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Gates Foundation Announces $1.27bn To Fight HIV, TB, Malaria, Others. Sep 25, 2022 371
Dr Ayisi Addo calls on chiefs and religious leaders to join HIV campaign. Sep 24, 2022 459
Gates Foundation Announces $1.27bn To Fight HIV, TB, Malaria, Others. Sep 24, 2022 371
New dangers to HIV fight. Sep 23, 2022 390
Expert calls for concerted effort to fight HIV as cases are on the rise. Sep 22, 2022 828
Global Fund raises $14.25 billion to fight Malaria, HIV and TB. Sep 22, 2022 301
Gates Foundation Announces $1.27bn To Fight HIV, TB, Malaria, Others. Sep 22, 2022 371
Global Fund raises $14.25 billion to end HIV, TB and malaria. Sep 22, 2022 589
'Hard pressed' Zimbabwe pledges US$1million towards Global Fund to Fight HIV, Malaria and TB. Sep 22, 2022 237
We have collective power to defeat HIV, TB. Sep 21, 2022 579
HIV vaccines remain elusive despite rapid Covid-19 jabs. Sep 21, 2022 1003
Global Fund seeks $18 billion to end HIV, TB and malaria. Sep 21, 2022 516
The other pandemic. Sep 21, 2022 1129
Government commits to cut HIV cases to below 300. Sep 21, 2022 294
HIV education among young must improve: Health census. Sep 21, 2022 512
Let's intensify education on HIV preventive measures - Dr Ayisi Addo. Sep 21, 2022 373
Youth participate in tech-based HIV prevention campaign. Sep 20, 2022 403
OraSure selected to provide OraQuick In-Home HIV tests for $41.5M CDC program. Sep 20, 2022 160
A review of gender-transformative approaches and promising practices in health, nutrition and HIV programming in Africa: from theory to practice. Sep 20, 2022 832
Photos to tell story of city's older HIV+ community. WESLEY HOLMES ECHO Reporter @LIVECHONEWS Sep 19, 2022 487
Factors behind high HIV cases among rural girls. Sep 19, 2022 1198
The Challenges of children living with HIV. DEKI CHODEN Sep 18, 2022 545
Peer Counselors Help Young People Live With HIV. Global Press Journal Sep 17, 2022 1381
Peer Counselors Help Young People Live With HIV. Sep 17, 2022 1373
Bekasi distributes over 16,000 condoms for HIV prevention. Sep 16, 2022 332
Kenya to donate Sh1bn to Global Fund for HIV. Sep 16, 2022 509
HIV: A Threatening Epidemic. Sep 16, 2022 701
No fraud in Nigeria's HIV fund management -Global Fund. Sep 16, 2022 432
Young women, girls account for majority of new HIV infections. Sep 16, 2022 1123
Bekasi distributes over 16,000 condoms for HIV prevention. Sep 16, 2022 376
Global Fund debunks fraud allegations in Nigeria's HIV fund management. Sep 16, 2022 856
Over 11 000 children live with HIV ...97% HIV positive adolescents on DTG treatment. Sep 15, 2022 724
UNRC Lewis seeks holistic approach to HIV response. Sep 15, 2022 390
UNRC Lewis seeks holistic approach to HIV response. Sep 15, 2022 174
Global Fund Debunks Report Of Fraud In Nigeria's HIV Fund Management. Sep 15, 2022 906
No Fraud in Nigeria's HIV Fund Management, Says Global Fund. Sep 15, 2022 614
'Ending HIV, TB and malaria requires more funding.' Peter Sands, Executive Director, The Global Fund. Sep 15, 2022 780
Stigma still facing people living with HIV. JOSEPH ALI Reporter Sep 14, 2022 508
Stigma still facing people living with HIV. JOSEPH ALI Reporter Sep 14, 2022 753
Global Fund Refutes Misappropriation Claims In Nigeria's HIV Fund Management. Sep 14, 2022 876
TB, HIV continue to cause death. Sep 13, 2022 557
'I immediately thought I was going to die'-The slowly shifting stigma still facing people living with HIV in Wales; Here in Wales, people living with the virus are living truly normal and fulfilled lives. By, Joseph Ali Sep 13, 2022 829
Govt plans to end new HIV cases by 2030. Sep 13, 2022 336
Court orders HIV test for man accused of defiling minor. Sep 13, 2022 206
HIV and COVID: A recipe for disaster. Farhan, Zainab; Bashar, Nermeen; Khalid, Shantul Letter to the editor Sep 13, 2022 523
HIV, TB, malaria fight saves 50 million lives over 20 years: Global Fund. Sep 12, 2022 619
HIV infections in Cambodia on the rise. Sep 12, 2022 439
New HIV-AIDS Infections Down By 45% UNAIDS. Sep 10, 2022 307
New HIV infections down by 45%: UNAIDS. Sep 10, 2022 309
