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 ATLANTA, Jan. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- When it's home renovation time, homeowners look for projects that will increase home value while enhancing looks and energy efficiency.
 They also look for something relatively easy. No single project accomplishes those goals better than replacing an aluminum sliding glass door with Peachtree Door's new Insulated Patio Door (IPD).
 With Peachtree's new IPD, replacement is quick and easy because the IPD's dimensions match the five- and six-foot-wide aluminum patio doors so popular a while back. That means the IPD can replace old d ?with virtually no adjustments in wall opening size.
 Patio doors have come a long way since the advent of the aluminum sliding glass door in the late '50s and early '60s. And Peachtree Door's new IPD is the newest advancement in patio door technology.
 Peachtree's new IPD takes patio doors far beyond thermally efficient glass. Over 16 months in development, the IPD is based on integrated design features that provide superior energy efficiency, security, beauty and ease of operation in a wide array of styles. And, of course, the IPD is covered under Peachtree's exclusive Non-Stop Warranty, guaranteeing the doors for as long as the homeowner owns them.
 The IPD units look and act unlike any patio door on the market. Wider stiles and rails create a classic French door look while enhancing energy efficiency due to the reduced amount of glass.
 IPD panels are 1-3/4-inch thick, unlike the typical one-inch thick aluminum slider frame. Moreover, IPD panels are injected with foam urethane, creating an insulating core between the outer skins that provides six times the insulating value of a solid wood door.
 The IPD outer skins are available in three types:
 1. A paintable, galvanized steel on both sides.
 2. A stainable or paintable wood-look fiberglass composite on
 both sides.
 3. A maintenance-free factory-finished steel skin exterior and
 stainable fiberglass interior.
 All three models provide superior thermal efficiency and classic good looks for years to come.
 Peachtree uses double-pane Twinsul insulating Low-E glass throughout. In addition, the glass surround is foamed in place for a virtually impenetrable seal. The foam sealant is resistant to shrinking, swelling and heat deformation up to 185 degrees F.
 Even the IPD's weatherstripping is new. Peachtree uses a foam-filled compression weatherstripping that forms a continuous seal around the perimeter. All corners either touch or overlap to prevent leaks and increase thermal effectiveness.
 Peachtree has also enhanced the popular divided lite look. Because insulating glass loses most energy at its edges, Peachtree designed optional grilles to be placed over the glass on the inside, outside or both. This creates the divided-lite look, but prevents the energy loss associated with traditional divided lite glass.
 The search for quality, thermally effective components even took Peachtree into environmental technology. Working with two other companies, Peachtree helped develop AERT, an inert, sturdy substance that can't rot or decompose. AERT is made from cedar-bush sawdust and polyethylene (grocery bags, milk jugs). It's ideal for use in IPD subsills and top and bottom rails because it is impervious to weather. Consequently, Peachtree has advanced energy efficiency while creating a permanent use for landfill wastes!
 The IPD comes in three models, French and Swinger (open in or out) and Slider (left or right). In addition, Peachtree developed a unique Add-On panel that comes ready-made and can fit any other IPD model or another Add-On panel. This makes a virtually unlimited array of multi-panel configurations possible without special-ordering.
 Surprisingly, even the IPD's hardware contributes to thermal efficiency. The IPD French and Swinger models feature a three-point latching system which increases thermal effectiveness by holding the door snug at top, middle and bottom. In addition, a four-hinge system increases strength and stability while ensuring a consistently tight fit.
 For increased security, all three latches automatically lock when the door is shut. A quick quarter turn of the thumbturn throws the bolts an extra half-inch, providing three one-inch deadbolts of protection. A "Panic Provision" opens all bolts automatically when the inside handle is turned.
 The IPD Slider features two vertically engaging bolts that prevent track lift-off. The slider's steel wheels run on a Lexan-capped track. The result is a sliding door that operates smoothly, efficiently, quickly and quietly.
 Even IPD screen doors assist thermal effectiveness. First, they're available for both Swinger and Slider models. Next, they're easily converted into storm doors by replacing screen inserts with tempered glass inserts or any 1/8-inch solid material.
 Because all IPD units are factory assembled, exceptional quality is assured in every unit.
 Undoubtedly, if you've been thinking of a renovation project that can quickly and easily increase your home's value, beauty and thermal efficiency, the patio door everyone has been waiting for is now available. Best of all, in most cases, Peachtree's IPD can be installed for under $1,000. And with Peachtree's exclusive Non-Stop Warranty, it will likely be the only time you'll ever replace your patio door.
 For more information on the full line of Peachtree doors and windows, contact: Peachtree Doors, Inc., 4150 Blueridge Industrial Parkway, Norcross, GA 30071.
 For information on the nearest Peachtree dealer, call 800-447-4700.
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