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HP Announces Four Low-Cost RF Network Analyzers; Two Include S-Parameter Capability; Affordable Analyzers Provide Rapid, Accurate Testing of High-Performance Components.

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 1, 1998--Hewlett-Packard Company today introduces four low-cost vector-network analyzers, including two with S-parameter measurement capability.

The new analyzers provide fast, accurate characterization of RF components and are designed to help manufacturers of filters, amplifiers, mixers and other devices increase throughput and lower the overall cost of test.

The HP 8712ES and 8714ES network analyzers measure the S-parameters of linear devices over the frequency ranges of 300kHz to 1.3GHz and 300kHz to 3GHz, respectively. Their built-in S-parameter test sets allow users to measure both forward and reverse parameters with only one connection of the component to the test ports. The HP 8712ES and 8714ES also offer full two-port calibration to provide high measurement accuracy.

In addition, HP offers two new lower-cost vector-network analyzers that substitute a transmission/reflection test set for the S-parameter test set of the ES models. The HP 8712ET (300kHz to 1.3GHz) and 8714ET (300kHz to 3GHz) have slightly lower RF performance than the ES versions, but nearly identical features.

"The high-performance levels of today's RF components demand that manufacturers test their devices with greater accuracy than in the past," said Saleem Odeh, marketing manager for HP's Microwave Instruments Division. "Also, competitive pressures are forcing manufacturers to achieve higher throughput on their production lines. These new network analyzers provide the degree of accuracy and speed they need at a very affordable price."

Designed for Enhanced Productivity

All four models offer both frequency and power sweeps for characterizing the linear and non-linear performance of components. In addition to the S-parameter measurements provided by the ES versions, all the analyzers offer a complete range of measurements for device characterization, including gain, insertion loss, isolation, insertion phase, return loss, SWR, impedance, linear group delay and gain compression. An internal synthesized source with 1Hz resolution provides a fast, stable stimulus signal for accurate testing, and a built-in step attenuator (standard with ES models, optional with ET models) extends the output power range to -60dBm to accommodate a wide range of active devices.

The user can choose between narrowband and broadband detection modes. Narrowband detection provides more than 100dB of dynamic range for vector measurements of high-rejection devices such as mobile-communications channel filters. Broadband detection allows scalar characterization of frequency-translating devices (for example, measuring mixer conversion loss).

The analyzers have several features designed to enhance the productivity of RF manufacturing operations. A monitor output permits a large-screen VGA-compatible color monitor to be placed in a convenient position, reducing operator fatigue. Users can define limit lines for automatic pass/fail testing, which allows quick, consistent comparison of measured data to test limits. Complete instrument states can be stored internally and on floppy disks for fast, error-free switching between manufacturing tests. The IBASIC (Instrument BASIC) programming language allows users with even limited programming experience to fully automate measurements. Also, a standard TCP/IP-compliant, Ethertwist 10Base-T LAN interface allows simultaneous distribution of new test programs, test parameters, limit lines and custom interfaces to all the instruments on a production line. -0-
U.S. Pricing and Availability
 The new RF economy network analyzers are available now.
 HP 8712ET $9,750
 HP 8712ES 15,750
 HP 8714ET 16,250
 HP 8714ES 22,250
 Expected delivery is four to eight weeks after receipt of order.

-0- About HP

Hewlett-Packard Company is a leading global provider of computing, Internet and intranet solutions, services, communications products and measurement solutions, all of which are recognized for excellence in quality and support. HP has 125,300 employees and had revenue of $42.9 billion in its 1997 fiscal year.

Information about products from HP's Test and Measurement Organization can be obtained on the World Wide Web via

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Information in this release applies specifically to products available in the United States. Product availability and specifications may vary in non-U.S. markets.

If you choose to review this item, your readers will receive the quickest response to their inquiries by mailing them to Hewlett-Packard Company, Test and Measurement Organization, 5301 Stevens Creek Blvd., MS 54LAK, Santa Clara, Calif. 95052.
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