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 FULLERTON, Calif., Nov. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- A software-based security product that ensures the privacy of computer data communications traveling across local and wide area networks was introduced today by Hughes Aircraft Co.
 The product, called NetLOCK, draws upon the technology and experience Hughes has gained in building defense systems. NetLOCK will be available in December 1993 for Sun Microsystems networks, and Hughes will provide NetLOCK for Novell networks in 1994.
 "The proliferation of local and wide-area networks and distributed systems has exposed many corporations' vital information to unwanted eavesdroppers," said John Garber, the Hughes NetLOCK product manager. "NetLOCK lets corporations and individuals take advantage of the communications power of public networks with the assurance that their data is protected from intruders.
 "NetLOCK provides security transparently, so users simply work and share data as they always have with the knowledge that NetLOCK is maintaining a secure communications channel."
 NetLOCK also ensures data integrity, so communications arrive intact and unaltered. Transmissions are placed in a cryptographic envelope and sent across the network with non-sensitive address information on the outside.
 During encryption, NetLOCK uses a number of error-checking technologies to ensure accurate data transmission. While a snooper could potentially see the envelope as it moves on the network, only the intended recipient can decrypt the file and read the data.
 NetLOCK can be installed on laptop computers permitting users to make and complete private communications transactions via dial-up or remote network connections.
 Data security and access control are accomplished through the use of confidential keys and certificates shared between the two communicating workstations. At the initiation of contact, workstations securely negotiate an encryption key and then verify the identify of each other. Only the workstations with the shared key and certificate can access the data, so as a user you know where your files are going.
 NetLOCK can manage an unlimited number of shared keys, enabling it to provide flexible security for small-scale and large-scale implementations.
 "This technique of automatic key management eliminates the biggest headache in using encryption," Garber said. "It also enables remote addition of new NetLOCK users quickly and simplifies the management of network security." NetLOCK is the result of more than a decade of research by Hughes Aircraft Co.
 Originally contracted by the Department of Defense to investigate protocols for secured computer networks, Hughes was asked to incorporate cryptographically security within the open system interconnection (OSI) communication reference model. This resulted in the generation of specifications and the establishment of a network communication architecture which protected both classified and unclassified networks.
 NetLOCK is the first in a family of products designed to provide effective, economical security for business and personal communications. *etLOCK will be made available for additional network systems during 1994.
 NetLOCK for Sun networks is available Dec. 1 and will retail for $3,995 for a 10-user site license. Hughes is also offering NetLOCK at an introductory price of $2,995 for those orders received prior to ' Jan. 31, 1994. Currently, NetLOCK is only available for sale in the United States.
 For more technical information on NetLOCK, please contact Hughes at 714-732-1637.
 The earnings of GM Hughes Electronics, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Motors Corp., are used to calculate earnings per share of General Motors Class H Common Stock (NYSE: GMH).
 -0- 11/8/93
 /CONTACT: Diana Ball, 714-732-5352/

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Date:Nov 8, 1993

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