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HOOLIE-GANS; [macron]Lads throw water bombs at Wills in TV Miss Hoolie's cottage [macron]Prince is mocked by locals as he strolls around Balamory town 'It's not every day you get to take the p*** out of future king'.


PRINCE William was ambushed by a pack of water bomb-throwing teenagers on TV's Balamory island.

Wills and pals arrived on remote Mull in the Hebrides and checked into a holiday cottage in the island's only town, Tobermory.

But they reckoned without local lads who amused themselves by hurling water-filled balloons over the fence and into their garden.

And when the teenagers spotted the Prince walking along the harbourfront, they shouted abuse at the future king.

Tobermory, famous for its brightly-coloured houses, is home to hit BBC children's show Balamory which features characters such as Pc Plum.

The cottage Wills, 22, was staying in is home to the show's schoolteacher Miss Hoolie. Shop worker Lewis Watson, 16, who lives next door, yesterday owned up to the water bomb prank.

Lewis said: "Tobermory's a quiet place and there's not much to do. We just did it for a bit of craic. I was out in the garden when I heard these really posh English accents over the hedgerow. It was all very la-di-da.

"Me and two of my friends thought it would be a laugh to play a joke on them. So we filled water balloons, hid down behind the hedge and threw them over towards the group sitting in the next garden.

"We heard a splash and all these posh voices shouting back at us. Next thing we knew there was a guy in a posh accent yelling 'What the bloody hell do you think you're playing at? We are trying to have a nice time here -you rascals.'"

Lewis added: "We didn't know who they were - just that they were posh and not from round here.

"It wasn't until after we had thrown the balloons that one of my friends called and said that Prince William was staying next door to me.

"We thought it was really funny - it's not every day you get to take the piss out of a future king." Wills and his pals were celebrating the end of their final exams at St Andrews University.

The next night Lewis and other teenagers were milling around at the harbourside when Wills strolled by.

Ben Bolton, 16, said: "We couldn't resist it. William was walking past the fishing tackle shop on the waterfront with around five or six of his friends.

"He was trying to remain anonymous, wearing dark shades with his baseball cap pulled down low. But all the girls were making a big fuss, running after him with their camera phones taking photos.

"There were around four or five of us across the street when he walked past. It was too good an opportunity to miss, so we started shouting in high-pitched posh English accents, 'William, William, William' and 'Daddy's boy'. We were all at it, shouting and teasing. There's nothing better than telling your friends, 'I've taken the piss out of the future king of England'.

"It was all over in seconds as he kept on walking and offered no reaction."

One lad who'd been drinking staggered over to the startled prince and tried to have a word with him. But Wills walked on.

Ben added: "We've got nothing against the Royals. Wills' dad Prince Charles visited Tobermory High School a few years ago and he was a nice guy. But when you get the chance to take the mickey out of someone so famous you can't resist it."

During their four-day stay last week, Wills and friends enjoyed some hill walking and visits to the local Mishnish pub to watch the British Lions play on TV. The Prince was trailed by two royal protection officers wearing rugby shirts.

-WILLS was celebrating last night after getting a 2.1 in his geography degree. The Prince logged onto the internet at Clarence House to find out his grade. His father Charles only got a 2.2 history degree.


Miss Hoolie (circled) and other characters; Pranksters Ben Bolton (left) and ~Lewis Watson
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 12, 2005
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