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HOLLYOAKS Mon-Fri C4 Trevor's [...].

Byline: SOAPS By Tess Lamacraft We love

HOLLYOAKS Mon-Fri C4 Trevor's in the doghouse with Grace who doesn't believe his story about sleeping with Porsche. His angry girlfriend forces him to take a lie detector test (above) but what will it show? Meanwhile, Cameron offers Peri his support as his frightened daughter prepares to have a termination, and Maxine agrees to let Patrick look after Minnie.

NEIGHBOURS Mon-Fri C5 Strewth! It's hard to believe the Aussie soap is 30 years old this week. To celebrate there's a re-run of the first episode and a look at some memorable weddings. Meanwhile, back in the present, Harold is reunited with his beloved Madge (above), 13 years after her death from cancer. Tune in on Wednesday to see how that miracle occurs.

HOME AND AWAY Mon-Fri C5 Ash and Brax track down Sam (left, with Brax) to frighten him into admitting he murdered Dean. Will he confess? Elsewhere, Andy persuades Nate to let Hannah out of hospital so he can look after her at home, Kyle is devastated to learn he may never sing again, and Maddy returns to Summer Bay and braces herself for her chemotherapy.

DOCTORS Mon-Fri BBC1 Niamh (left) is mixed up in a tragic drama when a patient falls from a window and there are questions as to whether it was suicide or murder. Elsewhere, Zara's struggling to cope and ends up firing a child-minder, and Jimmi and Heather's new relationship is whizzing along, but how will Jimmi react when Heather thinks she might be pregnant? Eek.

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