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IAN'S back in the square, after visiting New Zealand, and there's an awkward moment when he comes face to face with son Bobby. A drink in The Vic might help, though the locals are far from happy about Bobby's presence. After all, the lad has just been released from a youth detention centre.

As the tension mounts, Denise offers some kind words and Bobby also gets support from an unlikely source before rushing home and demanding EASTENDERS BBC1 to be left alone.

Later Beale Snr is dealt a blow when he discovers Masood has gone and Max is his new business partner. Things go from bad to worse when he finds Bobby with a bruised face.

Elsewhere, Mel has not one, but two Branning brothers on her mind. First, flirty Max makes a move and they share a kiss, which Rainie sees, leaving her fuming.

Mel gets an opportunity to covertly go through Jack's bank statements when he gets a phone call to say Amy is ill, and Mel volunteers to look after her.

He returns home suddenly and she covers by going for a drink with him, and then one thing leads to another...

Meanwhile, Jay is uncomfortable when Ruby offers to take him for dinner; Jack and Fraser come to blows, and Ben confronts Lola about her plans to leave Walford.

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Jun 22, 2019

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