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HIV outbreak of Ratodero, Pakistan requires urgent concrete measures to avoid future outbreaks. Mubarak, Naeem; Hussain, Irshad; Raja, Sarwat Ali; Khan, Tahir Mehmood; Zin, Che Suraya Report Aug 14, 2020 757
Emerging threat of HIV/AIDS in children in Pakistan. Mehnaz, Aisha Report Aug 14, 2020 1802
Why do HIV vaccine trials keep failing? Aug 11, 2020 807
Pandemic affects HIV self testing roll-out plan. Aug 10, 2020 703
Mainstream HIV in national programmes. Aug 10, 2020 604
CytoDyn seeks UK approval for its flagship drug leronlimab for HIV and coronavirus. Aug 8, 2020 515
Assessment of cell free mitochondrial DNA as a biomarker of disease severity in different viral infections. Zain Ali, Shahid Waseem, Riffat Aysha Anis and Mariam Anees Aug 8, 2020 3846
HIV cases down by 68% during coronavirus pandemic. Aug 5, 2020 194
Man, 48, arrested over infecting five minors with HIV /Aids. Aug 1, 2020 258
Vaginal ring: New PrEP option to support women's fight against HIV. Jul 26, 2020 598
Virus poses challenge to HIV testing services - Mwangangi. Jul 24, 2020 421
11080 AIDS patients in the province 160 HIV-free children born in Punjab: PA told. Jul 24, 2020 440
UNAIDS says new HIV infections and deaths on the rise in Pakistan. Jul 23, 2020 557
Expert Says Jammeh's HIV and AIDS Cure Claim Was False. Jul 23, 2020 1075
PEPFAR Invest $85 billion in HIV and AIDS Prevention. Jul 23, 2020 668
Dr. Mbowe's Assurance Convinced Witness to Join Jammeh's HIV ATP. Jul 22, 2020 1074
Global Fund: Nigeria to spend $890 in HIV, TB, Malaria in 3 years. Jul 21, 2020 717
Kenyans rush for anti-HIV pills during lockdown, says Nascop. Jul 20, 2020 602
Kenya misses 2020 HIV targets, narrowly. Jul 17, 2020 561
Supply of essential medicines against HIV stable - DOH. Jul 16, 2020 226
COVID-19: Network appeals for more test kits to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission. Jul 15, 2020 423
CytoDyn says FDA seeks more information to complete a review for leronlimab as a combination therapy for HIV patients. Jul 14, 2020 662
Global HIV Targets Set for 2020 Will Not Be Reached- UNAIDS Report. Report Jul 14, 2020 712
Kenya to drop HIV drug in Covid-19 treatment. Jul 13, 2020 571
Indonesian woman with HIV denies media reports of 4 Taiwanese boyfriends. Jul 13, 2020 467
HIV Spike. Jul 12, 2020 330
DOST analysis finds malaria, HIV drugs not recommended as treatment for COVID-19. Jul 11, 2020 308
Cambodia achieves 90-90-90 HIV treatment targets. Jul 10, 2020 498
New treatment for HIV in infants supported by WHO. Jul 9, 2020 269
CytoDyn says leronlimab prevents transmission of simian HIV in pre-clinical study on macaques. Clinical report Jul 9, 2020 441
Access to HIV drugs disrupted by COVID-19- WHO. Jul 8, 2020 576
HIV patient 'first in remission' without transplant. Jul 8, 2020 484
Free, quick and easy way to get tested for HIV. Jul 8, 2020 306
DOH: No shortage of HIV drugs in PH; stocks enough until next year. Jul 7, 2020 267
Gilead Sciences Ongoing HIV Treatment Study "Generally Well Tolerated". Jul 6, 2020 352
New Analyses Showing Additional Safety and Efficacy Data for Investigational Islatravir in Combination with Doravirine in Adults with HIV-1 Infection, US Merck Says. Jul 6, 2020 175
WHO halts hydroxychloroquine, HIV drugs in COVID-19 trials. Jul 6, 2020 548
HIV, malarial drugs taken off list of probable medicines for COVID-19 -- DOH. Jul 5, 2020 391
WHO halts malaria, HIV drugs in COVID trials. Jul 5, 2020 769
DOH to stop administering anti-HIV drugs lopinavir, ritonavir in COVID-19 treatment trials. Jul 5, 2020 294
34 new HIV cases detected in six months. Jul 4, 2020 715
Risk of Covid-19 death minimal in HIV patients - Ministry. Jul 2, 2020 629
The Effect of Theory-Based HIV/AIDS Educational Program on Preventive Behaviors Among Female Adolescents in Tehran: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Farahani, Farideh Khalajabadi; Darabi, Fatemeh; Yaseri, Mehdi Jul 1, 2020 7237
Results from the first audit of an intensive care unit in Botswana. Milan, A.O.; Cox, M.; Molebatsi, K. Jul 1, 2020 4589
Evaluation of TB/HIV Collaborative Activities: The Case of South Tongu District, Ghana. Avoka, Vasco Ayere; Osei, Eric Jun 30, 2020 4603
Preconception Care Uptake and Immediate Outcomes among Discordant Couples Accessing Routine HIV Care in Kenya. Gitahi, Nyawira; Eshiwani, Sheila Juliet; Mutai, Kenneth; Mecha, Jared Ongechi; Kiarie, James Njogu Jun 30, 2020 3688
Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis: An Unusual Presentation of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection. Martinez-Ayala, Pedro; Valle-Murillo, Miguel Angel; Chavez-Barba, Oscar; Cabrera-Silva, Rodolfo I.; Jun 30, 2020 2624
Determinants of Active Tuberculosis Occurrences after ART Initiation among Adult HIV-Positive Clients in West Showa Zone Public Hospitals, Ethiopia: A Case-Control Study. Nugus, Gerbaba Guta; Irena, Mergitu Eliyas Report Jun 30, 2020 6501
Pernicious Anemia and Vitiligo in an HIV Patient: An Unfamiliar Case Presentation. Mutengo, Katongo; Mupeta, Francis; Ngalamika, Owen Jun 30, 2020 3063
