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HR Client Inc. Announces New Internet Product Aimed at Helping Firms Meet Critical Human Resources Needs.

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HR Client(SM) announced today the immediate availability of its online Human Resources solution, HRAdministrator(SM), an easy-to-use Internet-based product that allows small to medium sized organizations meet their critical human resources needs without the high costs of staffing a professional Human Resources department.

HR Client(SM) debuted HRAdministrator(SM) on November 9th at a private showing for 50 local business leaders from a wide-range of firms and industry/professional associations. The product is designed for ease-of-use by non-human resource professionals and is available completely online at

According to HR Client(SM) founders Karen Clary and Janice Beach, response to HRAdministrator(SM) has been very positive. They said that the Internet-based solution is aimed at emerging, growing and/or changing companies to help these firms develop, implement, and manage the critical function of human resources without incurring high costs.

"HRAdministrator(SM) allows organizations to focus their limited resources on executing their business plans, while cost-effectively and strategically attending to the organizational needs of the business including solid methods, practices and programs for dealing with employees and ever-changing organizational infrastructure," said Clary.

The revolutionary new Human Resource product includes proven human resources tools such as forms, programs, and policies/handbooks designed to cover an organization's entire human resources needs, including staffing strategies, compensation and benefits program development, performance management system development, termination management, and the management of other human resource programs. The total HRAdministrator(SM) solution is immediately accessible for an annual subscription fee. Additional online consulting is also available.

"Beta testing with real-world clients is complete and there is significant interest in the product from the business community," Clary said.

According to Tom Kieffer, Chief Executive Officer of Agiliti, "The HR Client(SM) concept, and HRAdministrator(SM) product, are what small to mid-sized organizations need to successfully execute and manage their business strategy. HRAdministrator(SM) provides a complete set of organizational tools, developed by professionals, delivered in an extremely cost-effective manner, and made available 24/7. This service allows a business leader to build the organizational infrastructure required while keeping the company's limited resources focused on core competencies such as business development activities."

"We've applied our combined 31 years of experience working with companies at all stages of the corporate life cycle across many industries to the development of HRAdministrator(SM)," said Beach. "We know that a major key to success is building a world-class environment, managing and leading employees and continually meeting the changing needs of the organization. We believe that HR Client(SM) products are a revolutionary way in which emerging and small to medium sized companies can strategically attend to this critical need. HRAdministrator(SM) focuses on getting the basics in place and is the first of three tiers of products designed to help company's create and manage the type of environment they need for success."

HR Client(SM), a Minneapolis-based company, delivers sophisticated, quality human resource tools, information and consulting to small to mid-sized companies in a cost-effective, Internet-based solution. Its products are for companies that need to attract, retain, and effectively lead employees. The goal is to help companies create an integrated human resource system that establishes and maintains a world-class environment and management system.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 15, 2000
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