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HP and Philips develop new copy protection technology for direct digital broadcast recording.

HP (NYSE:HPQ)(Nasdaq:HPQ) and Philips (NYSE:PHG) have announced their joint development of a new copy protection technology designed to enable direct recording of "copy-once" content from digital broadcast signals. The innovative technology is designed to enable protected digital recordings of digital broadcast and cable television according to the rules adopted by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission in its recent Broadcast Flag ruling.

Through the FCC ruling, broadcasters may in the future have the opportunity to include additional information called a "Broadcast Flag" in their transmissions to protect the content from indiscriminate Internet retransmission. The HP and Philips technology has been submitted in the first round of filings to the FCC in order to be among the first technologies approved for the recording of content marked with the Broadcast Flag.

Furthermore, it is designed to enable protected direct digital recordings for copy-once digital TV broadcast and in uni-directional cable products on new discs for DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD+R Double Layer.

A key element of the new HP and Philips technology is that the new discs are expected to be used in both future products that meet the Broadcast Flag content protection requirements, as well as in today's DVD players and DVD+R/+RW recorders. These new discs may be used to record all broadcast flag modes. The discs are designed to use the same manufacturing technology in use today so the cost to manufacture the discs is expected to remain the same.

Designed to be used with the DVD+R/+RW format, the technology can be applied to other recording formats. The security elements in the system are designed to be renewable, helping ensure long-term effectiveness and robustness.

"This technology is another example of HP's commitment to protecting digital content," said Vikki Pachera, vice president, Global Alliances and Business Development, HP. "HP is working with both consumers and our industry partners to provide avenues for consumers to lawfully record and interact with digital content--while still enjoying a positive digital experience."

"By implementing this system we once again underline the inherent flexibility of DVD+R/+RW as the only DVD recording format that fully meets the needs of both industry and consumers," said Cesar Vohringer, chief technology officer, Philips Consumer Electronics. "With this technology we help protect the rights of the content owners and help provide the consumer with a safe choice that should help ensure the DVD recording experience both today and in the years to come."

HP and Philips' new technology already has generated support from a variety of industry leaders and DVD+R/+RW partners, including drive, software, independent software vendors and chipmakers. Its robust cryptographic protection and competitive license conditions offer unique benefits to both the electronics and content industries.
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Publication:EDP Weekly's IT Monitor
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Date:Mar 8, 2004
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