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Honey salve - a healer

Mix a teaspoon of honey with 20-30 drops of Echinaforce tincture and you will have a splendid healing salve for grazes, minor wounds, cuts, boils and even scabs.

For wounds that are refusing to heal properly, mix some honey with 10 per cent finely-grated horse radish or use the fresh juice or tincture.

Apply this to the affected part and you will be surprised at the good results.

This mixture is an excellent remedy for nail mould and similar stubborn conditions that take a long time to heal. Give it a try - you will be surprised at the results.

Treating arthritis and gout with honey packs

Add one teaspoon of comfrey tincture or Symphosan to four tablespoons of honey, mix thoroughly in a cup then heat the mixture in a double saucepan or bain-marie.

Fold a cloth three or four times, soak it in the hot honey mixture and apply to the parts where the pain is worst.

This treatment is best given in the evening so that you can leave the pack on overnight.

To retain the heat for longer, place a bag of cherry stones that have been heated on the stove on top of the pack.

A bag of hot hay flowers or camomile also work. Then wrap a warm cloth around everything.

Some patients have been helped by this treatment to the extent that they were

once again able to walk or move their hands without feeling any pain.

It is worth repeating these honey packs for several weeks until you find relief.
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Author:De Vries, Jan
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 6, 2000
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