A Rare Case of Splenic Pneumocystis jirovecii in a HIV-Positive Patient. Abbas, Hafsa; Patel, Harish; Baiomi, Ahmed; Niazi, Masooma; Vakde, Trupti; Chilimuri, Sridhar Jun 30, 2020 2896
HIV patients in Jomvu skip medication for lack of food. Jun 28, 2020 503
Man handed 10 years for defiling, infecting 8-year-old girl with HIV. Jun 27, 2020 234
Preventive treatment for people at high risk of HIV infection the most effective solution. Jun 26, 2020 819
HIV Testing Trends at Visits to Physician Offices, Community Health Centers, and Emergency Departments--United States, 2009-2017. Hoover, Karen W.; Huang, Ya-Lin A.; Tanner, Mary L.; Zhu, Weiming; Gathua, Naomie W.; Pitasi, Marc A Jun 26, 2020 3607
Gareth Thomas admits raising HIV awareness surpasses his rugby achievements; Gareth Thomas enjoyed a hugely success career as a player but is proudest of his achievements since retiring as he continues to raise awareness around HIV. By, Alex Spink Jun 24, 2020 490
Deaths from HIV, TB, Malaria may surpass deaths from COVID-19, says Global Fund. Jun 23, 2020 673
India: 57 minor girls at a children's shelter home found COVID-19 positive, five are pregnant and one HIV positive. Evangeline Elsa, Deputy Social Media Editor Jun 22, 2020 674
India: 57 girls at a children's shelter home found COVID-19 positive, five are pregnant and one HIV positive. Evangeline Elsa, Deputy Social Media Editor Jun 22, 2020 673
HIV, drugs and the sex trade in Edinburgh.. JANE HAMILTON Jun 20, 2020 478
The FDA approves Tivicay and Tivicay PD drug to treat infants and children with HIV. Jun 15, 2020 212
The FDA approves Tivicay and Tivicay PD drug to treat infants and children with HIV. Jun 15, 2020 216
Cops to stop branding HIV people as 'contagious'. PAUL HUTCHEON Jun 12, 2020 202
Kemsa gets Sh20m hygiene packs to support HIV patients. Jun 11, 2020 521
Half of all street girls have HIV, census shows. Jun 11, 2020 642
Mum who had terrifying rashes for months told she was one of first Brits to get Covid-19; Sarah Churchill, from Bournemouth, Dorset, was told by doctors that she may have blood cancer or even HIV after medical tests were inconclusive, leaving her fearing for the future of her nine-year-old son. By, Neil Murphy & Ralph Blackburn Jun 11, 2020 694
COVID-19 threat to fight against HIV, TB, Malaria, says The Global Fund. Jun 7, 2020 477
COVID-19 threat to fight against HIV, TB, Malaria, say The Global Fund. Jun 7, 2020 477
Sex workers abandoned as Covid-19 crackdowns undo Africa's HIV efforts. Jun 7, 2020 1181
CytoDyn asks regulator to review its application to license leronlimab for HIV treatment under priority designation. Jun 2, 2020 436
Free ride by stranger ends in rape, HIV infection. Jun 2, 2020 414
HIV burden makes Homa Bay vulnerable to Covid-19, says MP. Jun 1, 2020 465
Lockdown worsens plight of HIV, tuberculosis patients. Jun 1, 2020 1078
Codiak BioSciences Collaborates with Ragon Institute to Evaluate the exoVACC Vaccine Platform in SARS-CoV-2 and HIV. Jun 1, 2020 565
Basic fibroblast growth factors as a biomarker of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis in HIV-positive and HIV-negative children. Gumede, N.Z.; Naicker, T.; Bhimma, R. Jun 1, 2020 3022
Neutrophilic eccrine hidradenitis attributed to HIV treatment. Jancin, Bruce Jun 1, 2020 370
Immunologic and Clinical Failure of Antiretroviral Therapy in People Living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus within Two Years of Treatment. Asgedom, Solomon Weldegebreal; Maru, Mahlet; Berihun, Beletu; Gidey, Kidu; Niriayo, Yirga Legesse; A Clinical report May 31, 2020 5251
Abnormal Levels of Liver Enzymes and Hepatotoxicity in HIV-Positive, TB, and HIV/TB-Coinfected Patients on Treatment in Fako Division, Southwest Region of Cameroon. Enoh, Jude Eteneneng; Cho, Frederick Nchang; Manfo, Faustin Pascal; Ako, Simon Eyongabane; Akum, Eri Clinical report May 31, 2020 6742
Malaria Parasite Density as a Predictor of Hematological Parameter Changes among HIV Infected Adults Attending Two Antiretroviral Treatment Clinics in Kano, Northwest Nigeria. Jegede, Feyisayo E.; Oyeyi, Tinuade I.; Abdulrahman, Surajudeen A.; Mbah, Henry A. May 31, 2020 7200
Prediction of CD4 T-Lymphocyte Count Using WHO Clinical Staging among ART-Naive HIV-Infected Adolescents and Adults in Northern Ethiopia: A Retrospective Study. Aregay, Abraham Desta; Kidane, Kibriti Mehari; Aregay, Asfawosen Berhe; Fenta, Kiros Ajemu; Woldegeb Report May 31, 2020 4696
Viral Load Suppression after Enhanced Adherence Counseling and Its Predictors among High Viral Load HIV Seropositive People in North Wollo Zone Public Hospitals, Northeast Ethiopia, 2019: Retrospective Cohort Study. Diress, Gedefaw; Dagne, Samuel; Alemnew, Birhan; Adane, Seteamlak; Addisu, Amanuel Report May 31, 2020 6134
Reducing Undernutrition through Counseling on Diversified Food Intake among Adult People Living with HIV on HAART, Northern Ethiopia. Tedla, Weldegebrial Hayelom; Aregay, Alemseged; Gebremariam, Kidanu; Abrha, Mulugeta Woldu; Weldeare May 31, 2020 6861
