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HINC Becomes Exclusive Korean Registry to License Internet Keywords.

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REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 21, 2000

Internet Keywords Overcome Problems with Korean Web Addresses; HINC

Reserves 4,000 Internet Keywords in First Day of Operation

South Korea is the first country to license an Internet Keyword country Registry from RealNames Corporation, the leading provider of Internet Keywords, the modern Web addressing system that uses brand and product names instead of complicated URLs. Hangeul Internet center Co., Ltd.(HINC), a consortium of leading Korean Internet companies who until recently sold Domain Name System addresses, and will exclusively register Internet Keywords, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with RealNames. HINC and RealNames expect to enter into a final agreement by January 2001.

Internet Keywords overcome the limitations of current Web addresses because they support local language character sets, extend easily to new Web-enabled devices, handle diverse types of data beyond text and pages, scale globally as resources are added to the network, are more efficient in their use of bandwidth, and present an intuitive, user-friendly interface to consumers.

As the sole provider of Internet Keyword Web addresses in Korea, HINC will provide Korean businesses with the ability to use their brand and product names in the Korean character set as their Web address. Unlike providers of multilingual URLs, which partially translate Korean Web addresses into a mixture of Korean and Roman characters, the RealNames Internet Keyword system is based on Unicode and natural language, enabling companies to simply use their brand names typed in Korean characters into the browser as their complete Web address. Internet Keywords are unique from competing Keyword systems and DNS because they must conform with policies designed to ensure rightful ownership and cannot be assigned to generic terms.

In its first day of operation, HINC accepted reservations for close to 4,000 Korean Internet Keywords at US $100 each, demonstrating the keen interest businesses have in the benefits of the Internet Keyword system. To put these numbers in perspective, HINC's closest competitor in Korean-language navigation has only registered a total of 100,000 of its keywords.

"We believe the best way to expand the use of Internet Keywords is to share the opportunity and open the technology and sales process to local companies," said Keith Teare, CEO of RealNames. "We are proud to partner with HINC who understood early on the differentiation of Internet Keywords and their impact on the future of the Internet for Korean users. We look forward to finalizing our relationship with them."

Hyangjae Park, CEO of HINC, said, "As the registry of Internet Keywords, HINC will play a key role in successfully implementing the RealNames technology and developing marketing strategies for Korean companies. We expect that this registry model will be a fine example for other markets in Asian countries in line with the new standard of web navigation."

The Internet Keyword Registry/Registrar Model

The announcement of a South Korean Internet Keyword Registry comes a month after RealNames opened its standards-based Internet Keyword registration and resolution technology and services to a registry/registrar distribution model. The three-tier distribution channel consists of RealNames Global Registry Services, which is responsible for licensing one Registry per country and providing the back-end systems for registering and resolving Internet Keywords worldwide; one Registry in each country responsible for appointing multiple Registrars or resellers; and, Registrars who will sell Internet Keywords, resolutions and services directly to customers. The structure of RealNames Global Registry Services, its country Registries and Registrars is designed to enable Internet Keywords to reach worldwide ubiquity quickly and efficiently as the next generation naming service.

RealNames will provide and host an open registration product based on combined Internet Keyword and UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration) specification registrations to the country Registries. UDDI is a new emerging standard for discovering and naming other types of corporate business information on the Internet. In addition to providing routing, using the CNRP specification for Keyword resolutions and registration, the RealNames Global Registry Services will also provide statistical tracking and reporting of Internet Keyword usage for its country Registries and their Registrars.

RealNames will offer application developers rich, open APIs (many of which are already available from RealNames at that not only support existing browser and search engine interfaces, but will also provide new network naming and directory services on new devices (cellular, set-top box, wireless and voice-activated). The RealNames platform improves on DNS by providing resolution services at the edge of the network, enabling more efficient use of bandwidth.

Subscribers who purchase from HINC Registrars must attest that their Internet Keywords do not adversely affect the user's navigation experience. In particular, their Internet Keywords must not misdirect users or consist of generic terms. Disputes based on rightful ownership will be handled via independent third parties appointed by RealNames Global Registry Services. Country Registries will receive revenues based on their Registrars' sales of Internet Keywords and resolutions. The country Registry's relationship to RealNames Global Registry Services will be based on an aggressive wholesale pricing model.

About RealNames Corporation

RealNames Corporation, a market leader in Internet Keyword navigation, develops and markets products and services that simplify Web navigation and enable media convergence. Major brands can use RealNames products and services to help improve their return on total advertising spending by unifying their identity online and offline. Internet Keywords have been integrated into Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser, and are used by leading search and portal sites such as MSN, AltaVista, Inktomi, Google, Go2Net, and the GO Network as part of their infrastructure to improve directory look- up and search results. Founded in 1996, RealNames is based in Redwood City, Calif., with offices in New York City, London, Hamburg, Tokyo and Seoul. For more information, please use Internet Keyword: RealNames to visit our Web site.

Note to Editors: RealNames, RealNames System, RealNames Service, Real Name Service and RNS are either service marks or registered service marks of RealNames Corporation.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Dec 21, 2000
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