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Articles from HVAC & R Research (January 1, 2012)

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A 3D analyzer for BIM-enabled life cycle assessment of the whole process of construction. Kulahcioglu, Tugba; Dang, Jiangbo; Toklu, Candemir 4529
A method to evaluate the energy consumption of suburban neighborhoods. Marique, Anne-Francoise; Reiter, Sigrid 7116
A method to quantify the energy performance in urban quarters. Kesten, Dilay; Tereci, Aysegul; Strzalka, Aneta Maria; Eicker, Ursula 4325
Automatic HVAC fault detection and diagnosis system generation based on heat flow models. Zimmermann, Gerhard; Lu, Yan; Lo, George 6823
CHAMPS-Multizone--a combined heat, air, moisture and pollutant simulation environment for whole-building performance analysis. Feng, Wei; Grunewald, John; Nicolai, Andreas; Zhang, Carey; Zhang, J.S. 8086
Characterization of microbial species in a regenerative bio-filter system for volatile organic compound removal. Huang, Wen-Hsuan; Wang, Zhiqiang; Choudhary, Geetika; Guo, Beverly; Zhang, Jianshun; Ren, Dacheng 5929
Comparison of semi-quantitative and formal metrics for multi-zone airflow model quality assessment. Bahnfleth, William P.; Saekow, Pongpeera; Firrantello, Joseph; Kremer, Paul A. 5260
Energy and environmental assessment of on-site power and cooling for data centers. Erden, Hamza S.; Khalifa, H. Ezzat 7932
Exposure and cancer risk toward cooking-generated ultrafine and coarse particles in Hong Kong homes. Sze-To, Gin Nam; Wu, Chi Li; Chao, Christopher Y.H.; Wan, Man Pun; Chan, Tsz Chun 9494
Fault-tolerant supervisory control of building condenser cooling water systems for energy efficiency. Ma, Zhenjun; Wang, Shengwei 9441
Indoor air quality in sustainable, energy efficient buildings. Persily, Andrew K.; Emmerich, Steven J. 8416
Indoor air quality, ventilation and energy conservation in buildings: innovation and integration (Part 2). Zhang, Jianshun "Jensen" 1119
Indoor odor exposure effects on psycho-physiological states during intellectual tasks and rest. Amano, Kentaro; Takahashi, Hiroki; Kato, Shinsuke; Tani, Hideaki; Ishiguro, Takeshi; Higuchi, Masaak 2846
Modeling ozone penetration through the wall assembly using computational fluid dynamics. Gao, Zhi; Zhang, J.S. 3687
Operational versus designed performance of low carbon schools in England: bridging a credibility gap. Dasgupta, Amrita; Prodromou, Antonis; Mumovic, Dejan 7834
Psychological experiment on the evaluation system of creativity. Takahashi, Hiroki; Ishikawa, Atsuo; Higuchi, Masaaki; Kato, Shinsuke; Kuroki, Tomohiro; Nozaki, Naok 3086
Relating occupant perceived control and thermal comfort: statistical analysis on the ASHRAE RP-884 database. Langevin, Jared; Wen, Jin; Gurian, Patrick L. 8976
Room air stratification in combined chilled ceiling and displacement ventilation systems. Schiavon, Stefano; Bauman, Fred; Tully, Brad; Rimmer, Julian 7083
Simultaneous solutions of coupled thermal airflow problem for natural ventilation in buildings. Wang, Liangzhu "Leon"; Dols, W. Stuart; Emmerich, Steven J. Report 5501
The "extended building energy hub": a new method for the simultaneous optimization of energy demand and energy supply in buildings. Bayraktar, Meltem; Fabrizio, Enrico; Perino, Marco 12457
The influence of opening windows and doors on the natural ventilation rate of a residential building. Marr, David; Mason, Mark; Mosley, Ron; Liu, Xiaoyu 4222
Total energy use in air conditioned buildings: analysis of main influencing factors. Masy, Gabrielle; Andre, Ph. 5484
Use of moisture-buffering tiles for indoor climate stability under different climatic requirements. Antretter, Florian; Mitterer, Christoph; Young, Seoung-Moon 3132

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