New HIV infections down by 45% through Global Fund intervention - UNAIDS. Sep 10, 2022 322
One-stop-shop health services launched for HIV prevention. Sep 9, 2022 461
US may expand monkeypox vaccine eligibility to men with HIV. Sep 9, 2022 556
HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections Among Persons with Monkeypox--Eight U.S. Jurisdictions, May 17-July 22, 2022. Curran, Kathryn G.; Eberly, Kristen; Russell, Olivia O.; Snyder, Robert E.; Phillips, Elisabeth K.; Sep 9, 2022 4321
One-stop-shop health services launched for HIV prevention. Sep 9, 2022 431
One-stop-shop health services launched for HIV prevention. Sep 9, 2022 435
Global Fund To Raise Eighteen Billion Dollars For HIV, TB, Malaria. Sep 9, 2022 509
Anambra Health Commissioner Calls For Collective Action Towards Prevention Of HIV. Sep 9, 2022 267
One-stop-shop health services launched for HIV prevention. Sep 9, 2022 162
HIV drug mandate violates religious freedom, judge rules. Sep 8, 2022 457
Recruit dismissed for his HIV positive status to sue KDF. Sep 8, 2022 816
Stigma hampering the fight against HIV. Sep 7, 2022 578
'I was diagnosed with HIV 26 years ago and told I had 8 years to live -it's been my privilege to help others as CEO of the Terrence Higgins Trust'; Ian Green, CEO of the charity Terrence Higgins Trust, has spoken to MyLondon after stepping down from the organisation he called his constant companion throughout his own diagnosis. By, Matt Spivey Sep 7, 2022 1106
Thomas admits he didn't tell his former partner he had HIV. LAURA CLEMENTS Reporter Sep 7, 2022 786
Ex-Wales captain Thomas admits he didn't tell partner he had HIV. LAURA CLEMENTS Reporter Sep 7, 2022 802
Sick girls raped, infected with HIV. Written by SARAH BIRYOMUMAISHO Sep 7, 2022 1660
Ex-Wales captain admits he didn't tell partner he had HIV. Sep 7, 2022 789
Sindh govt objects to performance of anti-HIV organisations. Sep 7, 2022 759
Gareth Thomas 'spat at in street and told to die' after ex-partner's HIV allegations; Gareth Thomas has opened up on the abuse he has received from the general public, after a former partner launched legal action against him by alleging the ex-rugby player hid his HIV status. By, Joshua Lees Sep 6, 2022 453
Civil society opposes Uhuru's plan to form new agency to tackle HIV, other diseases. Sep 6, 2022 575
Italian man becomes first person to test positive for HIV, Monkeypox, COVID-19 at once. Sep 5, 2022 397
Kenya adopts three-test HIV testing to deal with virus. Sep 4, 2022 280
Ex-Wales rugby captain Gareth Thomas admits he didn't tell ex-partner he was HIV positive; Former Wales and British Lions rugby captain Gareth Thomas has now admitted not informing his former partner he was HIV positive, according to High Court documents. By, Fraser Watson Sep 4, 2022 461
Kenya adopts three-test HIV testing to deal with virus. Sep 4, 2022 281
Peer support will help reduce HIV threat to youth - lobby. Medical condition overview Sep 4, 2022 591
Kenya adopts three-test HIV testing in latest efforts to deal with the virus. Sep 3, 2022 350
Governors oppose Uhuru's order on HIV control unit. Sep 3, 2022 655
Subgenomic sequence analysis reveals emergence of new circulating recombinant forms of HIV-1 in Pakistan. Maria Zahid, Saeed Khan, Muhammad Asif Qureshi and Yasir Raza Sep 3, 2022 2888
Frequency of resistance to first-line antiretroviral therapy observed among HIV patients. Feroz Khan, Muhammad Bilal, Muhammad Yaseen Khan and Mian Fareezuddin Sep 3, 2022 2182
Pains of septuagenarian Laxmi: Poverty, HIV-positive son and daughter-in-law. Sep 2, 2022 564
GAC calls for abstracts for 2025 National HIV Response. Sep 1, 2022 328
28,500 HIV positive cases in Manipur. Sep 1, 2022 320
Radical Acts: How a convening of queer HIV-positive men in Mexico this year became a movement. Garner, Alex Sep 1, 2022 760
European Commission approves first twice-yearly HIV medication. Sep 1, 2022 653
KDF tested me without consent, then threw me out for HIV positive status. Sep 1, 2022 1095
Diminishing donor funding fuels HIV rise - report. Aug 31, 2022 429