Enriched LPS Staining within the Germinal Center of a Lymph Node from an HIV-Infected Long-Term Nonprogressor but Not from Progressors. Huang, Lei; Deng, Jianning; Lang, Ren; Liao, Guoyang; Jiang, Wei May 31, 2020 2487
Biological Aging and Immune Senescence in Children with Perinatally Acquired HIV. Dalzini, Annalisa; Petrara, Maria Raffaella; Ballin, Giovanni; Zanchetta, Marisa; Giaquinto, Carlo; May 31, 2020 12644
HIV Screening During Pregnancy in a U.S. HIV Epicenter. Szlachta-McGinn, Alec; Aserlind, Alexandra; Duthely, Lunthita; Oldak, Sean; Babriwala, Ruchi; Montgo May 31, 2020 4571
Molecular Identification of HIV-1 in the Presence of Hepatitis B Virus and Hepatitis C Virus Co-infections. Sayan, Murat; Ozguler, Muge; Yildirim, Figen Sarigul; Yildirmak, Taner; Gunduz, Alper; Dokuzoguz, Ba May 28, 2020 5136
Compassionate HIV crusader Heather dies; Charity founder cared for addicts. SARAH WARD Obituary May 27, 2020 349
New HIV Test Kit To Revolutionise Medical Diagnosis. May 25, 2020 607
New injectable drug prevents HIV infections, study reveals. May 22, 2020 822
Dettol and JIK Partner With UNAIDS To Assist People Living With HIV Across Africa. May 21, 2020 443
NGOs protest move to deprive them of HIV funds. May 20, 2020 609
GlaxoSmithKline posts positive interim study on HIV prevention drug. May 19, 2020 258
TOP NEWS: Glaxo Reports Positive Results From Viiv's HIV Drug Study. May 18, 2020 254
COVID-19, like HIV, may never go away -- WHO. May 17, 2020 538
Ministry gets Sh150m HIV drugs from India. May 17, 2020 435
PH Red Cross reiterates need for COVID-19 testing as it could be endemic, just like HIV. May 15, 2020 420
Survival and HIV-Free Survival Among Children Aged [less than or equal to]3 Years--Eight Sub-Saharan African Countries, 2015-2017. Jonnalagadda, Sasi; Yuengling, Katharine; Abrams, Elaine; Stupp, Paul; Voetsch, Andrew; Patel, Monit May 15, 2020 4635
CytoDyn wraps up Biologics License Application for leronlimab as combination HIV therapy. May 14, 2020 323
Enochian Biosciences presents abstracts on potential HIV, HBV cures. May 13, 2020 308
Covid-19 interruptions may increase mother-to-child HIV infections. May 13, 2020 771
Government should stay on track on HIV-Aids fight amid Covid-19. May 12, 2020 404
Coronavirus lockdowns could spark rise in HIV infections, experts warn. May 12, 2020 753
People with HIV face food shortage, ask for government help. May 11, 2020 409
Covid-19 fears, flooding hamper HIV-Aids treatment. May 10, 2020 453
Read HIV book to better mobilise for Covid-19 mass testing. May 7, 2020 452
Let us fight stigma in Covid-19 but also continue battle on HIV. May 6, 2020 732
Criminalisation of transmission of SARS-CoV-2: A potential challenge to controlling the outbreak in South Africa. Karim, S. Abdool May 5, 2020 3345
Possible Transmission Mechanisms of Mixed Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection in High HIV Prevalence Country, Botswana. Baik, Yeonsoo; Modongo, Chawangwa; Moonan, Patrick K.; Click, Eleanor S.; Tobias, James L.; Boyd, Ro May 1, 2020 4085
Trends in Mortality From Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection, 1984-2016: An Autopsy-Based Study. Nizami, Sobia; Morales, Cameron; Hu, Kelly; Holzman, Robert; Rapkiewicz, Amy Clinical report May 1, 2020 4717
Psychiatric Disorders after Switching to Dolutegravir: A Case Report of a 59-Year-Old Virosuppressed HIV-1 Positive Woman. Mengato, Daniele; Binazzi, Raffaella; Unterholzner, Ivan; Erne, Elke M.; Tavella, Alicia Apr 30, 2020 1142
Ti[O.sub.2] Nanoparticles Decorated Graphene Nanoribbons for Voltammetric Determination of an Anti-HIV Drug Nevirapine. Apath, Daniel; Moyo, Mambo; Shumba, Munyaradzi Apr 30, 2020 7099
HIV-1 Drug Resistance, Distribution of Subtypes, and Drug Resistance-Associated Mutations in Virologic Failure Individuals in Chengdu, Southwest China, 2014-2016. Chen, Jiayi; Liu, Yang; Liu, Sijing; Yuan, Dan; Su, Ling; Ye, Li; Gong, Fanghong; Gao, Yushuang; Bal Apr 30, 2020 5768
Numerical Solution of Fractional-Order HIV Model Using Homotopy Method. Aljhani, Sami; Noorani, Mohd Salmi Md; Alomari, A.K. Apr 30, 2020 5382
Epidemic, Endemic, or Stewart-Bluefarb? When Several Forms of Kaposi Seem to Dispute Paternity. Adegbidi, Hugues; Degboe, Berenice; Akpadjan, Fabrice; Agbessi-Mekoun, Nadege; Koudoukpo, Christiane Apr 30, 2020 2143
Critical Care Admission of an HIV Patient with Diabetic Ketoacidosis Secondary to Pembrolizumab. Cuenca, John A.; Laserna, Andres; Reyes, Maria P.; Nates, Joseph L.; Botz, Gregory H. Apr 30, 2020 2059
Pulmonary Malakoplakia by Rhodococcus equi in an HIV-Infected Patient in Mexico: A Case Report. Ahumada, Victor H.; Ortiz-Monasterio, Ivan; Hernandez, Jose L.; Peralta, Amy B. Apr 30, 2020 3130
Movement disorder in a patient with Human Immunodeficiency Virus on an anti-retroviral therapy: A Case Report. Azmi, Maliha; Baber, Zaheer Uddin; Badlani, Sanjay; Dodani, Sunil Kumar; Nasim, Asma; Sheerani, Mugh Clinical report Apr 30, 2020 1573
COVID-19 origin: Virus shrouded in mystery, here's why. Jay Hilotin, Assistant Editor Apr 29, 2020 4642
