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HURLING STAR'S THEFT AND GAMBLING SHAME; Glennon: Parents may never trust me again after [euro]70k bet spree.


STAR hurler David Glennon admits his parents may never fully trust him again after his gambling addiction forced them to remortgage the family home.

The 27-year-old escaped jail earlier this month after stealing nearly [euro]70,000 from his employers to fund his betting.

He is now doing community work in lieu of seven concurrent two-year sentences for numerous thefts.

Glennon admitted: "My parents still don't have the full 100% trust in me and never will because of what I have done.

"I was a compulsive liar. I was a thief and I did whatever I could to get money for gambling.

"I had no conscience, I didn't care. I had no respect for myself or anybody."

The sportsman spent 12 weeks in a rehab centre in 2015 after admitting his debts left him contemplating taking his own life.

However, he won an All-Ireland title with Galway last year and is working with the GAA to help other players with gambling addictions.

Gleen on started off wagering pocket money at the bookies but was soon losing thousands in the space of an hour.

He told RTE's The Sean O'Rourke Show: "It started off with the small amounts of money and then it ended up, you know, bigger and bigger the hole got it came to a point where it was either going one way or another.

"I'd be lying if I say I didn't like it, like.

I loved gambling. It basically took over my life to an extent where it took over my hurling, it took over my education."

Glennon, who is now working parttime in a gym in Loughrea, said his mother thought it best to remortgage the house and pay off the debts.

He added: "Honestly every day and every week that passes, I've to hand over my [euro]100 or my [euro]150 to my mother.

"But it's part of my recovery and every day I do hand over the money, it brings me back to the days I was gambling."

Despite his GAA successes, he said: "I'm no hero, I'm not a winner. I've done what I've done and I am trying to make amends in the best possible way.

"If my story can help someone, then it's a good day's work done."



SUPPORT Davy Glennon outside court with his mother Eileen

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 30, 2018
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