Woman bails out children living with HIV. Aug 31, 2022 163
HIV test kits in pharmacies soon - Dr Ayisi Addo. Aug 31, 2022 621
GAC launches 2023 National HIV and AIDS Conference. Conference news Aug 31, 2022 439
Man Diagnosed With Monkeypox, COVID-19 And HIV At Same Time. Aug 30, 2022 271
Gatekeepers vow to be champions of HIV Prevention. Aug 30, 2022 636
'TIME TO ACT IS NOW'. . . region battles to deal with HIV infections among youths. Aug 29, 2022 252
Ghana must wake up to prevalence of HIV. J N Aug 29, 2022 430
Man Diagnosed With Monkeypox, HIV, And Covid-19. J N Aug 29, 2022 617
Rohingya people need HIV screening. Aug 29, 2022 232
The World's Most Unlucky Man Who Infected With COVID, Monkeypox and HIV At the Same Time. Aug 28, 2022 340
Concern as hospitals run out of HIV testing kits. Aug 28, 2022 798
Growing support globally to end HIV medicine stockouts in India. Aug 27, 2022 1139
KP, Punjab and Balochistan lawmakers vow to table bills against HIV's spread. Aug 26, 2022 533
HIV testing stalls in Homa Bay as county runs out of kits. Aug 26, 2022 460
Blood scandal widow: Nothing can compensate for families' loss; Husband died from HIV after infection. RYAN HOOPER News Reporter Aug 25, 2022 631
Man Tests Positive for COVID, Monkeypox and HIV following trip to Spain. Aug 25, 2022 383
World's unluckiest man tests positive for Covid, monkeypox and HIV -at the same time; An unidentified Italian man returned home after a short trip to Spain, and after developing symptoms including fever and a sore throat underwent testing showing he had all three diseases. By, Tim Hanlon Aug 25, 2022 397
WATCH: Oasis of hope amid desolationHow Alpha Teen offers buffer zone to rural children living with HIV. Aug 24, 2022 1121
Lawmakers to promote self-testing for ascertaining HIV status. Aug 24, 2022 319
Shurugwi tops new HIV incidence rate in Midlands. Aug 24, 2022 779
Discovery of a new recombinant HIV-1 strain in Cyprus. Aug 23, 2022 679
UCy researchers find new strain of HIV-1. Iole Damaskinos Aug 23, 2022 374
Gilead Receives First Global Regulatory Approval of Sunlenca as Twice-Yearly HIV Treatment Option. Aug 23, 2022 188
New HIV-1 strain discovered in Cyprus. Aug 23, 2022 316
"Ending HIV, TB and malaria requires more funding." Peter Sands, Executive Director, The Global Fund. Aug 22, 2022 737
Kariba fishing camps; place for sex-for-fish barter trade exposing folk to STIs and HIV. Aug 22, 2022 270
Intestinal Parasitic Infection and Associated Risk Factors among HIV-Infected Patients Seeking Healthcare in a Rural Hospital in Ghana. Deku, John Gameli; Botchway, Kwesi Amoah; Kinanyok, Silas; Gedzeah, Charles Kwame; Duneeh, Richard V Report Aug 22, 2022 4600
HIV-AIDS: 41 children under treatment (official). Aug 21, 2022 301
Once-in-two-months HIV drug gets the greenlight. Aug 20, 2022 665
Once-in-two-months HIV drug gets the greenlight. Aug 20, 2022 663
Govt asked to scale up funding for HIV support. Aug 19, 2022 384
Drug users prone to HIV, STIs, study reveals. Aug 19, 2022 385
Karachi now in concentrated phase of HIV epidemic. Aug 19, 2022 468
Girl injects herself with boyfriend's HIV-positive blood "to prove her love". J N Aug 18, 2022 207
HIV 40 years on: Basic reminders about transmission modes and prevention. Aug 18, 2022 547
Contracting HIV at 23 gave my life new purpose. Aug 18, 2022 949
HIV: A Looming Epidemic. Aug 18, 2022 701
Analysis of Multiple Sexual Partners among 2665 Male College Students Who Have Sexual Behaviour in Zhejiang Province, China. Yang, Zhongrong; Ma, Qiaoqin; Chen, Weiyong; Zhou, Xin; Jiang, Tingting; Guo, Zhihong; Jin, Meihua Report Aug 18, 2022 4819
Lifesaving HIV|Aids medication runs out of stock, CSOs warn. Written by GEOFREY SERUGO Aug 17, 2022 828
Gilead Sciences Forges Collaboration with Morehouse School of Medicine and Xavier University of Louisiana College of Pharmacy to Address Inequities in HIV Care. Aug 17, 2022 339
United Nations Women, National AIDS Council collaborate in offering HIV Response training to partners implementing Start, Awareness, Support, Action (SASA!) Together Methodology. Aug 17, 2022 855
