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Youwaitdecades fora TripleCr own winnerandthen two comealong at once.That'swhat wec ouldall be sayingc ome LadbrokesSt Legerday on September15whenimmortality beckonsf or Camelot, followingt he possible TripleCr own coronation acrossthe Atlanticthis weekendof I'llHaveAnother.

Both coltsarehot favourite for thethirdand finallegsoftheir TripleCr own, withtheDoug O'Neill-trainedI'llHaveAnother evens forSa turday'sB elmontand theAidanO'Brien-trained Camelot 1-3 fortheworld'soldestClassic at Doncaster withthe racesponsor.

NotsinceAf firmed,in1978,and Nijinskyin1970,hasa colt successfully completedt hesport's holy grailintheUSorBritain.

Sow illithappen? Ourex perts givetheirverdictand wel ook att wo starswho swervedthe Leger test.

Havea real tough competitor Steve Cauthen Winnerof fillies' Triple CrownonOh SoS harp I'LLHA VEA NOTHER hasa very goodc hance ofd oing it. He seemslikea toughho rse,ar eal competitorw hos eems tol ikea fight.S ome horses havet ough racesand itd oes nottakethat much out oft hemb ecauset hey areac tually doing ite asierthan itl ooks. Hem ight bet hat kind ofh orse.

Itl ookedlikethe kid[Mario Gutierrez] measuredi t pretty wellinthePr eakness. Hew asn't beatingh im;hejust ranthe otherh orse[ Bodemeister] down. ThePr eakness wasthe raceIt houghtw ould be toughest forh im tow inandas longas ith as nottaken too much out ofh im hes houldh ave a great chance ofw inningthe Belmont.

Ihave noi deaabout Camelot's pedigreeas faras gettingamile andthr ee-quartersb utth ey wouldn'tr unhimifth eyd idn't think hew ould get it. Ift hey decide tog o forit hemust h ave a great chance.

Ofc ourse,a tthat timeh e may bea gainst someoutandout stayers.I remember Alleged being beatenbythe Queen's horse Dunfermline.H e could be inthatsituation wherea very talentedh orsed idn'tq uiteg eta mileandthr ee-quarters, butI am sureh e'dhavea chance becauseh emust bev ery classy.

I'LL HAVE ANOTHER CAMELOT Class willpr evailin bothca ses Simon Callaghan California-based Britishtrainer I'LL HAVE ANOTHER is going tob e extremely hardt o beaton SaturdayasIthinkthedistan ce ofam ileandahalf will suith im. The reportsarethat heis trainingv ery well.

Californianh orses haved one extremely well whenthey have shippedo ver tot hee ast coast. Boththe KentuckyD erbyand thePr eakness Stakes were dominatedb yho rsestrain edin California,w hichs howsw hat a competitivec ircuitw ehave here.

Ithinkthe Belmonti ssimp ly I'll HaveA nother'st o win-I don't seea nyr eason whythe other horsesaregoing tor everse the form.

I don't knoww hether Camelot is definitely beingaimedatthe StLe ger butifhe does runat Doncasterin September, which would beg reat forthe race,Ithink hew ould be unbeatable.

You haveo nly tol ookat how wella StLe ger winnerlike SixtiesI conis doingasa stallion tor ealise winningthe Doncaster Classicsh ouldn ot affect people'sju dgementabout Camelotas as tallion.

Ifb oth I'll HaveA notherand Camelottu rnu ponthe dayand performlikethey haves o far, thenthey will bothde finitely win.


Chancesareone will fallshort Nicholas Godfrey International editor THEmainquestion regarding Camelot's potential Triple Crownis whetherhe s howsup int heS t Leger,w hich looksa formality.Surely it'sab igger pricethan 1 -3thatheeven runs at Doncaster? Ont hep lussid e,t he final Classiccan bead ecent Arcpr ep andI don'tb elieve itm ight compromisehisstud value- he wonasa two-year-oldandhad enoughs peed tow inthe Guineas. Thenagain, Coolmore liketheIrish Champion Stakes and ith as been suggested Camelot needst otake ono lder horses tob urnishhis r eputation.

I'll HaveA notherprobably ought tob ean odds-ons hot for the Belmontw ere it not forthe waythe 'Test oft heC hampion' findsa way tou nseatthe champion.Union Rags comes backaf tera breakwhile Kentuckyt hird Dullahan will relishthe extraquar ter-mile.

The Belmonti san idiosyncratic raceb yUS standards.Inex perienced riders have often been compromised andMarioGu tierrezh as never riddenat Belmont.

Despite Camelota ndI 'll Have Anotherb oth havingtheabili ty toc ompletetheir Triple Crowns, thec hancesare oneo fthem will not.Ij ustd on'tk noww hich one.

