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HOW TO GET THE PERFECT BEACH BODY; summer beauty special Craig Alexander Wilson's guide to sexy summer skin.

Byline: Craig Alexander

Not all of us a blessed with a body like Elle Macpherson, left. In fact a high percentage are more similar to Dawn French, right.

Whatever our shape, we long to be toned, tanned, buffed and sexy smooth for our hols. The cases and cossie can wait - it's time to get your body ready. Just so you have no excuse, here are some perfect pre-holiday preeners.

Even busting a gut at the gym might not be enough to get you the ideal bikini bod. The Cold Warm Gym Gel from Oe helps reduce the orange-peel effect women dread. Massage into problem areas such as thighs, abdomen, back and buttocks. This goes on cold then warms - a better sensation than the burn of the treadmill. pounds 17.35 from Organic Elements. If massaging even sounds like too much work, an easier option is to stick on one of their Slim Patches. This gradually releases active ingredients like Kola extract, Soy Oil and Calendula Extract. Simply apply at night and remove in the morning. The pack comes with 20 patches. My mates suggested sticking one over my mouth. Nice eh? pounds 32.50 for 20. Both form Organic Elements. Call 0845 230 1581 or visit

Clarins Total Body Lift is another option. To me a total body lift suggests something like the Kvaerner Crane but this miracle lotion is a lot neater. Designed to tackle stubborn cellulite, tests showed a 38.2 per cent improvement in visible cellulite and 32 per cent in deep-set cellulite. So the moral of the story is, it works.

pounds 29.50 from Clarins in major department stores.

If money is no object then send me some. No, seriously try the fabulous Cellular Bust and Decollete Complex from La Prairie. This miracle lotion lifts, tightens and helps produce collagen. It's considered the creme de la creme of skincare. pounds 98 from House of Fraser.

What wouldn't make you wrestle your way through a sea of shoppers to grab a product named Slim and Shape by Estee Lauder. This lotion is lighter than most, yet got a great review from one of the secretaries in our office. It helps the natural fluid in the body flow easier for a sleek, more toned look as well as tackling the skin texture and appearance. pounds 30 from Estee Lauder Counters in all major department stores.

For a cheaper alternative, try No7's Fabulously Firming Body Cream. This fast-drying lotion tones skin, making it seem younger. In four weeks 94 per cent of women found their skin looked toned. This BARGAIN BUY is pounds 12 from Boots.

If carrying a baby has left you with stretch marks then Murad's Firm and Tone Serum for cellulite and stretch marks contains horsechestnut tree extract and cayenne pepper. Massage on to skin twice daily. pounds 39. For stockists call 0800 035 2682.

Chanel's Precision Body Excellence Firming and Shaping Gel is refreshing, cool and dries to a satin finish. Exclusive lipo-amino acids among other active ingredients tackle the common problem of cellulite. Who doesn't love Chanel? And I mean the fashion house, not that wannabe on Big Brother.

pounds 38 from Chanel counters in major department stores.

If you're looking to increase the firmness of your bust the hot product of the moment is Pout's Bust-Enhancing Cream. This fantastic product gives a truly uplifting experience and is also lovely to use. A luxurious souffle made with marine and plant ingredients and firming agents, it also gives a subtle shimmer. pounds 25 from Pout at House of Fraser.
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 8, 2007
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