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Channel 5 ALF'S health falters once again when he has a heart attack while on the water.

Newcomer Justin is on hand, but the ageing resident faces a battle for survival.

Alf has a heart attack The mystery surrounding the Morgan family deepens when Mason's ex-girlfriend visits.

As Nate and Tori face rumours about their relationship, Hunter storms into the police station, demanding to discuss his apparent confession with him.

HOLLYOAKS Channel 4 GRACE tells Esther that she doesn't want to come to her wedding and even joins forces with Frankie to stop the event, forcing the brides to try to salvage their big day.

However, after Kim overhears an incriminating conversation between Grace and Esther, she starts to have doubts of her own and runs away during the ceremony. Can Esther persuade her to come back? Diego is concerned when his sister Maria shows up in the village, and Mercedes has suspicions of her own when she spots them together in The Dog car park, but offers to help after Maria falls ill.

Charlie is trapped in a dumpster NEIGHBOURS Channel 5 CHARLIE has another run-in with Archie, and is left trapped in a dumpster.

Later, while searching for the missing teen, Mark asks Paige if she has seen or heard anything unusual, forcing her to admit that she has been at the garage with Tyler.

Paul and Terese put in rival bids to take control of Lassiter's and turn to Lucy in the hope of winning her support - but a sneaky look at Terese's strategy file gives Paul a new idea.


Alf has a heart attack

Charlie is trapped in a dumpster

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jul 30, 2016
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