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ARIES Your attention shifts to children and leisure now, so take every opportunity to enjoy yourself. Family discussions on Thursday could spark off brilliant ideas. Stay positive and luck could follow in plans for travel, studying and exploring new horizons.

GEMINI With the Sun and Mars both in your communication area this week you should be in your element, never stuck for a word. Significant others could be encouraging and backing you to the hilt midweek but take care not to go over the top and promise more than you can deliver.

LEO With the Sun moving in to join energetic Mars, the world's your oyster for the next few weeks. If you find a place where your dramatic flair and leadership skills are needed now, everybody could benefit from your confidence. You could make a real impact.

LIBRA Pay attention to your hunches. They could be pointing you in the right direction. Friends are very important to you, and some of them could do you proud. A lucky chance may bring a misunderstanding to light and help prevent any problems.

SAGITTARIUS Action in your most secretive sector this week could give you the urge to delve more deeply into the financial and emotional relationships you have with significant others. Keep an open mind and don't let suspicions and fears about the future run away with you. Be optimistic.

AQUARIUS The Sun joins Mars in your relationship area this week, bringing your attention to business and personal partnerships. It's time to get active with others now and co-operate not compete, so use this time to share your ideas and hopes for the future.

TAURUS You can work well now with a neighbour or close relative to learn a skill and get whatever local jobs need done. Some hard work may be involved but the outcome will more than repay you. Home and family matters could claim your energy and interest over the coming month.

CANCER You could be itching to make some changes this week but not be quite sure how to go about it. Noticing what bothers you could lead you into finding constructive solutions. Getting organised and doing what work needs done now could have a huge positive impact on your life.

VIRGO It's important to take plenty of time out to be on your own to relax and reflect. There's a lot being demanded you and downtime is essential. You should be able to put some of your more interesting plans and ideas into action at the weekend.

SCORPIO You like to look beneath the surface at how things really are and you should have plenty of opportunities to do that this week and what you find may cause you to change your views about a matter that's been dragging on. A calculated risk could bring financial rewards.

CAPRICORN Be grateful for what's working in your life right now rather than focussing on what isn't and you could win allies. It should be easier now to clarify your responsibilities to someone close so you both benefit. Don't let them push you into taking on things you might later regret.

PISCES Sticking up for your own ideas when it comes to children or a creative project you're involved with may take a bit of hard work, but the result will be worth it. Take time off to pamper yourself. Putting your efforts into community matters can give you great pleasure now.

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Publication:The Sunday Post (Aberdeen,Scotland)
Date:Jul 21, 2019
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