Outbreak of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection Among Persons Who Inject Drugs--Cabell County, West Virginia, 2018-2019. Atkins, Amy; McClung, R. Paul; Kilkenny, Michael; Bernstein, Kyle; Willenburg, Kara; Edwards, Anita; Apr 24, 2020 1071
Coronavirus Could Attack Immune System like HIV by Targeting Protective Cells. Apr 17, 2020 286
Advocates continue to serve people with HIV in Bicol amid COVID-19. Apr 17, 2020 345
HIV viral load tests halted to focus on coronavirus. Apr 10, 2020 566
Update to U.S. Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use, 2016: Updated Recommendations for the Use of Contraception Among Women at High Risk for HIV Infection. Tepper, Naomi K.; Curtis, Kathryn M.; Cox, Shanna; Whiteman, Maura K. Apr 10, 2020 4536
RITM stops HIV tests for COVID-19. Apr 9, 2020 233
South Africa's TB, HIV history prepares it for virus testing. ANDREW MELDRUM Associated Press Apr 7, 2020 874
RITM halts HIV drug resistance, viral load testing to focus on COVID-19. Apr 6, 2020 263
Cardiovascular Manifestations of HIV Infection--A Review. Nath, Kshitiz; Singh, Lakhan Apr 6, 2020 4672
How Mwana a'Nzeki held to anti-condom stance in HIV pandemic. Apr 3, 2020 1090
Muslim World's Heartless Indifference To The Plight Of Millions Of Muslims Infected And dying Of Hiv-Aids. Apr 3, 2020 495
Antiretroviral Therapy and Viral Suppression Among Active Duty Service Members with Incident HIV Infection--United States, January 2012-June 2018. Stahlman, Shauna; Hakre, Shilpa; Scott, Paul T.; Agan, Brian K.; Shell, Donald; Gleeson, Todd; Blayl Apr 3, 2020 3906
Store robber threatened to infect staff with HIV. Apr 2, 2020 296
STIs are diagnosed without coincident HIV tests too often. Franki, Lucas Apr 1, 2020 483
Decreased Susceptibility to Azithromycin in Clinical Shigella Isolates Associated with HIV and Sexually Transmitted Bacterial Diseases, Minnesota, USA, 2012-2015. Eikmeier, Dana; Talley, Pamela; Bowen, Anna; Leano, Fe; Dobbins, Ginette; Jawahir, Selina; Gross, An Apr 1, 2020 6256
Confirmatory Test Results in Patients With a Reactive Anti-HIV Test Result: Four-Year Data/ Anti-HIV Testi Sonucu Reaktif Olan Hastalarda Dogrulama Testi Sonuclari: Dort Yillik Verilerimiz. Varisli, Ayse Nuriye; Demir, Tulin; Tekin, Suda Apr 1, 2020 2794
HIV/AIDS Cohort Evaluation of a Single Center in the Context of "90-90-90" Targets/ "90-90-90" Hedefleri Baglaminda Tek Merkez HIV/AIDS Kohortu Degerlendirmesi. Bilek, Heval Can; Deveci, Aydin; Aksakal-Tanyel, Esra Apr 1, 2020 2211
Paradigm shifts in sexual health: Quantitative analysis of story and fact-based health education interventions. Kteily-Hawa, Roula; Hari, Shriya; Soor, Jaspreet Kaur; Wong, Josephine Pui-Hing; Chikermane, Vijaya; Apr 1, 2020 8800
Multi level barriers to reaching HIV testing among young heterosexual African migrants from HIV-endemic countries in Ottawa. Ngobi, John Baptist; Pottie, Kevin; Leonard, Lynne; Tugwell, Peter; Hoffman, Steven; Welch, Vivian Apr 1, 2020 12167
Risk, pleasure, intimacy, and seroadaptation: Examining correlates of barebacker identity in the age of biomedical HIV treatment and prevention. Marcus, Natania; Gillis, Joseph Roy Apr 1, 2020 9542
HIV-Related Stigma Among Healthcare Providers in Different Healthcare Settings: A Cross-Sectional Study in Kerman, Iran. Tavakoli, Fatemeh; Karamouzian, Mohammad; Rafiei-Rad, Ali Ahmad; Iranpour, Abedin; Farrokhnia, Mehrd Apr 1, 2020 5811
HHS awards $117 million to end HIV epidemic in the U.S. Apr 1, 2020 377
Tanshinone IIA Alleviates CCL2-Induced Leaning memory and Cognition Impairment in Rats: A Potential Therapeutic Approach for HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorder. Liao, Yuan-jun; Chen, Jian-min; Long, Jiang-yi; Zhou, Yi-jun; Liang, Bing- yu; Zhou, Yan Mar 31, 2020 8474
Time to Development of Anemia and Predictors among HIV-infected Patients Initiating ART at Felege Hiwot Referral Hospital, Northwest Ethiopia: A Retrospective Follow-Up Study. Manaye, Yibekal; Asrat, Anemaw; Mengesha, Endalkachew Worku Report Mar 31, 2020 4209
HIV Prevalence and Factors Influencing the Uptake of Voluntary HIV Counseling and Testing among Older Clients of Female Sex Workers in Liuzhou and Fuyang Cities, China, 2016-2017: A Cross-Sectional Study. Zhang, Qi; Fu, Yuan-Sheng; Liu, Xue-Mei; Ding, Zhi-Qiang; Li, Ming-Qiang; Fan, Yin-Guang Mar 31, 2020 6290
Assessment of Bronchiectasis in HIV Patients among an Urban Population. Dronamraju, Veena; Singh, Navneet; Poon, Justin; Shah, Sachi; Gorga, Joseph; Ojeda-Martinez, Hector; Mar 31, 2020 4767
Determinants of Anemia among HIV-Positive Children on Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy Attending Hospitals of North Wollo Zone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia, 2019: A Case-Control Study. Beletew, Biruk; Mengesha, Ayelign; Ahmed, Mohammed; Fitwi, Awet; Wudu, Mesfin Report Mar 31, 2020 7165
Trends and Adaptive Optimal Set Points of [CD4.sup.+] Count Clinical Covariates at Each Phase of the HIV Disease Progression. Tinarwo, Partson; Zewotir, Temesgen; North, Delia Mar 31, 2020 9916