'It's about someone saying sorry' -Seaham survivor of infected blood scandal welcomes £100,000 compensation payout; Mark Fox from Seaham is among the survivors who have welcomed the compensation after contracting HIV. By, PA & Sophie Brownson Aug 17, 2022 788
HIV-positive families receive Cambodian Red Cross donations. Aug 17, 2022 153
Dwindling HIV donor funds headache for new regime. Aug 16, 2022 713
KARANI: Let's work together to end HIV infections among youths. Aug 16, 2022 478
If my struggle gives just one person with HIV hope they can a pilot or anything they want to be then it's all been worth be e it Given; Inspirational James Bushe talks to Heather Greenaway about overcoming prejudice, winning campaign to change aviation rules and role in BBC documentary Sky High Club. Heather Greenaway Aug 13, 2022 1086
Treatment Adherence among HIV and TB Patients Using Single and Double Way Mobile Phone Text Messages: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Kibu, Odette Dzemo; Siysi, Vincent Verla; Albert Legrand, Same Ekobo; Asangbeng Tanue, Elvis; Nsagha Aug 13, 2022 7781
Integrating HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Impairment Screening within Primary Healthcare Facilities: A Pilot Training Intervention. Munsami, Adele; Sibeko, Goodman; Gouse, Hetta; Nightingale, Sam; Joska, John A. Aug 13, 2022 6946
Interim Guidance for Prevention and Treatment of Monkeypox in Persons with HIV Infection--United States, August 2022. O'Shea, Jesse; Filardo, Thomas D.; Morris, Sapna Bamrah; Weiser, John; Petersen, Brett; Brooks, John Aug 12, 2022 4122
Charity calls on government to end ban on HIV sperm and egg donors; The national campaign is being backed by Liverpool's own LGBTQ+ charity Sahir House. By, Paul McAuley Aug 12, 2022 869
Police investigated HIV claims against Thomas. CONOR GOGARTY Reporter Aug 12, 2022 346
Police took no action on claim Gareth Thomas passed HIV to ex. CONOR GOGARTY Reporter Aug 12, 2022 348
'Ending HIV, TB and malaria requires more funding.' Peter Sands, Executive Director, The Global Fund. Aug 12, 2022 737
Kenya on track to reducing new HIV cases, shows report. Aug 11, 2022 839
Police took no action on claim Gareth Thomas passed HIV to ex; Thames Valley Police says it found 'insufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction'. By, Conor Gogarty Aug 11, 2022 369
'Ending HIV, TB and malaria requires more funding.' Peter Sands, Executive Director, The Global Fund. Aug 11, 2022 750
Thomas 'hid HIV and passed it on to ex-partner', court papers claim. CONOR GOGARTY Reporter Aug 10, 2022 1646
Thomas 'hid HIV and passed it on to ex-partner', court papers claim. CONOR GOGARTY Reporter Aug 10, 2022 1610
Gareth Thomas' ex claims Wales legend failed to inform him he had HIV and passed it on; Wales legend Gareth Thomas will 'vigorously defend' himself against claims by a former partner, who has said the ex-rugby star infected him with HIV while failing to tell him he carried the virus. By, Tom Sunderland Aug 9, 2022 348
Gareth Thomas 'hid his HIV and passed it on to ex-partner', court papers claim; Ian Baum alleges he has been caused 'serious physical and psychological injury'. By, Conor Gogarty Aug 9, 2022 1717
Botswana makes strides in HIV infection reduction. : Marvin Motlhabane Aug 9, 2022 501
A Qualitative Study Exploring Factors Associated with Retention in HIV Care among Women with HIV in a Large HIV Clinic in Lagos, Nigeria, after Implementing the Test and Treat Policy. Odediran, Omoladun O.; Odukoya, Oluwakemi O.; Balogun, Mobolanle R.; Colasanti, Jonathan A.; Akanmu, Report Aug 9, 2022 8390
Mother-to-child HIV transmission a continual threat to new-born. LHAKPA TSHERING Thimphu Aug 7, 2022 809
Common Myths About HIV and AIDS. Aug 7, 2022 652
High acceptance of HIV self-test in Bhutan. KARMA CHIMI Aug 7, 2022 647
Common Myths About HIV and AIDS. Bhutan Times Aug 7, 2022 662
The fight against HIV|AIDS. Bhutan Times Aug 7, 2022 476
cruel law that defies di's legacy; Fight to end ban on HIV sperm and egg donors. EXCLUSIVE BY AMY SHARPE Aug 7, 2022 688
