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HP Adds Web-Based Network-Monitoring Tools to its NetMetrix Monitoring and Analysis Solution; NetMetrix Now Enables IT Managers to Manage Network Response Time and Global Network Performance from the Web.

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 25, 1996--As part of its commitment to help Information Technology (IT) managers better manage IT service levels, Hewlett-Packard Company today adds new Web-based tools to its NetMetrix distributed network-monitoring solution.

These enhancements include internetwork response and node availability in an HP OpenView environment and a global network-performance measurement. In addition, HP has added exception reporting to NetMetrix, which saves IT managers time and money by allowing them to specify what metrics to monitor and when to monitor them.

"IT managers still predominantly use network capacity as the yardstick for measuring network performance, while users are more concerned with the performance of their applications," said Andy Belcher, operations manager for HP's NetMetrix Operation. "This release of NetMetrix helps enable IT managers to better track, manage and interpret, via the Web, the network metrics that affect the response and availability of applications in OpenView environments. By providing this information on the Internet, NetMetrix allows users to view performance data and see how the network is behaving -- using any Web browser from any location."


To make it easy for network managers to track network-response information across the enterprise, HP has integrated its Internetwork Response Manager and NetMetrix Reporter, a software application that provides automated, Web-based reporting. This information can be viewed from any Web browser or on the HP OpenView Network Node Manager console.

HP also has added the ability to measure global network performance via the Web by enabling IT managers to look at critical network parameters across the enterprise rather than one segment at a time. For example, IT managers can look at the busiest servers, clients or segments across their enterprise network over a period of time.


When managing an enterprise network with hundreds of segments, keeping track of metrics such as percentage of utilization, total errors and response time may translate into keeping track of thousands of metrics. With exception reporting, NetMetrix 4.7 enables IT managers to focus their inquiries, eliminating the need to sift through hundreds of graphs and metrics. Exception reporting presents relevant information when normal conditions are violated -- saving time and money.


The new NetMetrix Web-based tools are available now and are priced as follows:

HP NetMetrix Internetwork Response Manager $ 3,995

HP NetMetrix Reporter 4,995

HP NetMetrix Enterprise Manager (Version 4.7) 20,995

includes HP NetMetrix Internetwork Response Manager

and HP NetMetrix Reporter

The global network performance capability is expected to be available in January and will be available on the Internet free of charge.

HP, the leader in RMON-based network monitoring and analysis,(1) provides a completely integrated wide area and local area network management function with HP OpenView, an open network-, system- and application-management framework. HP's distributed-monitoring capabilities provide truly integrated network and systems management, including utilization trends, congestion indicators, event notification and report generation spanning a range of management needs.

Hewlett-Packard Company is a leading global manufacturer of computing, communications and measurement products and services recognized for excellence in quality and support. HP has 112,000 employees and had revenue of $38.4 billion in its 1996 fiscal year.

Information about HP and its products can be found on the World Wide Web at Additional information on NetMetrix products can be obtained on the World Wide Web via -0-

(1) According to a report written by Brian Burba and published by International Data Corporation titled, "The RMON market: review and forecast 1994-2000" (IDC No. 10854). -0-

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 25, 1996
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