Viral Suppression and Its Associated Factors in HIV Patients on Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART): A Retrospective Study in the Ho Municipality, Ghana. Lokpo, Sylvester Yao; Ofori-Attah, Patrick Jnr; Ameke, Louis Selassie; Obirikorang, Christian; Orish Report Mar 31, 2020 4701
Pulmonary Toxoplasmosis Diagnosed on Transbronchial Lung Biopsy in a Mechanically Ventilated Patient. Garg, Delyse; Madan, Nikhil; Qaqish, Omar; Nagarakanti, Sandhya; Patel, Vipul Mar 31, 2020 3386
Liberation from Dialysis Dependence in a Patient with HIV-Associated Nephropathy (HIVAN) after Combined Antiretroviral Therapy (cART). Ramoutar, Virin; Makary, Raafat; Ravi, Malleswari; James, Leighton; Heilig, Charles Mar 31, 2020 2708
Trinity Biotech decides to discontinue USA HIV product. Mar 31, 2020 165
Urdu translation and adaptation of the HIV stigma scale in Pakistani injectable drug users with HIV. Bint-e-Saif, Saima; Shahzad, Salman Report Mar 31, 2020 3443
Lockdown puts people with HIV in worse dilemma. Mar 30, 2020 248
COVID-19: NACA Charges HIV Patients To Follow Directives Of Experts. Mar 30, 2020 242
NAC urges HIV victims to adhere to treatment. Mar 25, 2020 321
Coronavirus: 'Disappointing' study suggests HIV treatments aren't effective against bug; While early studies suggested that HIV treatments could be effective against COVID-19, a new study suggests that this isn't the case after all. By, Shivali Best Mar 23, 2020 276
Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites in HIV Seropositive Patients Attending an Integrated Counselling and Testing Centre. Chhangte, Martha Zothansangi; Koticha, Avani; Ingole, Nayana; Mehta, Preeti Clinical report Mar 23, 2020 3540
Corey. Marshall, Greg Essay Mar 22, 2020 12452
Robber threatened shop workers with a 'HIV' in syringe; JAIL FOR DRUG ADDICT WHO TERRORISED STAFF. ZOE CHAMBERLAIN News Reporter Mar 21, 2020 309
Global Epidemiology of Tuberculosis and Progress Toward Meeting Global Targets--Worldwide, 2018. MacNeil, Adam; Glaziou, Philippe; Sismanidis, Charalambos; Date, Anand; Maloney, Susan; Floyd, Kathe Mar 20, 2020 2233
Looking back through time: The evolution of HIV control. Mar 20, 2020 1392
Advocacy group appeals to gov't: Support 'continued, uninterrupted' access to HIV drugs. Mar 20, 2020 378
HIV patients won't get favours over coronavirus, MoH says. Mar 19, 2020 496
HIV prevalance rate not going down. Mar 17, 2020 397
HIV data breach victim seeks help over treatment; NHS: Government urged to intervene on funding. CHRIS MACLENNAN Mar 17, 2020 324
Let's not fall behind on ending HIV, TB. Mar 16, 2020 785
DRUG TO STOP HIV ON NHS; Plan to eliminate infections by 2030. HELEN WILLIAMS Mar 16, 2020 258
DRUG TO STOP HIV ON NHS; Plan to eliminate infections by 2030. HELEN WILLIAMS Mar 16, 2020 256
Youth most vulnerable to HIV. Mar 15, 2020 374
Living in city streets with HIV and TB, and no medication. Mar 14, 2020 1779
Investigation of Presumptive HIV Transmission Associated with Hospitalization Using Nucleotide Sequence Analysis--New York, 2017. Anderson, Bridget J.; Clement, Ernest; Collura, Randall; Gallucci, Abigail; Westheimer, Emily; Braun Mar 13, 2020 2336
Gilead Presents 96-week DISCOVER Trial Data Demonstrating Favourable Renal and Bone Safety Profile of Descovy for HIV PrEP in At-Risk Populations. Mar 12, 2020 1019
Gilead HIV investigational HIV-1 capsid inhibitor GS-6207 presents results. Mar 11, 2020 193
BRITISH CHEF CURED OF HIV; 'London Patient' only second in the world to beat the condition. MARTIN BAGOT Health Editor Mar 11, 2020 386
HIV sufferer is second to be virus-free. MARTIN BAGOG Mar 11, 2020 163
GlaxoSmithKline Notes Positive HIV Study Results, Partnership Renewal. Mar 10, 2020 554
Climate activist, HIV-Aids warrior and anti-human smuggling advocate share their stories. Mar 8, 2020 2092
HIV CHARITY CHIEF BACKS MOBILE DRUG USE ROOMS; expert's action call Stand-off a 'damning indictment' of Tories. PAUL HUTCHEON Political Editor Mar 7, 2020 449
New injectable HIV treatment to kick off next year- officials. Mar 3, 2020 704
North East District introduces moonlight HIV testing. Mar 3, 2020 380
Worrying that Luo Nyanza tops HIV list 2 decades on. Mar 3, 2020 717
Non-citizens to receive HIV treatment free of charge. Mar 2, 2020 388
Anal squamous cell carcinoma in KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa, with special reference to the influence of HIV infection on clinical presentation and management outcome. Zuma, N.P.; Ngidi, S.; Madiba, T.E. Mar 1, 2020 4433
HIV Modes of Transmission in Sudan in 2014. Nasirian, Maryam; Kianersi, Sina; Karamouzian, Mohammad; Sidahmed, Mohammed; Baneshi, Mohammad Reza; Mar 1, 2020 6170
Horrified mum 'stabbed with semen syringe' feared she had been given HIV or rat poison; Katie Peters said she was returning her shopping cart when the attack took place. As she got in her car, she started to feel a burning sensation and found she had a puncture wound. By, Chiara Fiorillo Mar 1, 2020 499