Littlet hreatin pedigree terms RichardGrif fiths Bloodstock editor IFHE goes forthe S t Legeri tis hard tos eeC amelot being beaten.L et'sb e honest,the racer arelyattrac tsh orses of thecalib reh ehasalr eady defeatedi nthe2,000Guin eas and Derby,andthere seems littlethr eatin terms ofh is pedigree.

His lates ire Montjeuis responsiblef or two Leger winnersin Scorpion(2005) a nd MaskedM arvel(2011),while thefurtherback you goin Camelot's femalel inethe more staminathe rei s.B esides,the way her anat Epsom suggests anothert wof urlongs will not posea nyt hreat.

Asf or I'll HaveA nother,it 'sso hard tos ay becausev ery few high-classho rsesare testedo ver whatisin Americaa marathon trip.

Hissire Flower Alley wasa Grade1 winner overamileanda quarter.F lower Alleyis byt op milerDist ortedHumo r,w hose son Funny Cide wasoutstay edin the2003 Belmontwhenalso seekingthe Triple Crown.

Ont hep lussid e,F lower Alley isahalf-b rother toT osen Ra, who wasthirdin last season's JapaneseS t Legero ver1m7f, and DistortedHumorhasa Belmont winneronhisstud recordi nthesha peof Drosselmeyer.


Arcbidwasalwaysthepr iority NASHWAN ONEofthetwomost recent winnersofthe 2 ,000 GuineasandDerbywas Nashwan,whose connectionsopted to pursueanotherpath insteadoftheStLegerand a TripleCrownbid, writes Jon Lees.

Itwas ac hallengethat wasneverseriously contemplatedbyowner HamdanAlMaktoumand trainerDickHern, accordingtothe sheikh'sracing managerAngusGold.

"SheikhHamdan felttheStLeger wouldhavebeen runningthehorse beyondhiscapability," saidGold."Healways feltNashwanwasmoreof amile-and-a-quarter h orse whohappenedtostaya mileandahalf,andhefelt therewasnowayhewas goingtorunhimoverthat farandtesthisstamina more.

"Idon'tthinkthe Triple Crownseriouslycameinto hismind. I twasamore commercialworldinthose days.

"Therewasnoquestion atthatstagetheArcwas amoredesirable prize.Nashwanwas thefirsttophorse SheikhHamdanhad, andtheArc,asthe pre-eminentr acein Europe, w aswhathe wantedtotrytowin."

Belmontpr oduces odd results Sam Walker Racing Postin ternational ratingsex pert THE wayCamel ots tayedo nin the Derbys uggests he'sat ypical son ofM ontjeuand will haveno problem withthe Legertri p. LikeS ea The Starsand Nashwan,heap pears tob ea middle-distanceh orsew ho happened tol andaGui neas.

Nashwanand Sea The Stars mighth ave wonthe Legerhad theyg one forit-th eyc ertainly hada lotinhand ont hef igures.

If theyhad we'db e lookingat Triple Crown numberthr eein 23 years,i nstead oft he firstin 42,whichshows iti sas much down toac hangein culturea s it ist hed ifficultyo fthetask. Camelotclearlyhastheabili ty.

A changein culturei sn'tt he problemw ith winningthe US Triple Crown-distanceis.

Horsesinthe States veryr arely raceo veramileandahalfand staminaisevena concern for many oft he best overamileand aquar ter,s othe Belmontc an produces ome odd results.

I'll HaveA notherstay edon stronglyin Kentuckya ndt he Preakness buttheextradistan ce will bea nunk nown. Lookingat theh orseswho weres cuppered inthe Belmont,it 'se asy tos hy awayfromI'll HaveA nother, but people haveu nderestimatedt his $11,000 coltf rom dayone.

I'll say yes toC amelotand no toI 'll HaveA nother.


Breeding ruledout Leger assault SEA THE STARS THE Prix de l'Arc de Triomphewasalwaysthe contest the owner most wantedtowinafterSea TheStarsbeat FameAnd Glory inthe Derby, trainer JohnOxx recalled yesterday, writesBrian Fleming.

Hesaid:"Hisowner [Christopher Tsui]hadno interestintheLegerashe didn'tbelievethepedigree, beingbyCapeCross,was rightfortherace.

"You'dbeabrave trainertochangethe owner'smindonthat, butI'msurehewould havehadtheclassto beatMasteryandwin byacoupleoflengths atDoncaste r."

FollowinghisEclipse andInternationalwins,all roadsledtoLeopardstown inearlySeptemberandhis winintheIrishChampion Stakesfittedintohisendof seasonbig-racetarget.

"Wecouldn'thavehada betterdayinwinningthe ChampionStakes,which meantalotmoreashe beatbetterhorsesand achievedahigher rating,"addedOxx.

"You'dhavebeen takinghimoutsidehis comfortzoneby stretchinghimtoa mileandsix,plusthe Legerwasonlythree weeksbeforetheArc, whereastheIrish Championwasfour."


I'llHaveAnother: immortality beckonsat Belmont Camelot:hot favouritefor theStLeger
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