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HOB has provided a comprehensive product portfolio that includes state of the art SSL VPN and IPsec VPN solutions. HOB solutions impress with highest security standards and innovative features Made in Germany.

While both SSL and IPsec VPNs provide secure remote access to corporate resources, they do so in different ways, which affects an IT administrator's decision to implement one or the other. Typically, this decision is based on the kind of business functions that require a VPN. For example, if business operations require flexibility as they rely on remote workers' access to a company network, an SSL-based solution is optimal. On the other hand, static connections where communications partners change less frequently, such as a bank with several satellite offices, may choose to deploy an IPsec VPN which can provide full network access between branches and the headquarters. As a leader in the secure remote access industry that strives to meet the needs of a wide variety of organizations, HOB offers both a SSL VPN solution with HOB RD VPN and an IPsec gateway with HOBLink VPN 2.1 Gateway.


HOB RD VPN is a comprehensive solution that can be easily adapted to meet the needs of all enterprises in today's virtual, mobile and cloud-based environments. There is no installation required on the client side - a simple web browser is all that is needed for employees to access corporate data and resources from remote locations. This pure software solution eliminates the need for the installation of expensive hardware, simplifying accessibility and reducing costs. Businesses can custom configure HOB RD VPN solutions to accommodate changing demands on IT infrastructure, while maintaining complete control over access to corporate networks. HOB RD VPN also supports an extensive array of devices and operating systems.

HOBLink VPN 2.1 Gateway

HOBLink VPN 2.1 Gateway is a pure software solution that offers maximum scalability, as it can be easily integrated into any existing IT infrastructure. Supported by standard IPsec protocols and encryption methods, HOBLink VPN 2.1 Gateway guarantees the highest security standards with strong encryption and authentication methods to protect data communications over an IPsec VPN. Additionally, HOBLink VPN 2.1 Gateway works harmoniously with IPsec clients of leading manufacturers, including HOBLink VPN Anywhere Client, the patented IPsec client by HOB. The HOBLink VPN Anywhere Client doesn't require any installation or additional drivers to connect to an IPsec gateway. When connected for the first time, the pre- configured software is downloaded to the client device and the user can immediately access the company network.

For more information on the benefits of both SSL and IPsec VPNs, download the free HOB e-book: How to Find the Best VPN Solution for My Company.

About HOB, Inc.

HOB, Inc. is a fully owned subsidiary of HOB GmbH & Co. KG. It was founded in New Jersey in April 2000 and is currently headquartered in Hawthorne, NY. HOB GmbH & Co. KG is a German medium-sized company, developing innovative and multiply rewarded software solutions that are marketed worldwide. The core competencies of the successful company HOB, founded in 1964, comprise server-based computing, secure remote access, VoIP and virtualization. HOB products are deployed in small, mid-sized and large enterprises. Further, some HOB products are certified according to Common Criteria EAL 4+ by the German Federal Office for Information Security. HOB remote access solutions received the quality mark from TeleTrust IT Security Made in Germany

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