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EDITOR'S NOTE: David Pugliese's article last month about Latvia's NAZI Glorification blew up a storm of response.

Here is what some reader's wrote.

THE ENEMY OF my enemy is my friend. I think not. There is no place in our armed forces or for that matter any freedom loving country for Nazi sympathisers or collaborators. How Latvia managed to join NATO is beyond me but then again I do not know all of the circumstances. My position is as a Canadian and a CAN/US veteran I do not support any officer or non-commissioned member In our forces in ANY support for Nazis or anti-semitism.

Ron Mueller (By email)

I FOLLOWED CLOSELY the events of the Second War and the eventual defeat of the Wehrmacht Even after, following breaking the siege of Leningrad, the Soviet forces had recaptured Estonia, Lithuania most of Latvia, and Germany had been totally occupied by the Allied forces, German forces including Latvians were still defending part of Riga.

Fanatical was the term used to describe them. A similar situation existed in western Ukraine and we see now the impact of their resurgence in that country.

R. T. Trenaman (by email)

I HAVE A long time Estonian friend and have, over the years, learned a lot about the Baltic States during WW II. I can sympathize with them where they were caught between accepting the Germans or Russians as their Occupiers and conscripting them into armed service. I do, however, draw the line at any of them who were Nazi sympathizers and joined an SS unit. If they had joined the Wehrmacht regular German army, that would have been a different story and I would support Latvia in filling in the blanks of history to support what they did and the reasons why they did it. But to celebrate SS Units and pure Nazism should be condemned. Latvia would do well not to celebrate this martial blemish on their Armed Forces history!

Brian (by email)

EXCELLENT AND ACCURATE analysis. Any Canadian officer who claims that the Latvian SS wasn't supporting Hitler and the whole thing should be put "in context" should be removed from the CAF.

Jason Stouts

Petawa, ON

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