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HOME & ASTRAY; Women prefer having one-night stands in Ireland than on holiday.


IRISH women prefer to have one-night stands on home soil rather than when they are away on summer holiday.

A survey asked almost 7,000 females if they would prefer to have no-strings sex with strangers abroad or at home.

It found 34.5% of Irish women prefer to get naked with someone they find nearby.

Of those questioned, 26.6% added they would have a one-night stand once a year while on summer holiday.

The research was carried out by dating website Victoria Milan.

Boss Sigurd Vedal said: "Being able to meet like-minded adults for no strings sex is perfect for people with busy lifestyles who want or who are away on their summer vacations."

Finnish women were No1 on the list of those who like to get naughty while on a getaway. Around 44% of those asked from that country said they get intimate with a stranger once a year on summer holiday, while just over one-fifth said they have a one-night stand around once a month.

Around 33.7% of Swedish women are jumping in the sack with strangers while on a summer break and just over a quarter claim they take strangers to bed at least once a month. Almost 38% of Norwegian women say they regularly slip between the sheets with a random person as often as they can - at least once a month.

And just over a third will have a one-night stand while they're away on holiday.

But Spanish senoritas prefer to have no-strings sex with strangers in the comfort of their own home town, with 35.6% saying they will have at least one one-night stand a month.

35% of Irish women prefer having one-night stands in their own country27% admitted they would have no-strings sex while on summer holiday


UNCOVERED Study revealed views on no-strings sex

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 6, 2017
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