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HTC Might be Developing Two More Tablet Apart From Nexus 9.

Word on the tech street is that HTC is into developing two more tablet devices apart from the Nexus 9 code named Volantis/Flounder that we have heard of earlier. This bit of news which has its origin with Evleaks would mark the return of the Taiwanese company into mainstream tablet business if true. HTC had last been associated with tablet when it launched the HTC Flyer and Jetstream which bombed in the markets worldwide.

HTC has often been rumored to be developing a tablet after its efforts with the Flyer back in 2011. However, there has been no concrete developments ever since though things might be different this time round if ( Evleaks is to be believed. Unfortunately, details are extremely scarce at the moment, so that the only thing we know of the two rumored devices is that they have been codenamed T7 and T12. Also, it would be anybody's guess if the two codenames point towards a 7 or 12 inch tablet with the speculated Nexus slotting in between them.

Fortunately, things are a little better with the Nexus 9 that has already been discussed a fair bit before, as is mentioned in ( BGR . The tablet is expected to feature a 64 bit NVIDIA Tegra K1 heart and is purported to work in conjugation with a 2 GB of RAM and 16/32 GB of storage. The tablet is also rumored to carry a 3 megapixel shooter at the front and an 8 megapixel cam at the rear that also benefits from optical image stabilization for better quality pictures.

Upfront, the tablet is believed to offer an 8.9 inch 2K display flanked by front facing stereo speakers. The tablet is also believed to be extremely slim, having a thickness of just 7.9 mm while tipping the scales at 427 gms. The report also claimed the Volantis/Flounder to run Android L.

The tablet is also expected to cater to the premium segment, which if true will make it the first Nexus device to be doing so, claims ( Android Police . The price point mentioned is $399 for the entry level model.

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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:Jul 23, 2014
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