Quiet Over Conversation: The Last Story On HIV. Aug 6, 2022 924
HIV care. Aug 6, 2022 478
WHO recommends long-acting cabotegravir for HIV prevention. Aug 6, 2022 820
WHO publishes new guidelines on HIV, hepatitis and STIs for key populations. Aug 6, 2022 442
Charity championed by Princess Diana calls for end to ban on HIV sperm and egg donors; More than 105,000 people living with HIV are not allowed to donate eggs or sperm for fertility treatment, despite scientific studies showing there is no transmission risk. By, Amy Sharpe Aug 6, 2022 678
Prevalence of HCV-HIV Co-Infection with Intravenous Drug Users in Central Punjab, Pakistan. Zahra, Amreen; Saleem, Mushtaq A.; Javed, Hasnain; Khan, Muhammad Azmat Ullah Report Aug 6, 2022 4706
Emergence of Novel Unique Recombinant Forms and Multiple Subtypes in Gag-Pol Region of HIV-1 in Punjab, Pakistan. Zahra, Amreen; Saleem, Mushtaq A.; Javed, Hasnain; Khan, Muhammad Azmat Ullah; Shakoori, Abdul Rauf Report Aug 6, 2022 5199
Speak Candidly On HIV|AIDS, Teenage Pregnancies and GBV, Kenyans Told. Aug 5, 2022 463
HIV: A Looming Epidemic. Aug 5, 2022 712
HIV epidemic is not over, we must do more. Aug 5, 2022 411
Man, 66, becomes fourth person to be seemingly 'cured' of HIV; Despite the news, city charity Sahir house warned HIV remains a "global battle and one which is far from over.". By, Paul McAuley Aug 4, 2022 764
New Zealand's plan to eliminate HIV transmission ignores deepening inequities in health outcomes for Maori women. Clive Aspin Aug 4, 2022 855
Number of HIV-free babies increases - study. Aug 4, 2022 407
Long-awaited goal of ensuring every child is born HIV-free. Aug 3, 2022 1422
Kenya joins global lobby to fight HIV in children. Aug 3, 2022 563
People contracting HIV in many African countries due to inequity. Aug 2, 2022 809
New scheme offering free HIV tests with text message launched. Aug 2, 2022 309
Welsh GPs join trail-blazing HIV testing campaign; A new trail-blazing HIV campaign is being launched in the Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff East to encourage NHS patients to get tested. By, Joseph Ali Aug 1, 2022 384
More school time key to reducing HIV infection rate among girls. Aug 1, 2022 836
Ask the doctor: HIV drugs and alcohol risk. Aug 1, 2022 459
Minister Joe Phaahla: International AIDS Conference. Conference news Aug 1, 2022 1099
Amidst stalled HIV prevention, WHO supports new long-acting prevention drug cabotegravir. Aug 1, 2022 956
Minister Joe Phaahla: International AIDS Conference. Conference news Aug 1, 2022 1105
HIV: Nonchalance, Ignorance, TBAs, others threaten Nigeria's efforts to end mother-to-child transmission. Aug 1, 2022 2465
HIV therapy adherence, timing vital: top official. Aug 1, 2022 455
UN, others worried as global response to HIV declines. Jul 31, 2022 831
UN: Global fight against HIV stalls amid resource crunch. Jul 31, 2022 397
Global fight against HIV stalls amid resource crunch - report. Jul 31, 2022 403
Botswana hits 'historic' UN goal against HIV: report. Jul 30, 2022 523
Beyond Zero to Continue with Efforts to End New HIV Infections, Gender Based Violence. Jul 30, 2022 316
New HIV figures alarming. Jul 29, 2022 328
HIV burden highest among adolescent girls, women - UNAIDS. Jul 29, 2022 523
ViiV Healthcare Presents Positive Five-Year Data at AIDS 2022, Showing the Durability of Fostemsavir in People Living with HIV Who Are Heavily Treatment-Experienced. Jul 29, 2022 233
Fourth patient seemingly cured of HIV. Jul 29, 2022 545
ViiV Healthcare and the Medicines Patent Pool Sign New Voluntary Licensing Agreement to Expand Access to Innovative Long-Acting HIV Prevention Medicine. Jul 29, 2022 606
Gilead Touts Positive Biktarvy Results Demonstrates High Efficacy for a Broad Range of People Initiating Treatment for HIV, Including Those with HBV Coinfection. Jul 29, 2022 219
Deal reached for generic drug to prevent HIV infection. Jul 29, 2022 450
Production Approved of Generic Injectable HIV-Prevention Drug for Sub-Saharan Africa. Jul 29, 2022 353
The HIV response is in danger-the promise of ending AIDS is under threat. Jul 29, 2022 1057
