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THE hunt for Saddam's Scud missiles will again be a priority for the allies.

In the 1990 Gulf War Saddam played cat and mouse hiding the missiles in the huge western Iraqi desert.

Despite a huge air and land hunt Saddam fired an average of 15 Scuds every week.

It is thought the crude but psychologically powerful missiles, which can be tipped with chemical or biological warheads, will again be used against targets including Kuwait and Israel.

The British SAS and American Delta Force will deploy through the Iraqi desert to find and destroy the missiles before they can be launched.

RAF Tornado bombers and US aircraft will be called in to attack Scuds as they are found by the special forces.


THE war in the Gulf will not start in Iraq but 5000 miles away in the Indian Ocean.

As politicians continue to talk, huge B-2 stealth bombers will take off from the British island of Diego Garcia for a 10-hour trip to Iraq.

Invisible to Iraqi air defences, the futuristic looking aircraft will drop up to 16 satellite guided bombs before escaping into the night.

The bombs will mark the start of a huge series of air and cruise missile raids designed to break Iraq before the outbreak of a land war.

Each dollars 2billion B-2 has a crew of just two.

The B-2s make up the US Air Force's 509th Bomb Group which in 1945 dropped the atom bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.


THE land war on Iraq will begin with a huge air campaign designed to rout Saddam's army and destroy his military might.

Stealth bombers will strike at the heart of Baghdad and key military outposts in cities such as Basra and Kirkuk.

Cruise missiles launched from huge B-52 bombers and ships and submarines in the Gulf will follow before waves of land and sea based aircraft continue the assault.

After an aerial campaign of up to four days, British Challenger 2 and American Abrams tanks will push into Iraq from Kuwait.

Infantry in armoured vehicles will follow immediately behind.

US and Royal Marines and British paras will also support the swift drive north.

West of Kuwait American tanks supported by paratroops will drive north and west trying to draw Baghdad's defences into the open desert.

In the north, US troops will advance south from Turkey.

Eventually the allies want the columns to meet and encircle Baghdad.

The Allies hope to achieve their goal within two weeks.
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Geographic Code:7IRAQ
Date:Mar 16, 2003
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