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HP Combines Top-of-the-Line Performance and Productivity Features in New, Affordable Microwave-Network Analyzer Family.

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 1, 1996--Combining the best performance and productivity features from its top-of-the-line microwave and RF network analyzers, Hewlett-Packard Company today introduces the HP 8720D family of microwave-vector network analyzers. The affordably priced analyzers provide a wide range of new options for application-specific device test measurements, a richer standard-feature set and a value-priced package for noncoaxial test. A new hardware design provides faster sweep speed, higher accuracy, improved data handling and automation. The analyzers are smaller and 25-pounds lighter than previous HP models and offer a new LCD display, a built-in hard-disk drive, serial and parallel ports, and built-in test-sequencing automation for greater operator convenience.


The HP 8719D, 50 megahertz (MHz) to 13.5 gigahertz (GHz), HP 8720D, 50MHz to 20GHz; and HP 8722D, 50MHz to 40GHz, analyzers are ideal for accurate, fast test of microwave filters, amplifiers, mixers, multiport devices and cables in coaxial and noncoaxial environments, such as waveguide, in-fixture and on-wafer. The analyzers have a built-in source, receiver and fully integrated S-parameter test set. One-hertz (Hz) resolution, previously a $9,690 option on HP 8720C models, and solid-state switching, previously a $3,570 option, are now standard with only a nominal increase in base price.


Five new options increase performance and ordering flexibility by allowing customers to configure the capability level they need for their application. These include the following: -0-

 -- a four-sampler test set that provides TRL calibration for the
 ultimate in accuracy for noncoaxial applications (Option 400);

 -- a high-power (to 20 watts) test set (Option 085);

 -- a frequency offset mode for conversion-loss measurements
 without the need for a reference mixer (Option 089);

 -- direct sampler access for 15dB increased sensitivity in
 transmission/reflection measurements and improved
 signal-to-noise ratio (Option 012); and

 -- a high-stability frequency reference for improved
 measurement accuracy of narrowband and high-Q devices
 (Option 1D5).

 Preconfigured HP 8719DX, HP 8720DX and HP 8722DX models are
available for noncoaxial applications and include Options 400, 010,
012 and 1D5. They are priced about $2,000 less than a separately
purchased instrument configured with the same options.
 Options carried over from the HP 8720C models include time domain
for fault location and gating of fixtured responses (Option 010), and
a mechanical transfer switch for 5dB more power at the test port and
5dB more dynamic range (Option 007). Standard models retain the
three-sampler implementation of TRL.


 A major hardware redesign, which is based on the popular HP 8753D
RF network analyzer, provides faster computational power, improved
data handling and an improved user interface. These enhancements
include the following:

 -- A new CPU -- The CPU provides 67 percent faster clock rate for
 quicker error correction, time-domain measurements and data
 output. Instrument memory is doubled to 256KB of nonvolatile
 RAM for instant recall of up to 31 internally stored
 measurement setups. Two megabytes are available as a special
 option. The new DIN keyboard interface also supports barcode
 readers and a real-time clock, which time-stamps data for
 hardcopy or disk file storage.

 -- Improved Input and Output Data-Handling -- Parallel and serial
 ports allow interfacing to modern printers and plotters. The
 new built-in hard-disk drive supports both LIF and DOS formats
 for convenient storage of calibrations, instrument states,
 data, test sequences and transferring files to a personal

 -- Improved part-handler interface -- The improved part-handler
 interface includes three BNC connectors that provide trigger
 input, end-of-sweep output and pass/fail output. Automatic-
 keystroke recording allows automation of test sequencing
 without a need for programming expertise. Test sequencing
 also controls a GPIO port with eight outputs and five
 inputs for more advanced test automation and part-handler
 control. For comprehensive test solutions, the HP 8720D is
 compatible with test fixtures and part handlers from
 Inter-Continental Microwave, a California Corporation and HP
 Solutions Partner.