Botswana becomes second nation to reach UN goal against HIV. Jul 29, 2022 380
Amidst stalled HIV prevention, WHO supports new long-acting prevention drug cabotegravir. Jul 28, 2022 643
Gilead says ALLIANCE highlights potential of Biktarvy in HIV and HBV coinfection. Jul 28, 2022 243
UNAIDS calls for urgent global action as progress against HIV falters. Jul 28, 2022 1101
Global fight against HIV in danger amid resource crunch, says UN. Jul 28, 2022 476
Global fight against HIV 'In Danger' amid resource crunch, says UN. Jul 28, 2022 655
SARS-CoV-2-Specific T Cell Immunity in HIV-Associated Kaposi Sarcoma Patients in Zambia. Ngalamika, Owen; Mukasine, Marie Claire; Kamanzi, Patrick; Kawimbe, Musonda; Mujajati, Aaron; Tso, F Jul 28, 2022 5804
Fourth person 'cured' of HIV, but is a less risky cure in sight? Jul 27, 2022 817
Botswana hits 'historic' UN goal against HIV: report. Jul 27, 2022 528
Kilifi records high mother-to-child HIV transmission. Jul 27, 2022 419
Patient Achieves HIV and Blood Cancer Remission Three Decades After HIV Diagnosis Following Stem Cell Transplant at California's City of Hope. Jul 27, 2022 727
Global HIV response is in danger. Jul 26, 2022 828
Fear of HIV infection, default from treatment derail war on TB. Jul 26, 2022 815
Navidea Biopharmaceuticals Highlights Publication of Study Examining Tc99m Tilmanocept Imaging of Arterial Inflammation in People with HIV. Jul 25, 2022 580
Tucna threatens legal action on Covid and HIV testing. Jul 25, 2022 818
State spends Sh25bn annually to manage HIV patients - Health CAS. Jul 25, 2022 370
Nigeria Disagrees with Global Fund's Alleged Misappropriation of HIV Grants. Jul 25, 2022 936
AIDS 2022: Children and young people turning adversities into stepping stones. Jul 24, 2022 1873
Stakeholders Advocate Reduction In Price Of New HIV Medicines. Jul 22, 2022 1013
Liberia's HIV prevalence rises. Jul 22, 2022 588
Enhanced surveillance needed to check alarming rise in HIV cases. Jul 20, 2022 621
Discuss your HIV status before marriage (Part 2). Jul 20, 2022 1160
Parents have role in HIV prevention. Jul 20, 2022 658
Hunger forces people with HIV off medication. Jul 20, 2022 569
The people breaking stigma and showing you can live normally in Wales with HIV; The '21st Century HIV' project has been published in an effort to challenge HIV stigma. By, Joseph Ali Jul 20, 2022 1098
MoH alarmed over poor adherence to HIV treatment by mums. Jul 19, 2022 467
MoH alarmed over poor adherence to HIV treatment by mums`. Jul 19, 2022 467
Men absent from HIV prevention efforts - Zwandor. Jul 19, 2022 503
HIV, pregnancy tests required for Cuban scholarship. Jul 19, 2022 658
Address HIV infections, pregnancies and SGBV among youths - PS. Jul 17, 2022 530
France Marks 80th Anniversary Of Vel' D'Hiv Roundup Of Jews. Jul 17, 2022 243
Youth under threat of HIV, GBV and teenage pregnancies - PS Mochache. Jul 16, 2022 377
Pediatric HIV Case Identification Across 22 PEPFAR-Supported Countries During the COVID-19 Pandemic, October 2019-September 2020. Jul 15, 2022 5169
Cutting down HIV infections. Jul 15, 2022 908
Youth under threat of HIV, GBV and teenage pregnancies PS. Jul 15, 2022 222
Early detection of HIV will reduce maternal mortality-SFH. Jul 14, 2022 709
Social worker distributes medication to people with HIV and AIDS during Shanghai lockdown. Jul 14, 2022 1202
Six ways to improve HIV prevention pill uptake among young women in Zimbabwe. the Jul 14, 2022 934
Early marriage, HIV, gender violence biggest threat to youth. Jul 12, 2022 603
Katikkiro asks religious and cultural leaders to join fight against HIV. Jul 12, 2022 446
Serological and Molecular Tests Performed Pre-Transplantation on Post-Mortem Cornea Donors: Retrospective Evaluation of 5-Years/ Postmortem Kornea Donorlerinde Transplantasyon Oncesi Yapilan Serolojik ve Molekuler Testler: 5 Yilin Retrospektif Degerlendirilmesi. Akcin, Ruveyda; Dinc, Harika Oyku; Savaser, Selva; Ozbey, Dogukan; Dogan, Cezmi; Demirci, Mehmet; To Jul 12, 2022 3892
HIV-related stigma still rife. Jul 11, 2022 874
Immunocore announces dosing of first patient with ImmTAV bispecific for HIV. Jul 11, 2022 212
