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HIS & HERS DOME BODY; Huge model is Siamese twin.

THE giant body in the Millennium Dome will have two torsos in a bizarre Siamese twin design.

There will be a male and female chest and stomach on the figure which will still have only two legs and one bald head.

A spokesman said last night: "It's like Siamese twins. We have solved the problem of whether it's a man or a woman - it's going to be both."

And designers have got round the problems of the figure's genitals by making them indistinct or "swimsuit decent". The latest plans end the wrangle over whether the body should be male, female or androgynous.

Millennium exhibition chief executive Jennie Page had wanted the model to be a woman.

But Dome minister Peter Mandelson was undecided.

Plans for the double chest will also allow more visitors to go inside the 300ft long body.

They will be able to walk between the two torsos, which will be double the width of the rest of the body.

It will now be lying down propped up on an elbow instead of initial plans to have it sitting up.

Visitors will enter through the lower back on the first floor of the pounds 758million Dome and go out through the heel.

The spokesman added: "We want at least 3,500 people an hour to look at the exhibition inside it about the human body.

"That has involved giving the body design a double torso and a much larger space inside.

"That will now mean we can show a female torso and male torso." The figure will be in the Body Zone, the first exhibit seen by visitors to the Dome.

It was one of the main attractions unveiled by Tony Blair in February.

The Prime Minister will visit the site in Greenwich, south east London, next week for a progress report.

It will mark a year since he finally decided the Dome would go ahead after it was dogged by rows over its huge cost and building delays.

Plans to feature a huge model of a baby as well have been scrapped.

But Mr Mandelson is not anxious details of the centrepiece are still being worked out.

He is delighted with the progress of the troubled project since taking charge after Labour's election win.

Mr Mandelson and Deputy PM John Prescott led the bid to persuade Mr Blair to back the Dome against opposition from other ministers.
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Author:Woodward, Will
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 18, 1998
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