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HMA and IPNRC collaborative meeting.

A very productive planning meeting was held at the International Parish Nurse Resource Center in St. Louis on February 9 and 10, 2010 between Health Ministries Association (HMA) board members and staff of the International Parish Nurse Resource Center (IPNRC).

The purpose was to bring key staff members together to determine areas for collaboration between the two organizations.

Attendees included:

Marlene Feagan, President, HMA

Sharon Stanton, Past President, HMA

Sharon Becker, Past President, HMA

Alyson Breisch, Board Member, HMA

Deborah Patterson, Exec. Director, IPNRC

Maureen Daniels, Director of International Programs and Coordinators' Support, IPNRC

Mary Slutz, Director of Symposium and Resources, IPNRC

Andrea West, Director of Curriculum and Research, IPNRC

Susan Miller, Office Administrator, IPNRC

The meeting was led by Elizabeth George, Vice President of the Deaconess Foundation, whose expertise is in capacity building and collaboration among non-profit organizations.

Vision and mission statements of both groups served as the basis for the process of looking at similarities and differences between HMA and IPNRC. Key issues impacting faith community nursing as professional practice, resources for health ministry and parish nursing, and opportunities for new areas of collaboration were explored.


The process of discussion and prioritizing items for consideration filtered identified opportunities toward the top three aspects for working groups to develop. The groups include:

* Finding our Unified Voice: Marlene Feagan, Deborah Patterson, Alyson Breisch

* Defining the Stakeholders: Susan Miller, Mary Slutz, Sharon Becker

* Education and Marketing strategies: Sharon Stanton, Maureen Daniels, Andrea West

The three groups will submit their reports for summarization and the resulting report will be reviewed by the full group with the intent of ongoing conversations and further development of specific areas of collaboration.

Both groups look to this work to better define the issues facing us and specific actions that can be developed to promote the profession of faith community nursing and expand the reaches of health ministries to impact community health.

Attendees (left to right): Andrea West, Alyson Breisch, Susan Miller, Sharon Becker, Maureen Daniels, Sharon Stanton, Mary Slutz, Deborah Patterson and Marlene Feagan.

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Publication:Parish Nurse Perspectives
Date:Jan 1, 2010
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