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ALLY McCOIST reckons taking over from Walter Smith is like being chucked the microphone by Frank Sinatra.

Well, the next Rangers manager hit the right note with some punters on yesterday's Hotline - but, like a dodgy pub singer, he also got his fair share of boos.

Fred Dunlop, Scotch Corner, Yorkshire, said: "This is a terrible appointment.

"How many times has Walter been forced to come down from the stand to help Ally out in cup games? McCoist has been lost in the past and will be lost again - only this time he won't have Walter to help him.

"He is a nice guy but we are one of the biggest clubs in Europe and should be appointing the best. This just reeks of desperation."

Allister Niven, Glasgow, said: "Great players don't make great managers and this is blatant spin by Rangers."

Jim Clark, Balornock, said: "This just isn't acceptable. I can't believe we have given McCoist the job."

Bob McConnell, Hawick, said: "Ally's rant about winning the Treble was admirable but it lacked realism. I'm sure all Rangers fans see this for what it is - pure fiction."

But not every true blue was singing from the same hymn sheet and many punters applauded the club for handing McCoist the opportunity.

Paul Diamond, Dumbarton, said: "Congratulations to Ally - I'm sure it will be a good appointment.

"The only treble he'll be helping Walter to is a whisky but it's good to see clubs like Rangers promoting from within."

Barry McCallum, Glasgow, said: "I wish Ally all the best when he takes over and hope the powers that be allow him the financial backing a Rangers manager deserves."

Other supporters wondered if promoting McCoist was just another example of penny-pinching at Ibrox.

Andrew Kerr, Jedburgh, said: "This is a very strange appointment and you have to wonder if has been made just to save money."

Ian Barr, Irvine, turned on Rangers' chief executive and said: "Martin Bain knew about this - so why wait until now to tell us after that pathetic performance on Sunday?" Some callers took great delight in the appointment as it gave them the chance to dust down the old joke book. Dunky Robertson, London, said: "I would like to offer my congratulations to McCoist on becoming the next manager of Lloyds Bank."

Kevin McArther, Scunthorpe, said: "I'm just surprised Jose Mourinho didn't walk out on Real Madrid for the job."

Jack Adams, Essex, said: "I read McCoist's comments about Sinatra - and I have to say Ally would make a better crooner than Walter."

Smith continued to take flak after Sunday's Old Firm defeat - but not as much as skipper Davie Weir.

Alun Wallace, Paisley, said: "It hurts to even think it but losing in Lisbon on Thursday might be the best chance to save our season and give Walter the send-off he deserves. The sooner McCoist takes over the better."

Bryan e-mailed: "Although Smith and Weir have been great for the club, the time has come to move aside and let younger ones take over. Weir needs to retire gracefully."

Derek Reid, Dollar, said: "Weir is a liability. He's a nice guy and has been a great servant but he has to walk away as Gary Neville did at Manchester United."

William Ramage, Larkhall, added: "Davie is past his sell-by date and should go now."

The 40-year-old stopper had few friends on the Hotline yesterday but some callers at least stood up for his gaffer.

William Hatch e-mailed: "Even if he wins nothing this year, Walter will remain the best manager we've ever had. He is working miracles and the criticism over the last few days has been absolutely disgusting."

Jimmy McGuire, Northampton, said: "I'm a Celtic fan but it's a disgrace how people change so quickly. Some wanted Walter knighted not so long ago - so what has changed? One bad game doesn't mean you are rubbish."

Things were much quieter across the city but one Celtic fan was concerned about keeping the club's best players.

Kheren McLaren, Kirkintilloch, said: "I know Emilio Izaguirre and Gary Hooper will go but we should do everything to keep Beram Kayal because he is head and shoulders above everyone else."

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