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HUG, HUG ME DO; Indian love guru arrives in Ireland to bring karma.


AN Indian guru has arrived in Ireland to spread her message of love by HUGGING complete strangers.

Not wanting to miss the chance of meeting a living saint, I queued up to meet Amma, who unlike toxic bank Nama, promises to bring contentment to this troubled island.

Towering over her as she remained seated, the 56-year-old guru beckoned me forward. Wearing a white robe, Mata Amritananda May opened her arms drawing her head towards her body.

The guru whispered into my ear the Hindu word for love, chanting it repeatedly - leaving me with a tingling feeling not normally associated with hugging an elderly woman.

During her world-wide tour, Amma has raised millions of euro for charity bringing contentment to 30 million people. For the people in her native Kerela in Southern India, Amma is considered a saint. Many of those who hug her leave with tears of happiness in their eyes. As she grasps me, I feel a radiating heat.

At the end of our two-minute session, Amma handed me gifts of an orange sweet, a petal, as well as an apple.

Feeling giddy, I am forced to sit down to compose myself, so intense was the experience. Others claim they have been moved by her mystic powers.

Luckily for anyone in need of a good hug, Amma can be found in the National Show Centre near Dublin Airport.

And to just like Gay Byrne at his Late Late Show best "there's one for everyone in the audience".


Loved up.. People wait to embrace Amma at the National Show Centre Saints alive.. Mirror man Samuel Hamilton is embraced by Mata Amritananda May
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Geographic Code:9INDI
Date:Oct 17, 2010
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