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Looks like a plain old sippy cup ... surprise, it's a squirt gun.

The appeal of the new Sesame Street Water Squirter is likely to wear thin with adults and pets - the most likely targets of this unusual squirt gun - but kids will love it. The squirters feature an ``easy-grip'' trigger so even 18-month-old boys and girls will find it easy to take potshots at mom.

The squirters feature Sesame Street favorites Oscar the Grouch and Elmo. They cost $4.99 each and are available at most toy retailers.

- Phil Davis

< A case of the bends

Pop queen Britney Spears was spotted wearing one in her hair, so you know it's the next teen trend. We're talking about Bendables, a crystal-beaded mohair body ornament that can be used to tie around your ponytail, arm, wrist or ankle - wherever your little fashion-savvy heart desires.

Bendables creator Trevor Schultz of the Canoga Park-based Lounge Fly company got the idea on a recent trip to Japan, where he noticed teen girls wearing pipe cleaner-like jewelry around their necks and wrists. He figured it would appeal to those who like to create their own style (he's even seen them wrapped together to create a free-form choker). He makes them in hot colors such as red, turquoise and fuchsia, plus basic black.

They're $8 each at trendy outposts such as Urban Outfitters in Pasadena and Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, and Skin Market in the Beverly Center in West Los Angeles. To order direct, call Lounge Fly at (818) 610-8200.

- Barbara De Witt

Not too shabby (and it's chic!)

If you've been waiting for a peak into Rachel Ashwell's home, here's your chance. And, if we know Ashwell, you're in for a shabbily chic treat.

In ``The Shabby Chic Home'' (ReganBooks; $35), the founder of the Shabby Chic style uses her own Malibu home as a way of incorporating the style into your own home and everyday life. From the bedroom to the guest house to the garden, Ashwell provides a guided tour, beautifully photographed by Amy Neunsinger.

Chapters carry titles like ``Leaving It Alone & Surprising Myself'' and ``Cupids, China & Girls in Pretty Dresses.'' Sub-sections get into such aspects as whimsy, renovating plumbing and even slumber parties. Ashwell is after all, a mother of two.

- Evan Henerson


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