Chronic Diseases Multimorbidity among Adult People Living with HIV at Hawassa University Comprehensive Specialized Hospital, Southern Ethiopia. Woldesemayat, Endrias Markos Mar 1, 2020 5964
Frequently Relapsing Anterior Nodular Scleritis as the Initial Presentation of a Lethal Systemic Infection: Disseminated Tuberculosis with HIV Coinfection. Kariyawasam, A.G.T.A.; Fonseka, C.L.; De Silva, P.U.T.; Sanjeewa, A.D.S.S.; Wijewickrama, D.N.; Hera Mar 1, 2020 2509
Successful Kidney Transplantation in a Recipient Coinfected with Hepatitis C Genotype 2 and HIV from a Donor Infected with Hepatitis C Genotype 1 in the Direct-Acting Antiviral Era. Farmakiotis, Dimitrios; Weiss, Zoe; Brotherton, Amy L.; Morrissey, Paul; Gohh, Reginald; Vieira, Ken Mar 1, 2020 3727
Follicular Bronchiolitis: Two Cases with Varying Clinical and Radiological Presentation. Garg, Delyse; Mody, Mohit; Pal, Chaitanya; Patel, Pratik; Migliore, Christina; Minerowicz, Christine Mar 1, 2020 2501
Thyroid Eye Disease due to Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome as a Consequence of Antiretroviral Therapy in the Setting of AIDS. Nallu, Ravali; Madhavan, Parvathy; Chirch, Lisa; Luthra, Pooja Mar 1, 2020 2238
Prevalence of asymptomatic malaria in HIV-infected subjects on cotrimoxazole antimalarial prophylaxis attending a tertiary health care center in southern Nigeria: a cross-sectional study. Ekere, Ekerette Friday; Mirabeau, Tatfeng Youtchou; Okoroiwu, Henshaw Uchechi Report Mar 1, 2020 3769
Sociodemographic and Behavioral Factors Associated with HIV Vulnerability according to Sexual Orientation. Serra, Maria Aparecida A.O.; Milhomem, Antoninho B.; Oliveira, Samae B.; Santos, Francisca Aline A.S Mar 1, 2020 5393
Testing Positive and Disclosing in Pregnancy: A Phenomenological Study of the Experiences of Adolescents and Young Women in Maseru, Lesotho. Madiba, Sphiwe; Putsoane, Mamorapeli Report Mar 1, 2020 6413
Does Isoniazid Preventive Therapy Provide Better Treatment Outcomes in HIV-Infected Individuals in Northern Ethiopia? A Retrospective Cohort Study. Atey, Tesfay Mehari; Bitew, Helen; Asgedom, Solomon Weldegebreal; Endrias, Asrat; Berhe, Derbew Fika Report Mar 1, 2020 6789
Prevalence and Risk Factors of Cytopenia in HIV-Infected Patients before and after the Initiation of HAART. Fan, Lina; Li, Cuilin; Zhao, Hongxin Clinical report Mar 1, 2020 5866
Correlation of Blood Profile and C[D.sub.4] Count in AIDS Patients before and after HAART, Study in Western Maharashtra. Patil, Sunita S.; Patil, Vaishali S. Report Mar 1, 2020 2359
Profile of drug--drug interactions and impact on the effectiveness of antiretroviral therapy among patients living with HIV followed at an Infectious Diseases Referral Center in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Pontelo, Betania Maira; Greco, Dirceu Bartolomeu; Guimaraes, Nathalia Sernizon; Rotsen, Nina; Braga, Mar 1, 2020 4282
Nicotinamide activates latent HIV-1 ex vivo in ART suppressed individuals, revealing higher potency than the association of two methyltransferase inhibitors, chaetocin and BIX01294. Samer, Sadia; Arif, Muhammad Shoaib; Giron, Leila Bertoni; Zukurov, Jean Paulo Lopes; Hunter, James; Mar 1, 2020 7117
Expansion of HIV Preexposure Prophylaxis to 35 PEPFAR-Supported Early Program Adopters, October 2016-September 2018. Djomand, Gaston; Bingham, Trista; Benech, Irene; Muthui, Mercy; Savva, Helen; Alamo, Stella; Manopai Feb 28, 2020 3070
Governor Awiti intensifies fight against new HIV infections. Feb 28, 2020 261
Men more likely to transmit HIV than women, report finds. Feb 27, 2020 834
Cultural inequalities towards women expose them to HIV infection. Feb 27, 2020 346
We shouldn't become complacent about HIV. Feb 26, 2020 261
Busia records highest HIV-Aids prevalence in Western. Feb 24, 2020 436
Seroprevalence of Transfusion Transmitted Infections among Blood Donors Attending a Tertiary Care Hospital of Western Odisha. Mukherjee, Shuvankar; Agarwal, Santosh Kumar; Tiwari, Shreekant Feb 24, 2020 3870
HIV lie doc 'backed by top medic'. Jason Evans and Alan Selby EXCLUSIVE Feb 23, 2020 170
Anger at top doc's plea for medic jailed in HIV blood scandal; HAEMOPHILIA EXPERT SET TO FACE PROBE; Victims' families hit out. Jason Evans and Alan Selby Feb 23, 2020 491
Anger at top doc's plea for medic jailed in HIV blood scandal; HAEMOPHILIA EXPERT SET TO FACE PROBE Victims' families hit out. Jason Evans and Alan Selby Feb 23, 2020 491
HIV prevalence more than four times higher among uncircumcised men - report. Feb 22, 2020 372
Sustain fight against HIV. Feb 22, 2020 397
Outrage as leading medic supports HIV doctor after infecting 1,000 people; EXCLUSIVE: Dr Christopher Ludlam said Dr Jean-Pierre Allain should keep his job -despite 1,243 people being infected with HIV through his Factor VIII blood product in the 1980s. By, Jason Evans & Alan Selby Feb 22, 2020 186
What next for ageing HIV population? Feb 21, 2020 1349
Seven HIV treatment centres planned. Feb 21, 2020 170
Campaign launched to combat spread of HIV. ADAM MAIDMENT @AdamMaidment Feb 20, 2020 305
