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NORTH CANTON, Ohio-As Americans have become more and more health conscious, they have become more and more concerned about their own home environment. Recently, Hoover investigated how vacuum cleaners can help in creating a more human-friendly house.

Hoover found that not only does frequent vacuuming keep the floors looking good, it can also help the people walking on them feel better too.

"How well a vacuum picks up dirt is a key factor. Dust mites and other allergens are in dirt and may be deeply embedded," said Donald Coates, Ph.D., director of Research at Hoover. "We've engineered new technology that tells users when dirt is removed via a sensor in the machine that actually senses dirt being removed and turns green when the carpet is clean or red if more cleaning is needed."

Such features are valuable, because as many allergens lurk indoors as in the grass and flowers outside.

"Homes are often at the heart of allergies. Indoor exposure to allergens in many cases has a greater impact on allergies than the outdoors," said Jay Portnoy, M.D., an allergist at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. "People spend as much as 90 percent of their time indoors, in homes that are often tightly sealed. Children, who tend to be indoors the most, are particularly susceptible, as are the elderly. Thorough, frequent vacuuming helps reduce dust mites and other allergens and is recommended for those with allergies."

Other research gathered by Hoover spotlights the need for frequent cleaning for a significant portion of the population. According to their findings, 40 to 50 million Americans suffer from allergies, and most people spend 90 percent of their time indoors. They also estimate that half of all allergy sufferers can have reactions to common indoor allergens, including those in carpets, bedding, drapes and the fabric in furniture. Dust mites are the most common indoor allergen.

Hoover's popular WindTunnel line addresses these concerns, removing large percentages of dirt and dust mites from carpets. Hoover's new Soft Guard Breathe Easy uprights, also target them.

The vacuum comes with a filtration cassette to help remove dirt and indoor allergens, including dust mites and pollens. According to the company, an allergen filtration bag will capture 100 percent of dust mites and 99.98 percent of ragweed and grass pollens.
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