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Articles from HVAC & R Research (June 1, 2012)

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A finite element model to predict sound attenuation in lined and parallel-baffle rectangular ducts. Borelli, Davide; Schenone, Corrado 7842
A statistical pattern analysis framework for rooftop unit diagnostics. Najafi, Massieh; Auslander, David M.; Haves, Philip; Sohn, Michael D. 4629
An improved thermal model of the human body. Sun, Xiaoyang; Eckels, Steve; Zheng, Zhongquan Charlie 7142
C[O.sub.2] transcritical vapor compression cycle with thermoelectric subcooler. Schoenfield, Jonathan; Hwang, Yunho; Radermacher, Rienhard 8195
Comparison of various sound models for predicting transmission loss of compressor mufflers based on the modal series expansion method. Li, Yun; Lin, Li; Zhang, Xu; Cheng, Guang-Xu 4656
Cooling of a reciprocating compressor through oil atomization in the cylinder. Kremer, Rodrigo; Barbosa, Jader R., Jr.; Deschamps, Cesar J. Report 11032
Experimental investigation on tetra-n-butyl-ammonium bromide clathrate hydrate slurry flows in a horizontal tube: flow behavior and its rheological model. Song, Wenji; Xiao, Rui; Feng, Zi-ping 3367
Experimental measurement and numerical simulation to determine characteristics of an infrared tube system. Hassan, Samer A. 8571
Experimental validation of the multiple-zone system ventilation efficiency equation of ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.1 (1276-RP). Yuill, David R.; Yuill, Grenville K.; Coward, Andrew H. Report 5229
Factors affecting the cylinder displacement of a Wankel compressor in a micro-cooling system. Zhang, Yilin; Wang, Wen 4132
Heat transfer enhancement by metal foam during nucleate pool boiling of refrigerant/oil mixture at a wide range of oil concentration. Zhu, Yu; Hu, Haitao; Ding, Guoliang; Zhuang, Dawei; Peng, Hao 7227
Model-based robust temperature control for VAV air-conditioning system. Huang, Gongsheng; Jordan, Fillip 6935
Modeling of under-floor heating systems: a compromise between accuracy and complexity. Kattan, R.; Ghali, K.; Hindi, M. Al- 6554
Particle penetration research through buildings' cracks. Popescu, Lelia; Limam, Karim Report 5654
Performance evaluation of network airflow models for natural ventilation. Johnson, Mary-Hall; Thai, Zhiqiang "John"; Krarti, Moncef Report 8046
Quality of inhaled air in displacement ventilation systems assisted by personalized ventilation. Kanaan, M.; Ghaddar, N.; Ghali, K. 7579
Thermal energy storage--a review of concepts and systems for heating and cooling applications in buildings: Part 1--seasonal storage in the ground. Pavlov, Georgi K.; Olesen, Bjarne W. 14751
Thoughts on refrigerant choices. Radermacher, Reinhard; Ling, Jiazhen 462
Use of condensate drain to pre-cool the inlet air to the condensers: a technique to improve the performance of split air-conditioning units. Sawan, R.; Ghali, K.; Hindi, M. Al- 8721

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