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HP Integrity servers delivering greater value to customers.

HP (NYSE:HPQ)(Nasdaq:HPQ) has announced significant achievements in its standards-based server portfolio, including breakthrough innovation in system design that dramatically increases the workload capacity and cuts costs for HP Integrity server customers.

This is achieved with a new dual-processor module, called mx2, which features two industry-standard Intel Itanium 2 processors on a single module that can plug into existing systems--delivering up to 35 percent lower acquisition costs than similar IBM systems.

HP's standards-based, multi-OS server strategy, built on two foundational architectures--x86 and Itanium, allows the company to invest in value-added innovation on top of standard server and storage components. The announcement of the HP mx2 module was complemented by new Integrity benchmarks, services and partners. In addition, HP announced record-breaking performance benchmarks for x86-based HP ProLiant servers.

"HP's focus on delivering the industry's broadest portfolio of standards-based servers, as part of our Adaptive Enterprise strategy, enables us to innovate, differentiate and add value for our customers," said Mark Hudson, vice president of marketing, Enterprise Storage and Servers, HP. "Today's announcements demonstrate that our strategy is working."

The mx2 dual-processor module enhancement allows increased performance, flexibility and investment protection on HP Integrity servers. Customers can consolidate more workloads onto an HP Integrity server with an in-chassis upgrade to the module. Customers also get additional choices in price as this module doubles the processor counts for the existing HP Integrity server family.

"With the addition of the mx2 dual-processor module, HP Integrity Superdome systems will be able to deliver enhanced flexibility and increased performance density over previous Superdome systems--crucial factors for our data warehousing efforts," said Tim Eitel, chief information officer, Raymond James Financial. "This competitively priced advancement to the Integrity family, and the investment protection it offers Raymond James Financial, reaffirms our decision to go with HP Integrity Superdome servers running Windows Server 2003 to support current and future growth and enhance our services for customers."

HP Integrity servers offer the opportunity to consolidate applications from leading operating environments, including HP-UX 11i, Windows, Linux, and later in the year, OpenVMS. Already demonstrating superior performance characteristics, the HP Integrity rx4640-8 server with the mx2 dual-processor module has outperformed all competing servers in the eight-way two-tier SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) Standard Application Benchmark as of May 4, 2004. The SAP Standard Application Benchmark tests the hardware and database performance of SAP applications and components.(1) HP also holds the leading SPECweb99 result in the eight-processor category as of April 20, 2004.(2)

In the past 11 months, independent software vendors (ISVs) throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) have benefited from the co-sponsored HP and Intel Developer Forum. As a direct result of IDF workshops, more than 357 new ISVs have been added to the growing list of vendors already porting their applications to HP Integrity servers.

Starting in May and running through September, this collaborative forum is being expanded to North America to help ISVs meet the growing demand for Itanium-based applications across HP Integrity platforms. HP is making the HP Integrity rx2600 server available to select North America and EMEA HP and Intel developers at exclusive prices and loan opportunities.

"The new HP mx2 dual-processor module allows support for twice the number of Itanium 2 processors than in previous servers--which means more performance, workload capacity and performance density for our customers who need it," said Ivan Chong, vice president of product management, Informatica. "HP's Integrity servers, along with the latest performance enhancements built into Informatica's market-leading enterprise data integration software, can offer our joint customers a very powerful and scalable solution for their most demanding data integration workloads."
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Comment:HP Integrity servers delivering greater value to customers.
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Date:May 10, 2004
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