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HTU SOP for no-go.

Dear Editor,

It's not unusual to run into handheld terminal units (HTU) that have defective batteries that cause them to not; operate properly or at all. That stops artillery targeting in the field.

I've found a way that sometimes can keep your HTU going in the field until you can get the battery replaced:

If you get; a message when you power up the HTU saying the system configuration is invalid and asking you to press F1 or F2, press F2. That puts you in the BIOS setup.

After updating the date and time, configure the BIOS like this:


boot disk 0: Auto 1


internal disk: boot disk 0

speaker control: ON

color enhance: OFF

PCMCIA slot: Slot 1

PCMCIA HDD Type: Integral

Page 2 (page down)

power management: DISABLED

system idle after: DISABLED

system standby after: DISABLED

system suspend after: DISABLED

With any luck, this will get your HTU going.

If you power up the HTU and have no visible screen even though the green power light is on, use this code: F2, ESC, FS, ESC, F4. After about 15 seconds, the HTU should shut down and then reboot and give a visible screen. You will need to set the BIOS again and enter the settings previously noted (in the shaded area).

SSG Charles Story

A Btry, 2/6th ADA

Ft; Bliss, TX

Editor's note: Good suggestion, Sergeant.' This is a field fix only. As soon as possible, get the HTU internal battery replaced.

If you're using forward observer software (FOS), the "boot disk O: Auto 1" may need to be set differently. See the FOS software loading instructions for the correct BIOS boot disk parameters.

If you have an external VGA monitor, CECOM's David Fisher points out that it can be plugged into Port J4 and the screen output will appear on the monitor. This lets you confirm the batten problem and gives your repairman access to the CMOS battery settings without the guesswork of using the key sequence.
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Author:Story, Charles
Publication:PS, the Preventive Maintenance Monthly
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Date:Mar 1, 2006
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