Woman seeks justice over wrong HIV diagnosis. Jul 11, 2022 575
Why is testing for HIV important? Jul 11, 2022 862
Redefining the Mode of HIV Transmission through Analysis of Risk Attribution among the Reported HIV Cases from 1993 to 2021 in Bhutan. Khandu, Lekey; Choida, Ngawang; Drukpa, Jurmi; Tsehring, Dolley; Wangdi, Sonam Jul 9, 2022 5580
Adequate funding, collaboration required to curb HIV spread at borders Minister. Jul 9, 2022 738
From Covid to HIV: John Nkengasong, the African hero of modern pandemics. Jul 8, 2022 1388
Breakthrough Cure For AIDS: HIV To Be Defeated With Single Injection - Study. Jul 8, 2022 802
Factors Associated with Baseline CD4 Cell Counts and Advanced HIV Disease among Male and Female HIV-Positive Patients in Iran: A Retrospective Cohort Study. Afrashteh, Sima; Fararouei, Mohammad; Ghaem, Haleh; Aryaie, Mohammad Report Jul 7, 2022 5152
Prevalence for the Disclosure of HIV Status to Sexual Partners and Its Determinants among Adults under cART in Amhara Region, Northwest Ethiopia. Tegegne, Awoke Seyoum Jul 7, 2022 6661
GP issues warning over common symptomless STI that most people haven't heard of; The infection can raise risk of HIV and cause pregnancy complications. By, John Jones Jul 7, 2022 892
Forty years after Terrence Higgins' death the trust says 'we can end new HIV cases by 2030, but fighting stigma is a battle'; This week marks 40 years since the death of Terrence Higgins, MyLondon spoke to Campaigns Director Richard Angell about how his legacy lives on today. By, Matt Spivey Jul 7, 2022 1324
Ghana HIV and AIDS Network encourages communities to take COVID-19 vaccination. Jul 7, 2022 385
Zero tolerance on HIV-related stigma called for in New Welsh Government Action Plan on virus; The new document includes 26 actions the Welsh Government and partners can take towards reducing HIV transmissions and bettering the lives of people living with the virus in Wales. It is now out to consultation. By, Joseph Ali Jul 6, 2022 371
Inclusion critical for key populations in the HIV|Aids programming - study. Written by Ernest Jjingo Jul 5, 2022 286
Byanyima hails Kabaka run for boosting HIV fight. Jul 4, 2022 482
Public attitudes on HIV stuck in 1980s, according to new data released on 40th anniversary of Terrence Higgins death; The public's views haven't improved much since the epidemic began back in the '80s. By, Joseph Ali Jul 4, 2022 770
My wonderful pal Terrence Higgins; Salute to man who inspired HIV charity. EXCLUSIVE by alex lloyd Jul 3, 2022 561
Zimbabwe maintains lead in Africa HIV management. Jul 2, 2022 625
'Terrence Higgins saved countless lives with HIV charity but I'm protective of him'; Martyn Butler shares his memories of Terrence Higgins, who he last saw in a hospital bed in 1982 before he became the first named person to pass away from an AIDS-related illness in the UK. By, Alex Lloyd Jul 2, 2022 569
Prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV. Medical condition overview Jul 2, 2022 376
Cebu City logs 113 HIV cases; men having sex with men among top causes. Jul 1, 2022 251
JULIET OWUOR: Pass reproductive health Bill to protect people living with HIV. Jul 1, 2022 622
Phase I of the DiaVACCS screening trial: Study design, methods, population demographics and baseline results. Dreyer, G.; Snyman, L.C.; van der Merwe, F.H.; Richter, K.L.; Dreyer, G.J.; Visser, C.; Botha, M.H. Report Jul 1, 2022 7588
Maternal mental health and caregiver competence of HIV-positive and negative women caring for their singleton newborns in KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa. Rencken, G.; Govender, P.; Uys, C.J.E. Report Jul 1, 2022 6743
Updated U.S. Public Health Service Guideline for Testing of Transplant Candidates Aged <12 Years for Infection with HIV, Hepatitis B Virus, and Hepatitis C Virus--United States, 2022. Free, Rebecca J.; Levi, Marilyn E.; Bowman, James S.; Bixler, Danae; Brooks, John T.; Buchacz, Kate; Jul 1, 2022 2258
Anal cytological abnormalities in human immunodeficiency virus-infected men and prevalence of high-risk human papillomavirus co-infection. Kakar, Atul; Bakshi, Pooja; Tripathi, Shikhar; Gogia, Atul Jul 1, 2022 3131
