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HP Introduces Three Servers; Enhances Storage to Meet Growing OLTP, Decision-support Needs; New High-end Server Delivers Industry's Best Commercial UNIX system-based-computer Performance.

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 25, 1995--Fortifying its leadership in open-systems enterprise computing, Hewlett-Packard Company today introduced three new symmetric-multiprocessing (SMP) servers -- including one that delivers the highest commercial UNIX(R) system-based-computer performance in the industry.

The new servers have the power to support on-line transaction processing and decision-support applications in large, enterprisewide client/server environments.

Also announced were new storage products, alliances and advancements to meet growing customer requirements for more capacity and easier management in data-intensive environments.

The new computer systems are the HP 9000 Model T520 high-end server, which offers the industry's best performance, and the HP 9000 Models K210 and K410 midrange servers. Together, they expand the performance reach of HP's high-end and midrange server offerings, enabling customers to accelerate the adoption of client/server computing across the enterprise. Additionally, the systems are integral to HP's Enterprise Parallel Computing strategy, which also was outlined today in a related announcement.

As with all members of the scaleable HP 9000 family, the three new servers run the industry-leading HP-UX(1) 10.0 enterprise-class operating system and are based on HP's PA-RISC(2) microprocessor technology. The systems also can be upgraded to HP's 64-bit PA-8000 processor simply by replacing a board. Each features a balanced system design to deliver the performance and expandability that commercial and engineering customers need to run complex, mission-critical applications.

"These new systems fulfill our continuing promise to provide customers with the performance growth path they need to move their organizations away from a rigid, centralized mainframe environment into an enterprisewide, client-server environment based on industry standards and open systems," said Carol G. Mills, general manager of HP's General Systems Division.


In addition to extending the performance reach within the HP 9000 server family, the new high-end and midrange servers also offer significant performance advantages over competing systems.

The HP 9000 Model K410 server using four PA-7200 120MHz processors achieves new heights of midrange performance with a Transaction Processing Council(3) TPC-C benchmark result of 3,809.46 transactions per minute-C (tpmC) @ $364/tpmC. This result provides higher performance than all other open-system vendors' midrange or high-end systems and is surpassed only by HP's high-end HP 9000 Model T500 Corporate Business Server (5,369.68 tpmC @ $535/tpmC).

Model K410 TPC-C result offers 22 percent more performance than that provided by an eight-way PowerPC-based IBM RS/6000 J30 (3,119.16 tpmC @ $349/tpmC) or eight-way PowerPC-based IBM RS/6000 R30 (3,119.16 tpmC @ $355/tpmC). Model K410 TPC-C result also provides more than two times the performance of a DEC 2100 4/275 that uses four 275 MHz Alpha processors (1,708.12 tpmC @ $555/tpmC) while providing a far lower cost per transaction.

Likewise, HP anticipates similar performance advantages at the high end from its Model T520 system. In recent TPC-C benchmarks, a 12-way T500 delivered 55 percent more performance than a 20-way Sun SPARCcenter 2000E. HP estimates that the T520 can provide a 20 percent to 30 percent improvement over existing T500 environments. Such a performance advantage is of particular importance to customers, such as Pepsi-Cola North America, that are rolling out new mission-critical applications.

"We are eagerly awaiting HP's Model T520 server, which will enable us to handle the workload associated with our rollout of 20,000 handheld computers for our sales force in a significantly more cost-effective manner," said Ray Shemer, director of Pepsi's technology services.

Models K210 and K410 are equally ideal as open alternatives to proprietary midrange systems -- particularly IBM's AS/400 and Digital's VAX -- because of their superior price/performance and conformance to industry standards. The models support up to four PA-7200 microprocessors running at 120 MHz, from 32MB to 2GB memory, and up to 8.3TB of disk storage.

All models support Intelligent Optimization, a new feature of the HP-UX 10.0 operating system that enables the computer system and database to work together more efficiently and to reduce the need to access main memory.

Further, models T520, K210 and K410 are key elements of HP's evolutionary Enterprise Parallel Computing strategy. Whether configured in a parallel computing cluster or as building blocks for HP's new Enterprise Parallel Servers, the systems provide the performance required to run applications at the highest end of the computing spectrum, yet preserve investments in existing hardware, applications and data, and other technologies.


In addition to the new servers, HP announced expansion of its storage solutions, continuing its commitment to providing a full suite of storage solutions that meet the functionality, price/performance reliability and investment-protection needs of the entire enterprise. The four announcements are as follows:

o A new 4GB, 7,200-rpm half-height disk drive that

doubles the embedded and external storage capacity

available for HP 9000 servers; HP's K-class servers,

for example, now can support more than 8.3TB -- the

most external storage support available for any

midrange system. The new drives also are used in HP's

High Availability Disk Arrays, increasing maximum

capacity for T-class servers to 20TB.

o An alliance with ATL Products Inc. to provide Digital

Linear Tape (DLT) libraries that support the HP 9000

server family. ALT Products' ACL4/52 is a fast,

cost-effective and automated solution for backing up

and restoring hundreds of gigabytes of mission-critical

data. ATL Products' 54-cartridge library uses four

Quantum DLT4000 drives and is integrated with HP

OpenView OmniBack II for ease of configuration and


o HP-UX support for the 3490E media standard used in

StorageTek's Nearline Automated Cartridge Systems.

This expands the maximum tape-storage capacity on a

T-class server to more than 120TB for customers who

require even greater backup requirements than enabled

by DAT or DLT. The StorageTek systems will be

integrated with HP OpenView OmniBack II for ease of

configuration and management.

o A new 5.25-inch optical jukebox, the HP SureStore

Optical 300st, with 309GB of storage. As a result of

an enhanced robotics design, exchange time has been

improved 40 percent. The jukebox is well-suited for

document- and image-management, data-warehousing,

decision-support and hierarchical-storage-management



HP 9000 Model T520 server ranges in price from $145,000 for a uniprocessor to $520,000 for a 12-way SMP configuration. The new high-end servers are scheduled to be available in the first quarter of 1996.

Model K210 and Model K410 servers, available immediately, begins at $41,650 and $67,350 respectively. Additional PA-7200 processors are $15,000.

HP is the second-largest computer supplier in the United States, with computer-related revenue of $19.6 billion in its 1994 fiscal year. HP has been delivering PA-RISC-based computers since 1986 with high reliability, data integrity, data availability and system availability.

HP is recognized as the leader in providing service and support for enterprise, client/server computing environments. More than 400 service and support offices are located in more than 110 countries and deliver solutions from planning through design and implementation, and ongoing support and operations for client/server solutions that meet the business needs of companies competing in fast-changing, global marketplaces.

Hewlett-Packard Company is a leading global manufacturer of computing, communications and measurement products and services recognized for excellence in quality and support. HP has 99,900 employees and had revenue of $25 billion in its 1994 fiscal year. -0-


(1) HP-UX 9.X and 10.0 for HP 9000 Series 700 and 800 computers are X/Open(tm) Company UNIX 93 branded products. X/Open is a trademark of X/Open Company Limited in the UK and other countries. UNIX is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries, licensed exclusively through X/Open Company Limited.

(2) PA-RISC stands for Precision Architecture, HP's name for its reduced-instruction-set computing (RISC) technology.

(3) Developed by the industrywide Transaction Processing Performance Council , the TPC-C benchmark defines a rigorous standard for calculating performance and price/performance measured by transactions per minute (tpmC) and $/tpmC, respectively. TPC-C is considered the best standard measure of OLTP performance.

CONTACT: Hewlett-Packard

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Terri Powell, 408/447-1673
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