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HP Introduces HP NetServer Navigator Setup Kit For Simple Network Server Setup, Configuration and Management; HP NetServer Navigator Includes a New Version of HP NetServer Assistant Management Software.

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 24, 1995-- Hewlett-Packard Company today introduced the HP NetServer Navigator, a new setup kit that contains a CD-ROM with all the software tools needed to simplify the setup, configuration and management of an HP NetServer. The bootable CD-ROM includes HP Configuration Assistant, HP Diagnostic Assistant and HP Information Assistant, as well as a new release of HP NetServer Assistant, Version 2.2. HP NetServer Navigator will be offered as a bundled package with the HP NetServer LH and all future NetServers introduced by HP.

HP also announced expanded access to product information on HP's World-Wide Web pages and a new support service, Network Phone-in Support, that offers customers and resellers one HP number for engineer support on complex network questions.

"The HP NetServer Navigator helps reduce the cost of server ownership and makes the IS manager's job easier with automated, on-line step-by-step configuration, management and help tools," said James P. McDonnell, worldwide marketing manager for HP's Network Server Division. "Server setup time is drastically reduced, and the complications and confusion normally associated with configuration are eliminated."

HP Configuration Assistant guides the user through each step of system configuration. Users can choose from two modes of control: "express" (the default), for step-by-step instructions, and "custom" designed for the knowledgeable HP NetServer manager who wants a flexible setup environment. HP Configuration Assistant provides suggestions for NOS installation and automatically creates a customized diskette with NOS drivers and configuration files for the user's specific operating environment. It also creates a utility partition on the systems hard-disk drives to store key utilities for troubleshooting and support.

HP Diagnostic Assistant helps in two ways: After setup and configuration, it verifies that the HP NetServer components are installed correctly via diagnostics that check the entire server, including expansion boards, SCSI subsystems and cables. In addition, it provides continuous testing with error logging for overnight testing or burn-in of the full server or a subsystem. During normal operating mode, HP Diagnostic Assistant can be executed remotely through HP Remote Assistant for "lights-out" management of remote sites.

HP Information Assistant is a task-oriented retrieval system with next-generation search capabilities for easy viewing and printing of information on HP NetServers and accessories. It gives managers quick and easy access to a comprehensive reference library of HP NetServer documentation, release notes and NOS optimization and tuning guides.


The latest version of the popular HP NetServer Assistant server management product, Version 2.2, is included on the HP NetServer Navigator CD-ROM. Version 2.2 expands NetServer Assistant support for different operating systems with fully compliant SNMP agents for Novell NetWare, Microsoft(R) Windows NT, IBM OS/2 and SCO UNIX operating systems. NetServer Assistant, which includes the industry-leading HP OpenView for Windows 7.2 platform, gives managers monitoring, proactive notification and troubleshooting of server problems over a network from a single management console. With the new agents, managers now can perform over-the-network management of all their NetServers that run any of the four operating systems from a single management console. The SNMP agents let administrators receive important information about their NetServers from any management console that supports SNMP, for example, enterprise-management consoles such as OpenView/UX.

"HP NetServer Assistant 2.2 also offers administrators a new time-saving feature -- NetServers-at-a-Glance -- that, with a few clicks of the mouse, lets administrators view -- simultaneously and on a single form -- all important information about all of their NetServers from a single OpenView for Windows console," said McDonnell. "NetServers-at-a-Glance lets managers customize the information that is collected and lets them export the information to standard spreadsheets and word processors so they can use it to generate summary reports for planning and other purposes."

The easy-to-use NetServer Assistant offers all the features an administrator needs to manage NetServers. For example, it detects and notifies the administrator of problems with NetServer components, such as SCSI controllers and devices, and it provides predictive disk-problem warnings backed by HP proactive warranty replacement, notification of ECC memory errors and summaries of PC LAN adapter-card performance statistics.

HP NetServer Assistant is designed for today's multivendor networks; because it is based on OpenView for Windows, it allows multidevice (for example, servers, PCs, hubs and routers) and multisite management from a single icon-driven map.

In addition to NetServer Assistant, HP Remote Assistant provides remote management of NetServers via dial-up modem, regardless of the state of the server or network. Available as an optional NetServer accessory, the HP Remote Assistant card complements HP NetServer Assistant 2.2 by providing unattended remote management, including console redirection, the ability to power cycle, continuous environment and server-hardware monitoring/logging, and automatic alerting and recovery capabilities.

HP NetServer Assistant 2.2 comes bundled with the NetServer LH and future models as part of the HP NetServer Navigator CD-ROM. A floppy-disk version is included with the LF and LM NetServer models and is an optional accessory for the NetServer LC.


Starting today, HP NetServer customers and resellers can access more product information via HP's World-Wide Web pages, increasing product information and binary-file accessibility worldwide. HP has expanded its Web offering in response to the trend toward electronic use communication and growing customer use of the World-Wide Web. Information on the Web, which is based on the Internet, can be accessed using graphical browsers such as Netscape and Mosaic.

From the HP NetServer Web page, customers and resellers can browse HP's database for technical specifications or updates, and even access product demos. Examples of accessible information include product information, technology white papers, performance briefs, NetServer Partner information, system-installation information, NOS tuning tips, warranty details and system diagnostics. Access to the HP World-Wide Web is available at HP NetServer information is under the Products-Computing-Servers section or by connecting directly to

In addition to the Web, HP offers other ways to find out about HP NetServers electronically: HP FIRST fax back service (1-800-333-1917) for larger documents and binary files, HP NetServer BBS (1-408-553-3500) and anonymous FTP server access ( for easy viewing of documents and multimedia files, and HPSYS forum on CompuServe (1-800-848-8990) for open, on-line discussion of HP NetServers.


For lasting, trouble-free performance, the HP NetServer family of servers are protected by HP's long-standing tradition for unmatched service and support. The HP NetServers come standard with a three-year, on-site, next-business-day limited warranty, with service available from HP support engineers or certified HP resellers/integrators. HP SupportPack offers optional four-hour response time seven days a week, 24 hours a day for the entire HP NetServer family of products. These programs are available via HP SupportPack, an innovative and simple way for resellers to market HP support solutions.

HP now offers the Network Phone-In Support contract service, which provides unlimited toll-free access to HP support engineers. These engineers can answer complex network questions and help network managers troubleshoot and isolate problems with an entire Intel-based, multivendor network environment. This service is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and is available with HP SupportPack or by calling 800-437-9140.


All new and enhanced HP NetServer products will be distributed through resellers worldwide. HP NetServer Navigator comes bundled with the HP NetServer LH and all future NetServer models. HP NetServer Assistant 2.2 is $495 and is scheduled to ship in June. The HP Remote Assistant accessory card is less than $999.

Hewlett-Packard Company is a leading global manufacturer of computing, communications and measurement products and services recognized for excellence in quality and support. HP has 98,200 employees and had revenue of $25 billion in its 1994 fiscal year. -0-

Notes: HP NetServer Navigator can be viewed at Comdex booth 2216. Microsoft is a U.S. registered trademark of Microsoft Corp. Windows is a U.S. trademark of Microsoft Corp.

Information in this release applies specifically to products available in the United States. Product availability and specifications may vary in non-US markets.

If you choose to review this item, fastest response to your readers inquiries will be assured by calling 800-322-4772.

CONTACT: Alexander Communications for HP

Kristi Paranick, 415/923-1660

Fax: 415/923-9863

CompuServe: 74774,441
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