Matinas BioPharma to start Part 2 study of MAT2203 to treat HIV patients with cryptococcal meningitis. Feb 20, 2020 726
Many Herbal Medicines Contaminated With HIV Medicine -Experts. Feb 20, 2020 814
Dearth Of HIV Test Kits, Malaria Medicine Not Acceptable -Oyo Govt. Feb 20, 2020 371
ARVs to thank for sharp decline in new HIV infections - study. Feb 20, 2020 608
10pc of HIV patients develop resistance against drugs: study. Ikram Junaidi Feb 19, 2020 601
'Rapid' HIV tests rollout in Scotland to tackle worst outbreak in decades. Feb 18, 2020 642
Rapid HIV tests to tackle outbreak; HEALTH. LUCINDA CAMERON Feb 18, 2020 186
How HIV play feeds Cherry Pie's soul. Feb 18, 2020 760
Greater Masaka to receive 6 million condoms to fight HIV. Feb 17, 2020 299
Child labour fuels spread of HIV in Turkana. Feb 17, 2020 285
Valentine's Day: Ensure You Know Your HIV Status, NACA DG Advises Youths. Feb 13, 2020 440
Were my children exposed to HIV? Feb 10, 2020 493
Burnout driving HIV counsellors to alcoholism and sex - Expert. Feb 10, 2020 221
Mailing free home HIV tests helps detect more infections. Lindsey Tanner Associated Press Medical Writer Feb 10, 2020 551
HIV infection among gays rises as many fear testing. Feb 9, 2020 1234
Minister calls for introduction of chip based cards for TB, HIV and Hepatitis patients. Feb 9, 2020 344
Rights groups strategize against HIV. Feb 9, 2020 1004
Novel coronavirus vaccine: 'Clinical trials' in 10 weeks, says HIV/Aids expert. Compiled by Jay B. Hilotin, Senior Web News Editor Feb 9, 2020 860
Another case of high HIV prevalence. Saleem Mubarak Feb 5, 2020 681
Pepfar to suspend funding cuts in HIV-Aids war budget for Kenya. Feb 4, 2020 744
Cocktail of flu, HIV drugs appears to help fight coronavirus: Thai doctors. Reuters News Service Feb 2, 2020 359
Kenyans unaware of safe condomless sex with HIV+ partner. Feb 2, 2020 614
GlaxoSmithKline target price upped by UBS due to HIV drug. Feb 1, 2020 319
HIV and breast cancer--a mammographie analysis: An observational study to identify the mammographic pattern of breast cancer in HIV-positive patients. Vanmali, A.; Buccimazza, I. Feb 1, 2020 3973
EVELYN HABASA: is the founder of Ride 4 a Woman, a not-for-profit organisation set up to support women living in Bwinidi, Uganda who are struggling with issues such as HIV, domestic violence and poverty. Habasa, Evelyn Feb 1, 2020 841
Diffuse advanced hepatocellular carcinoma after HCV eradication in an HIV-infected patient: A unique complete response to sorafenib. Nunes, Goncalo; Fonseca, Cristina; Patita, Marta; Aleixo, Maria Joao; Ramalho, Miguel; Fonseca, Jorg Feb 1, 2020 1491
Hispanic-Latino HIV Crisis Grows Worse. Feb 1, 2020 224
Diffuse advanced hepatocellular carcinoma after HCV eradication in an HIV-infected patient: A unique complete response to sorafenib. Nunes, Goncalo; Fonseca, Cristina; Patita, Marta; Aleixo, Maria Joao; Ramalho, Miguel; Fonseca, Jorg Letter to the editor Feb 1, 2020 1400
Chicago HIV cases continue dropping. Warnick, Aaron Feb 1, 2020 170
HIV Testing Outcomes Among Blacks or African Americans--50 Local U.S. Jurisdictions Accounting for the Majority of New HIV Diagnoses and Seven States with Disproportionate Occurrences of HIV in Rural Areas, 2017. Essuon, Aba D.; Zhao, Hui; Wang, Guoshen; Collins, Nicoline; Karch, Debra; Rao, Shubha Jan 31, 2020 4866
AIDS control initiative: 160 HIV-infected women give birth to normal babies. Asif Chaudhry Jan 31, 2020 642
I'm the 1st HIV positive First Date; Brave Shane, 26, drops health 'bombshell' on reality TV show. AILBHE DALY Jan 31, 2020 364
Young People Prefer Paying For HIV Test -Study. Jan 30, 2020 385
42,000 People Live With HIV In Oyo -NACA Boss. Jan 30, 2020 482
Cherry Pie Picache stars in PETA's HIV-themed play. Jan 30, 2020 813
CytoDyn to showcase leronlimab's HIV-prevention potential at Boston medical conference. Conference news Jan 28, 2020 458
Nairobi HIV mother-to-child transmission cases rise to 11.3 per cent. Jan 26, 2020 526
China developing novel coronavirus vaccine, patients given anti-HIV drugs. Web Report Jan 26, 2020 315
Carolina Researchers May Have Just Discovered Potential HIV Cure. Johnny Vatican Jan 24, 2020 606
Trends in HIV-2 Diagnoses and Use of the HIV-1/HIV-2 Differentiation Test--United States, 2010-2017. Peruski, Anne H.; Wesolowski, Laura G.; Delaney, Kevin P.; Chavez, Pollyanna R.; Owen, S. Michele; G Jan 24, 2020 3053
U.S. Government handover 16 Motorcycles to President’s Office – Regional Administrator and Local Government (PORALG) for improved Community HIV Services. Jan 23, 2020 338
HIV prevention: Eswatini officials benchmark in Homa Bay. Jan 23, 2020 415
CDC: HIV-1/HIV-2 Differentiation Test Increasingly Used in U.S. Number of HIV-2 diagnoses remains low; more false positives seen with greater use of differentiation test. Jan 23, 2020 258
Seven HIV treatment centres planned. Jan 21, 2020 179
Nyoro blames high HIV rate in Kiambu on poverty and idleness. Jan 21, 2020 364
Cash transfer schemes reduce the chances of adolescent girls and young women contracting Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Jan 20, 2020 211
