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 WASHINGTON, Sept. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- While most people dread

moving to a new house, picture Patricia Henriques who has the impressive task of moving an airport -- Pittsburgh International -- in one night without interrupting airport operations.
 Henriques' firm, Management Alternatives, Inc., a Washington- based consulting company, was chosen to orchestrate and coordinate the relocation of the 2.3 million-square-foot airport, including 8,000 people; 3,800 pieces of furniture and equipment; 8,000 boxes; 1,500 pieces of ground service equipment; and 30 aircraft. Additionally, 5,000 rental cars, the USAir Commissary and Mail, Cargo and Ground Service Equipment facilities will be moved.
 When the new $750 million airport opens on Oct. 1, it will be fully operational. Passengers will not experience any disruption to their travel plans. In fact, travelers will notice more efficient systems from baggage handling to accessibility to services.
 Some administrative offices are already settled in their new quarters. The bulk of the equipment, furniture and boxes will be moved over the weekend prior to the opening. However, because the last flight doesn't arrive at the old terminal until close to midnight on the 30th and the first flight arrives at 5:30 a.m. Oct. 1, there is only a transition window of about four hours to complete the move.
 Henriques added, "Because the current airport is an operating airport, we cannot move out of it or have access to the ramp until the last bank of flights arrives, around 11 p.m."
 The first flight arrives at Midfield, the new airport, at 5:30 a.m., which means they must be off the ramp by 5 a.m. "Therefore, we will only have about four hours to move 30 RON (Remain Overnight) aircraft, 1,500 pieces of ground service equipment and the critical operating offices to the new airport."
 Not a stranger to relocation projects, Management Alternatives has orchestrated moves for major business and governmental organizations throughout the country. Key clients include General Electric, USAir, Federal Data Corporation, KPMG Peat Marwick, the Small Business Administration and the Embassy of Mexico.
 "The task of relocating the Pittsburgh International Airport has been an exciting challenge," Henriques, president, said. "We have spent close to 2-1/2 staff years of time in planning and implementation over a six-month period.
 "One of the greatest challenges has been to convince many tenants of the airport that just because we are only moving two miles down the runway, the same level of preparation is required as if we were moving 18 miles as Munich Airport did," Henriques stated. "As well, communications among the hundreds of people involved in the transition was a significant challenge."
 Management Alternatives not only considers the logistics of moving tangible items, but also human factors. "We address productivity loss, stress and anxiety and other psychological factors in order to facilitate a smooth transition to new quarters," Henriques added.
 A 12-minute videotape and orientation handbook was produced for airport employees. Pre-opening tours have been conducted regularly, as well as passenger simulations to test the airport. "These have provided management and employees with a first-hand opportunity to see how well the airport operates and to become familiar with it," Henriques pointed out.
 In fact, Management Alternatives is coordinating the activities of some 30 entities, from the Allegheny County Department of Aviation, federal government agencies, to all airlines and airport tenants.
 The company used its proprietary computer software package to manage the transition. A database was used to keep track of furniture, equipment and employees' belongings. A series of newsletters circulated to county and airline personnel, helped familiarize users with the airport and its state-of-the-art services and technology.
 Management Alternatives was founded by Henriques in 1983. The company develops and implements strategic transition plans for the relocation of major corporate organizations.
 -0- 9/28/92
 /NOTE: Copies of the orientation video (VHS) showing the new airport and some of the technologies are available./
 /CONTACT: Patricia A. Henriques of Management Alternatives, 412-472-0661 until Oct. 2, or 202-842-4300/ CO: Management Alternatives ST: District of Columbia, Pennsylvania IN: AIR SU:

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