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RANGERS lost,Celtic won and as usual both sets of fans were not backward about coming forward with their opinions.

But you know what? Today we are going to make them wait. Just for a minute or two.

We are giving pride of place this morning to Irvine Meadow - the first junior team to beat a senior team and make the fourth round of the Scottish Cup.

Now that is something worth shouting about and Robert Breadon, Irvine, (where else?) did just that. He said: "I want to congratulate the management, players and staff for a fantastic achievement. We thoroughly deserved our victory over Arbroath and if it hadn't been for their keeper it would have been more than 1-0. "It's brilliant to be in the hat with the big boys but I'm torn between wanting a massive club in the next round or getting someone we have a chance of beating so that this run can keep going."

Okay, the queue of Old Firm fans can come in now. We'll start with John Rennie, Airdrie, who believes Aberdeen only raise their game when Rangers are their opponents. He said: "Lee Miller runs his guts out against Rangers and never does anything against Celtic. Then again the same could be said of the entire Aberdeen team. They go to Parkhead next and Celtic will win by a cricket score."

Rab McShane, Oxford, emailed: "I'm afraid in any walk of life the buck stops with the manager, so Walter, its time to go. As for the players, they're letting themselves down but more importantly they're letting us, the fans, down.

Spineless and devoid of character sums them up."

Derek Reid, Dollar, said: "Why are Rangers fans hearing nothing from chairman Alastair Johnston? Does he think he can just turn up for things like next week's agm? It's not good enough. Why are players like Kris Boyd not being offered new contracts? It makes no financial sense to let his deal run out and then the club doesn't get a penny for him."

Jamie Boyle, Middlesbrough, said: "Congratulations to Mark McGhee for an organised and disciplined Aberdeen performance. It was a fantastic team effort. I'm a Celtic fan and am so pleased Kyle Lafferty joined Rangers rather than us. He makes Marc-Antoine Fortune look like a world beater."

Andrew Pollock, Chryston, said: "Pittodrie has become Rangers' Ground Zero. There was zero imagination and zero tactical awareness. Kris Boyd has scored zero goals at Pittodrie and Steven Whittaker has zero defending ability.

"If Rangers don't do something about their managerial situation, the number of trophies they will win this season will be, you've guessed it, zero."

Joe Walker, Dumbarton, said: "Walter Smith gets such an easy ride from his pals in the media. It was like this even when his record in Europe was terrible when he had players like Laudrup and Gascoigne at his disposal. I was a critic of Gordon Strachan and Tony Mowbray hasn't impressed me but they get a far harder time from you lot."

Grant Main, Galashiels, had a go at Lee Miller and said: "When are footballers going to stop shouting their mouths off after a success? Miller is fresh from the slaying of a Rangers side that on current showing would probably be outplayed by the Luxembourg women's over-65s.

"Rather than simply get on with the job in hand, he decides to boast that 'we can do the same to Celts'."

And now to Celtic. Aidan Pidgeon, Dublin, emailed: "So Celtic are back on top again. I hope this stops all the slagging of Mowbray. In time Celtic will improve."

But John McKenzie emailed: "Mowbray does not enjoy being a manager. Most of the Celtic fans over the last 18 months don't enjoy watching Celtic either. The last time I felt like this was watching Lou Macari's team."

Rangers fan John McEwan, Paisley, said: "I feel sorry for Smith and Mowbray. They can only use the tools they have."

Yeah but they've bought Lafferty and Fortune. A couple of expensive tools, wouldn't you say? CRAIG SWAN WILL TAKE YOUR CALLS TODAY, 10AM-NOON, ON: 0141 309 3306 OR EMAIL US:
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