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 TOKYO, Nov. 18 ~PRNewswire~ -- The growing need for logic devices that can meet the specifications required by emerging low-voltage electronic standards was underscored today in a joint announcement made by Hitachi, Ltd. (NYSE: HIT) and Texas Instruments (NYSE: TXN).
 Under an alternate source agreement, both companies will offer two independent three-volt logic families (below), each with matching specifications, performance, features and packaging.
 -- Low-voltage Technology (LVT) family of bus interfaces fabricated in a 0.8-micron advanced BiCMOS process technology; official designation 74LVT Series.
 -- Low Voltage CMOS (LVC) logic family fabricated in a 0.8-micron CMOS process technology; official designation: 74LVC Series.
 The 74LVT Series consists of an 8-bit octal and Widebus(TM) 16-, 18- bit versions of familiar bus interface functions such as transceivers, latches and flip-flops, as well as a universal bus transceiver (UBT)(TM) device. The UBT, which is an 18-bit device, can be configured in either flow-through, latched or registered data flow modes. The alternate sourcing of the 74LVT Series is an extension of the Hitachi~TI five-volt advanced BiCMOS (ABT) alternate source agreement announced April 23, 1992. Under the new agreement, the 74LVT Series will be compatible in form, fit, function, feature and packaging. Data sheet parameters of the 74LVT Series will match.
 TI, now in volume production on six of the 74LVT octal devices, expects to be in volume production on all LVT Widebus devices during the first half of 1993. In January 1993, Hitachi will begin bringing to market the following six 74LVT devices:
 -- 74LVT244 Octal Buffer~Line Driver
 -- 74LVT245 Octal Bus Transceiver
 -- 74LVT646 Octal Registered Transceiver
 -- 74LVT16244 Widebus Buffer~Line Driver
 -- 74LVT16245 Widebus Bus Transceiver
 -- 74LVT16500 Universal Bus Transceiver
 The new 74LVC Series is comprised of 3.3-volt CMOS logic devices that the two companies are developing to be compatible in form, fit, function, feature and packaging. Data sheet parameters of the 74LVC Series will match. Devices covered under the new Hitachi and TI 74LVC agreement will include logic functions ranging from simple small-scale integration (SSI) gates to medium-scale integration (MSI) flip-flops and counters, up through advanced bus interface (ABI) octal and Widebus buffer~driver~transceiver functions. Both companies expect to begin offering the 74LVC Series in the second quarter of 1993.
 "As new 3.3-volt systems come on-board and existing five-volt systems evolve to 3.3 volts, there will be an extensive need for low- voltage logic devices at both the high-performance and medium- performance nodes," said Dwain Chaffin, TI Semiconductor Group vice president and manager of General Purpose Logic products.
 "The 74LVT bus interface devices are being targeted for engineering workstations, desktop PCs and telecom~transmission equipment. Meanwhile, the 74LVC devices are being targeted for portable and notebook PCs and point-of-sale terminals. The potential replacement market for 3.3-volt CMOS logic devices is especially promising because it involves the replacement of many five-volt logic families, including FACT~AC, FCT and 74F.
 "This agreement ensures that there will be multiple sources for the type of logic devices that will be critical to the next generation of low-voltage systems," said Tokumasa Yasui, deputy general manager, Semiconductor Design & Development Center, Hitachi, Ltd. "Moreover, Hitachi and TI have already established a working relationship with our joint-development agreements in 16- and 64-megabit dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) integrated circuits. This ongoing relationship underscores our ability to work cooperatively in meeting future needs of customers."
 Hitachi and TI plan to add additional 74LVC and 74LVT devices to the alternate source agreement, depending upon customer demand. The Hitachi 74LVT and 74LVC devices will be manufactured in Takasaki, Japan. TI's 74LVT and 74LVC devices will be manufactured in Freising, Germany.
 NOTE TO EDITORS: Texas Instruments Incorporated, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a high-technology company with sales or manufacturing operations in more than 30 countries. TI develops, manufactures and markets semiconductors, defense electronics systems, software productivity tools, computer systems and peripheral products, custom engineering and manufacturing services, electrical controls, metallurgical materials and consumer electronic products.
 Hitachi, Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is one of the world's largest electronic and electrical equipment manufacturers, with operations extending to computers, semiconductors, household appliances, power generating equipment and industrial machinery. Hitachi's 1991 sales totaled $58.4 billion.
 Refer all reader inquiries to: Texas Instruments Incorporated, Semiconductor Group (SC-92108), P.O. Box 809066, Dallas, Texas 75380- 9066, 800-477-8924, ext. 3012 or Hitachi America, Ltd., Semiconductor & I.C. Division, 2000 Sierra Point Parkway, Mail Station #080, Brisbane, Calif. 94005-1819, 800-285-1601, Ext. 70
 NOTE: Widebus and UBT are trademarks of Texas Instruments Incorporated.
 Key specifications of the 74LVC and 74LVT Series:
 -- Process:
 0.8-micron CMOS 0.8-micron BiCOMS
 -- Voltage Range
 <-------- Vcc = 2.7 V - 3.6 V -------->
 of Source Current
 -- Bus Interface
 4.0 ns (Typ Tpd) 2.4 ns (Typ Tpd)
 --Prop Delay
 7.0 ns (Max Tpd) 4.0 ns (Max Tpd) ('245 type):
 Note: Max Tpd @ Vcc = 3.0 V
 -- Drive
 IOH = -24 mA IOH = -32 mA
 IOL = 24 mA IOL = 64 mA
 -- Power Consumption:
 Icc = 20 uA Icc = 100 uA
 -- Switching Noise
 <---- Ground-bounce = under 0.8 V ---->
 -- Operating Temperature Range
 <-- -40 degrees C. thru 85 degrees C. -->
 -- Product Lineup:
 SSI, MSI, 8-bit 8-bit thru
 thru 18-bit ABI 18-bit ABI
 -- Package Lineup:
 <--- SOP, SOIC, SSOP and Thin-SSOP --->
 -- Interface
 Pure 3.3 V 5 V-to-3 V
 Mixed-mode Capabilities Input Voltage Allowance
 -- Major End
 Portable systems
 Engineering Equipment including notebook, workstations, targets, pen-based, palmtop, desktop PCs, hand-held PCs and telecom and point-of- sale (POS) transmission terminals equipment
 -0- 11~18~92
 ~CONTACT: Martha Brounoff of Texas Instruments, 214-997-5469, Osamu Naito, 914-333-2902, or Jeff Muscatine, 415-244-7195, both of Hitachi~

CO: Hitachi, Ltd.; Texas Instruments ST: Texas IN: CPR SU: PDT

WB -- NY004 -- 2184 11~18~92 09:01 EST
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