Communicating with LGBTQ Adolescents: Preventing HIV and Other STIs. Day, Elizabeth Campanella Jul 1, 2022 3292
Hope for people co-infected with visceral leishmaniasis, HIV. Jun 30, 2022 899
Interior ministry reassures measures in place after HIV highlighted at Pournara. Nick Theodoulou Jun 29, 2022 437
Interior ministry reassures measures in place after HIV highlighted at Pournara. Jun 29, 2022 426
RuPaul's Drag Race star Charity Kase opens up about living with HIV; Harry Whitfield, better known by his stage name Charity Kase, has spoken out about what it's like to live with HIV and the misconceptions that many people have. By, John Bett Jun 28, 2022 1302
Mass testing: Taraba confirms 77 persons HIV positive. Jun 28, 2022 212
Expecting mothers urged to go for HIV testing. Jun 28, 2022 370
77 Confirmed HIV Positive In Taraba Mass Test. Jun 27, 2022 218
"I was given six months to live with HIV in 1982 -40 years later I'm still here"; Jonathan Blake was one of the first people in the UK to be diagnosed with HIV back in 1982. He's set to feature in a BBC documentary series starting tonight exploring the 'forgotten epidemic'. By, Dave Burke Jun 27, 2022 1042
UK: HIV+ Zim man (21) who died of HIV was neglected by healthcare staff; prison failed to give him medication, refer him to hospital. Jun 27, 2022 1136
77 Confirmed HIV Positive In Taraba Mass Test. Jun 27, 2022 218
Taraba confirms 77 new HIV cases. Jun 27, 2022 208
HIV Testing - Here's What You Need To Know. Jun 27, 2022 389
Judge to hear claims gay RAF chef was tortured after asking for HIV test; He claims it was the beginning of a brutal campaign of abuse and humiliation at the hands of the RAF's Special Investigations Branch. By, Nigel Nelson Jun 25, 2022 779
New HIV infections among children, youth alarm experts. Jun 24, 2022 663
HIV fight to benefit from raised age of consent. Jun 24, 2022 474
Investigational Lenacapavir Receives Positive CHMP Opinion for People with Multi-Drug Resistant HIV. Jun 24, 2022 221
Guanzon eager to file priority bills; says Pinoys with HIV-AIDS should get PWD card. Jun 24, 2022 259
HIV Testing Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic--United States, 2019-2020. DiNenno, Elizabeth A.; Delaney, Kevin P.; Pitasi, Marc A.; MacGowan, Robin; Miles, Gillian; Dailey, Jun 24, 2022 3142
We need the dapivirine ring for HIV prevention, say women. Jun 23, 2022 491
Ailing elderly woman struggles to care for grandchildren living with HIV. Jun 22, 2022 590
Children living with HIV deserve a good education. Jun 21, 2022 504
A positive move; Navy hero wins his fight to end ban on serving abroad with HIV. MATT ROPER Jun 21, 2022 475
Navy hero with HIV told he was unfit to serve abroad WINS fight and changes the law; Lieutenant Commander Oli Brown, 30, who is HIV positive, pushed for the policy change after being told he would be medically downgraded, even though he was taking suppressive treatment and has no detectable virus. By, Matt Roper Jun 20, 2022 475
UK's CAA takes major step to change medical rules for pilots with HIV. Jun 20, 2022 947
Can I Marry A Hiv Positive Man? Jun 18, 2022 156
Lusaka records highest HIV infections. Jun 17, 2022 153
Bulilima: Inside Zimbabwe's HIV hotspot. Jun 16, 2022 1186
Popular and dedicated singer Samba Peuzzi calls for ending HIV infections among children. Jun 16, 2022 573
Portrait honours first to die with HIV in the UK. BRONWEN WEATHERBY Press Association reporter Jun 16, 2022 566
7 institutions recognized by U.S. government for HIV treatment efforts. Jun 15, 2022 296
US Has Contributed $6bn Towards Tackling HIV in Nigeria, Says Ambassador. Jun 15, 2022 476
Drive on to eliminate HIV. CATHY OWEN Reporter Jun 15, 2022 465
Vision to stop new HIV cases by 2030. Jun 15, 2022 297
Lessons in schools and better access to condoms planned to cut cases of HIV in Wales; The aim by the Welsh Government is also to tackle stigma around HIV. By, Cathy Owen Jun 14, 2022 549

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