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HOT TOPIC; A Government adviser has said forcing smokers to apply for a pounds 10 permit to buy cigarettes could help people quit. What's your view?

Byline: edited by BOB CYPHER

"I think it is a bit unfair. Smokers are hit hard enough as it is with increased prices and the smoking ban."

Rhian Nott, 27, a customer adviser, from Grangetown, Cardiff

"I wouldn't pay, it's ridiculous. At more than pounds 5 a pack already, don't they think they are making enough out of us as it is?"

Marc O'Keefe, 27, a BT worker, from Penylan, Cardiff.

"It seems tax on everything just keeps getting more and more. I am worried what they will think to tax next. Petrol, cigarettes and alcohol seem to be going up really quickly."

Kate Zeo, 22, a customer service worker, from Canton, Cardiff.

"This is ridiculous and it's totally unfair on people who are already hit hard by the Government. But I would pay if I was forced to."

Roy Crocker, 20, a call centre worker, from Bargoed

"I would never pay this out of principle and I don't see how they would police it. I don't want to pay any more to smoke."

Rhys Pursey, 23, a barman, from Rhiwbina, Cardiff


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Rhian Nott; Marc O'Keefe; Kate Zeo; Roy Crocker; Rhys Pursey
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 18, 2008
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