 -- New sweep modes -- New test flexibility is available with a
 phase-lock algorithm that reduces sweep time for narrowband
 device testing, an automatic fast two-port tune-sweep mode
 that speeds up 12-term error correction for tuning
 applications, and a sweep mode that controls power during
 retrace for testing AGC amplifiers. Modes include a
 synthesized sweep mode for ultrafast tuning and test and an
 alternate sweep mode for the ultimate in dynamic range. A
 power sweep mode also accommodates compression testing of
 active components.

 -- Operator convenience and ergonomics -- The new instrument
 design includes a 44 percent larger (8.4 inches) LCD color
 display. The instrument is 25 lbs. lighter and, for more
 bench space, 1.74 inches shorter and 2 inches shallower.


Source frequency range
 HP 8719D 50MHz to 13.5GHz
 HP 8720D 50MHz to 20GHz
 HP 8722C 50MHz to 40GHz

Frequency resolution 1Hz synthesized (standard)

Source power range +5 to -70dBm; +10 to -65dBm,
 Option 007 (HP 8719D/8720D)

Power resolution 0.01dB

Power flatness +/-1.5dB (HP 8719D/8720D),
 +/-2dB (HP 8722D)

Power sweep range 20dB (HP 8719D/8720D), 15dB
 (HP 8722D)

Dynamic range (10Hz IF BW) 100dB (HP 8719D/8720D),
 93dB (HP 8722C)

Test port power out +10dBm, Option 007
 (HP 8719D/8720D);
 -5dBm, Option 007 (HP 8722D)


 The HP 8720D is code-compatible with both the HP 8720C and the HP
8753D. RMB (Rocky Mountain Basic) using HP-IB to control an HP 8720C
family analyzer or HP 8753D will also control the HP 8720D with
little or no modification. HP 8720C instrument states and data
traces can be recalled and displayed on the HP 8720D. Test-port
placement allows test fixture compatibility between the HP 8720C and
D. C-model accessories, calibration kits and fixtures are also
compatible. All HP 8720D options are available as retrofit kits. HP
8720A/B/C models cannot be upgraded to the new HP 8720D platform.
The HP 8720D analyzers are manufactured in registered ISO-9001 and
ISO-9002 facilities.


 The new family of HP 8720D network analyzers is available now.
Customer delivery is expected eight weeks after an order is received.

 HP 8719D microwave vector network analyzer $48,500

 HP 8720D microwave vector network analyzer 63,500

 HP 8722D microwave vector network analyzer 79,500
 Option 007 mechanical transfer switch 0
 Option 010 time domain 8,900
 Option 012 direct sampler access 2,500
 Option 085 high-power test set 10,000
 Option 089 frequency offset mode 3,500
 Option 1D5 high-stability frequency reference 1,000
 Option 400 fourth sampler for TRL calibration 6,000
 1Hz resolution standard
 Solid-state switch standard

Hewlett-Packard Company is a leading global manufacturer of computing, communications and measurement products and services recognized for excellence in quality and support. HP has 105,200 employees and had revenue of $31.5 billion in its 1995 fiscal year.

Information about HP and its products can be found on the World Wide Web at -0-

NOTE TO THE EDITOR: Sales information may be obtained by calling 1-800-452-4844 ext. 1742. Please do NOT use editor-contact or corporate telephone numbers for sales information.

Information in this release applies specifically to products available in the United States. Product availability and specifications may vary in non-U.S. markets.

If you choose to review this item, your readers will receive the quickest response to their inquiries by mailing them to Hewlett-Packard Company, Direct Marketing Organization, P.O. Box 58059, MS51L-SJ, Santa Clara, Calif. 95051-8059.

Additional information on products from HP's Test & Measurement Organization can be obtained on the World Wide Web via

CONTACT: Hewlett-Packard Company

Susan Fisher, 707/577-4071



John McCreadie, 408/553-7342

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