributor and a strong comprehensive marketing program is what catapulted Haake Beck to newer sales heights in the Denver market," said John Kucich, president and chief executive officer of Dribeck Importers, Inc.

A penetrating media and point-of sale program complemented Haake Beck's marketing program at both local and national levels. In Denver, a full scale media blitz was held with newspaper advertisements, outdoor billboard ads, and over 1,200 radio spots on the area's top-rated radio stations.

In addition, the company held weekly promotional and sampling events and sponsored the Haake Beck Fitness Festival in Boulder.

"Because of the Denver test market, we were able to measure to most effective elements of our marketing program for the extension of national and other test market roll outs," said Mark Lantieri, marketing director of Dribeck Importers, Inc.
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Title Annotation:Haake Beck, Denver, Colorado
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Apr 5, 1993
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