Chains supporting expanded access to HIV drugs. Jan 20, 2020 975
Pakistani prisoners' plight: More than 5,000 prisoners suffer from various deadly diseases including HIV/AIDS. Ashfaq Ahmed, Associate Editor - Online Jan 19, 2020 614
Death sentences, needle exchanges and spliffs - how Liverpool tackled the HIV crisis; "It was like every time you had sex it was dicing with death, you were taking your life in your hands, the fear was astounding.". Jonathan Humphries Jan 19, 2020 2183
1250 HIV cases reported at Ratodero, and counting. Jan 19, 2020 591
My People Die More Of Malaria Than HIV -Alara Of Ara. Jan 19, 2020 2425
ViiV Healthcare receives Japanese ministry approval for HIV drug Dovato. Jan 17, 2020 147
ViiV Healthcare receives Japanese ministry approval for HIV drug Dovato. Jan 17, 2020 143
Nigeria grants approval for Scottish life science firm's HIV test. Jan 17, 2020 188
HIV Partner Service Delivery Among Transgender Women--United States, 2013-2017. Song, Wei; Mulatu, Mesfin S.; Rao, Shubha; Wang, Guoshen; Kudon, Hui Zhang; OConnor, Kevin Jan 17, 2020 4946
Drive to rid city of HIV within 10 years; INITIATIVE. JON HEBDITCH Jan 16, 2020 161
HIV in the UK: towards zero HIV transmissions by 2030. Jan 16, 2020 1190
New way to prevent mother-to-baby HIV transmission. Jan 15, 2020 616
Dovato (dolutegravir/lamivudine), the once-daily, single-pill, 2-drug regimen for the treatment of HIV-1 infection, granted marketing approval by Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Jan 15, 2020 377
Action call to fight HIV; City fast tracks plan for prevention, diagnosis and treatment. ADELE MERSON Jan 15, 2020 385
Four Nigerian Jailed In UK After Hurling Faeces At Sailors, Vowing To Infect Them With HIV. Jan 14, 2020 1384
New HIV Potential Treatment Cures Disease By 'Smoking It Out'. Jan Cortes Jan 13, 2020 358
I wouldn't give up without a flight; AVIATOR FULFILS HIS DREAM; James wins battle to be first with HIV to qualify as commercial pilot. VIVIENNE AITKEN Health Editor Jan 13, 2020 484
Gilead Sciences licenses The Rockefeller University's range of neutralising antibodies against HIV. Jan 13, 2020 157
Gilead Sciences licenses The Rockefeller University's range of neutralising antibodies against HIV. Jan 13, 2020 153
2019-2024 Spain HIV/AIDS Diagnostic Testing Market: HIV 1/2, Combo, Ag, NAT, Western Blot & Other Confirmatory Tests. Jan 13, 2020 370
Brit pilot becomes first HIV-positive person to fly commercial plane in Europe; James Bushe, from Stoke-on-Trent, has fulfilled his dream of becoming a pilot after a campaign by HIV Scotland forced the Civil Aviation Authority to change its rules. By, Hayley Parker & Matthew Dresch & Ryan Merrifield Jan 13, 2020 781
Gilead Sciences Licenses Portfolio of HIV Antibodies from The Rockefeller University. Jan 13, 2020 270
Facebook removes misleading hiv drug ads. Jan 12, 2020 142
Pakistan has been facing phase of HIV epidemic: Dr Saeed. Jan 10, 2020 292
Neural Tube Defect Prevalence 7.0 Per 10,000 in HIV-Exposed; Prevalence of 7.0 per 10,000 HIV-exposed pregnancies similar to prevalence in general population. Medical condition overview Jan 10, 2020 199
ViiV Healthcare submits regulatory application to the European Medicines Agency for fostemsavir, an investigational, first-in-class attachment inhibitor for the treatment of HIV in adults with few treatment options available. Jan 10, 2020 785
New HIV Potential Treatment Cures Disease By "Smoking It Out". Jan Cortes Jan 10, 2020 358
HIV drug resistance an emerging threat, expert warns. Jan 10, 2020 856
Great steps made towards removing the stigma of HIV. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Jan 10, 2020 441
Neural Tube Defects in Pregnancies Among Women With Diagnosed HIV Infection--15 Jurisdictions, 2013-2017. Reefhuis, Jennita; FitzHarris, Lauren F.; Gray, Kristen Mahle; Nesheim, Steven; Tinker, Sarah C.; Is Jan 10, 2020 3361
Pakistan facing Africa-like HIV epidemic, warn experts. Jan 9, 2020 914
HIV deaths continue to fall. ANNIE GOUK Jan 9, 2020 450
HIV test prior to circumcision becomes mandatory in Tajikistan. Jan 8, 2020 119
HIV deaths continue to fall. ANNIE GOUK Jan 8, 2020 452
HIV deaths continue to fall. ANNIE GOUK Jan 8, 2020 450
Early Antiretroviral Therapy May Not Achieve HIV Remission in Infants; Similar proportion of infants attain, sustain viral suppression when starting <48 hours, two to 14 days after birth. Jan 8, 2020 275
HIV+ Patients Lose Immunity to Smallpox Despite Vaccination; Among HIV+ patients, there was a significant loss in vaccinia-specific CD4+ T cell memory. Jan 8, 2020 223
HIV deaths continue to fall. ANNIE GOUK Jan 8, 2020 450
7,000 7,181 HIV deaths continue to fall. ANNIE GOUK Jan 8, 2020 450
Stronger programs to counter HIV cases' spike pitched by Win. Jan 6, 2020 393
Health facility stuck with HIV patients. Jan 6, 2020 275
Scaling up use of life-saving drugs can help combat Ukraine's HIV epidemic, Yale study suggests. ANI Jan 5, 2020 370

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