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HP introduces Odyssey, the complete tailor-fit solution for business needs.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has recently launched its 2014 portfolio of enterprise products with HP Odyssey event.

This year's roadshow showcase HP's complete solutions covering the Education, Financial Services, Healthcare and Manufacturing industries, to HP's Channel partners and Enterprise Customers.

"HP continues to be at the forefront of innovation and technology. With the latest technology trends and changing style of IT, HP sustain its efforts to deliver on our commitment of the best connected experience for our enterprise customers through our channel partner community. HP continues to empower endusers with holistic end-to-end solutions that make their business lives easier and efficient with full operational and IT controls," says HP Printing and Personal Systems Country General Manager Albert Mateo.

With the 2014 Odyssey lineup, HP continues to empower, improve and change the user experiences for key verticals.

The classroom of the future is here with the HP Classroom Manager

Education continues to be an HP priority. The future of the classroom is here with the introduction of the HP Classroom Manager. Designed exclusively for adacemic institutions, the HP Classroom Manager integrates technology and learning without sacrificing on the latter.

The HP Classroom Manager enhances learning by enabling teachers to monitor and control student computers, administer feedback, and annotate student screen for real time collaboration. Teachers will be able to monitor student screens with thumbnail, will have the ability to see if students are following the lesson plan or are struggling and being left behind.

Teachers can also lock screens to get everyone's attention and restrict students to a specific assignment to lower distraction and increase productivity.

In addition, Classroom Manager features digital tests and immediacy of results, allowing teachers to monitor the students' progress in real-time. Students can also collaborate and offer ideas by sharing his/her screen to the whole classroom.

Providing precision and security to the Financial Industry

The Finance industry is one of the most sensitive industy and one mistake leading to data breach may mean the fall of a company, given the value of the data and currencies involved.

The 2014 Odyssey solutions feature the HP Thin-Client--a solid state PC that is the perfect alternatives for the traditional desktop for financial institutions, with its usability, reliability and easy control-management software.

HP also packs the Defective Media Retention (DMR) and security solutions in both desktops and laptops in the Financial Services Industry (FSI) lineup. With the DMR, customers securely retain sensitive data in defective hard-drives. HP's commercial desktops and ultrabooks are also packed with security features for the protection of data, the device itself, and the identity of the user.

"HP understands that efficient workflow for an Financial Services Industry means lower operating costs, tigher controls, and better customer service," Mateo added.

Healthcare Industry

HP empowers hospitals and healthcare organizations, as technology plays a big part in the Healthcare industry. Trends like Electronic Media Records (EMR), hospital expansions and introduction of new services, coupled the IT Manager's challenge lowering operating cost, insufficient manpower during peak periods, and having a slow response time for IT failures.

With a complete HP ecosystem, the staff in hospitals can work more efficiently on workstations with low acoustic noise fans, making them as quiet as possible while at the same time not contributing to the increasing room temperature. In terms of hygiene, the Smartcard solution was introduced, eliminating the need for card swipe slots, which trap dirt and bacteria. Likewise, the Elite One 800 Touch AIO's glass surface allows for easy cleaning using alcohol-based sanitizing agents, a standard in the healthcare industry.

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing professionals need an efficient IT infrastructure to support their work on concept design, product design and model analyses, to name a few. To support these, HP Workstations are tested to run a large number of ISV applications and are equipped with ECC Memory, which is important in avoiding soft errors in manufacturing.

"We believe that with the 2014 product lineup for enterprise customers, it will be a win-win situation not only for our partner community but for Philippine businesses as well given the benefits of these new technologies to their business operations," Mateo closes.

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Date:Jan 20, 2014
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