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You use your hands for so many things, including drawing cartoons. What if you wanted to find out how much your hand weighs, just for fun? How can you weigh something that is attached to you? The trick is to find something that will take the place of your hand and weigh that instead. Water works great. The science word for what you will do in this experiment is called DISPLACEMENT.

What You Need:

* a large rectangular baking pan * a pot large enough to put your hand in

* a scale (The kind that has a CONTAINER on top that hold liquids.)

* water * your hand

What You Do:

1. Set the pot in the middle of the baking pan. Fill the pot with cool water. Fill it RIGHT TO THE TOP, but do not allow any of the water to spill out into the baking pan.

2. Slowly and gently lower your hand into the pot of water. The moment your hand enters the water, some of the water will overflow the pot and spill into the baking pan. This is exactly what you want to happen. You are DISPLACING some of the water with your hand.

3. Lower your hand farther and farther into the water. More of the water will spill into the baking pan. Finally, after you have submerged your hand all the way into the water, slowly take it out again. The water level in the pot will now be lower because of the displaced water.

4. Take the Pot out of the baking pan and set it aside.

5. Being careful not to spill any, pour the water that is in the baking pan into the container on the scales. See how much it weighs. Now you know how much your hand weighs! Your hand will weigh the same as the water that was displaced!

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Title Annotation:SCIENCE
Publication:Fun For Kidz
Date:Jan 1, 2020
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