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HP Leads PC Server Industry with SPECweb96 Performance Benchmarks; HP NetServer Systems Offer Customers Internet Server Solutions with Performance Levels Exceeding Leading UNIX System Internet Solutions.

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 13, 1996-- Hewlett-Packard Company today announced that it has submitted the industry's first SPECweb96 benchmark results for Pentium(R) Pro-processor-based, Microsoft(R) Windows(R) NT servers. High performance results demonstrate that HP NetServer systems offer customers a choice of NT and UNIX(R) system Internet servers, with Internet PC servers whose performance matches or exceeds many UNIX systems on the market today.

"HP is committed to being the leader in the computer industry for systems based on both Intel/Microsoft technologies and RISC/UNIX system technologies," said Duncan Campbell, worldwide marketing manager of the HP NetServer Division. "Today we are showing that this commitment extends to the NET and is demonstrated by the awesome SPECweb96 results turned in on our HP NetServer LX Pro and NetServer LH Pro systems."

In these benchmarks, an HP NetServer LX Pro server and a NetServer LH Pro server -- each with one 200MHz Pentium Pro processor running Microsoft's Internet Information Server 2.0 and Windows NT 4.0 -- achieved 839 and 536 SPECweb96 operations per second, respectively.

"We are very excited about the high raw performance of Microsoft Windows NT Server and Internet Information Server running on HP NetServer systems," said Jim Allchin, senior vice president, Microsoft Desktop and Business Systems Division. "The combination of an HP NetServer system with Windows NT Server and Internet Information Server provides customers with an integrated Web server platform with superior price/performance that makes it easier to develop and run applications on the Internet and intranets."

"Businesses need an affordable Internet server solution that has the performance to handle the high traffic peaks they expect to experience on their Web sites," said John McNulty, director, Enterprise Programs, Intel Corporation. "HP's NetServer systems, based on Intel Pentium Pro processors, will deliver an Internet server solution that addresses these high-performance computing needs, as demonstrated by these great SPECweb results."

The following table shows SPECweb96 performance numbers that compare the results of HP NetServer LH Pro and NetServer LX Pro systems to closely configured UNIX systems: -0-

 SPECweb96 No. RAM
System Name ops/sec CPU (MB) HTTP Server

DEC Alpha server 252 1 128 Netscape Commerce
1000A 4/266 Server 1.12

Sun Netra i 1-170 310 1 512 Netscape Enterprise
 Server 2.0d

IBM RS/6000 43P-140 459 1 448 Zeus 1.1.3

HP NetServer 6/200 536 1 512 IIS 2.0/NT 4.0
LH Pro

HP 9000 Model K460 801 1 2048 Zeus 1.1.0

HP NetServer 6/200 839 1 2048 IIS 2.0/NT 4.0
LX Pro


"The brains behind our Investors Edge site is an HP NetServer system," said Patrick Connolly, president, Ethos Corporation. "This HP NetServer provides excellent network throughput and disk redundancy. ... I sleep better at night knowing that the NetServer system is minding the shop."

The HP NetServer LX Pro server is a top-of-the-line network server that is optimized to meet the performance and availability needs of the most demanding business-critical applications. It offers impressive expandability and storage capacity, while its high-availability features maximize system uptime.

The HP NetServer LH Pro server is a best-in-class departmental server designed to operate as cost-effective, optimized high-end file server and midrange application and Web server. Innovative features have been incorporated in the HP NetServer LH Pro server to ensure the highest level of data integrity and uptime.

The HP NetServer LH Pro and the HP NetServer LX Pro systems currently start at street prices of approximately $6,900 (U.S.) and $12,200 (U.S.), respectively.

SPECweb96, announced in July 1996 by the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC), is an industry-standard, client/server benchmark used to indicate the maximum number of HTTP connections a Web server can support within a reasonable response time.

Hewlett-Packard Company is a leading global manufacturer of computing, communications and measurement products and services recognized for excellence in quality and support. HP has 110,800 employees and had revenue of $31.5 billion in its 1995 fiscal year.

More information about HP and its products can be found on the World Wide Web at

Information about the SPECweb96 benchmark and full results on all published benchmarks can be found at -0-

Note to Editors: Microsoft is a U.S. registered trademark of Microsoft Corp. Pentium is a U.S. registered trademark of Intel Corp. UNIX is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries, licensed exclusively through X/Open(R) Company Limited. Windows is a U.S. registered trademark of Microsoft Corp. X/Open is a registered trademark, and the X device is a trademark of X/Open Company Ltd. in the UK and other countries.

CONTACT: Hewlett-Packard Company

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Date:Nov 13, 1996
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