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Tonight Robin Hood, BBC One Wales, 6.45pm Keith Allen's Sheriff of Nottingham is back with a bang for the concluding episode of this muscular retelling of the age-old tale. Expect lots of pyrotechnic and special effects trickery.

Tomorrow Revelations: How to Find God, Channel 4, 7pm Cardiff-born writer and broadcaster Jon Ronson, below, takes on the task of examining a new trend on Christianity, an introductory course called Alpha. Can it make a believer out of a confirmed agnostic in just a few weeks as is claimed?

Monday Inside Nature's Giants, Channel 4, 9pm How the elephant got its trunk, the giraffe got its neck and the whale got so gosh darn big.

Evolutionary biologist Sir Richard Dawkins will be helping veterinary scientist Mark Evans puzzle his way through the process.

Tuesday Word's Best Diet, ITV1 Wales, 8pm Part two of the dietary challenge sees the celebs jetting off to Japan, the Mediterranean and India to find out which has the healthiest cuisine.

Wednesday Skins, Channel 4, 11pm In case you missed it on digital channel E4, the third series of the teen drama hits terrestrial. A good watch, if you're not offended by casual drug taking, louche behaviour and comedy gangsters.

Thursday Psychoville, BBC Two Wales, 10pm This slow-burning horror comedy, from the makers of the League of Gentlemen, is getting better week by week. Expect more eBay-based drama, deranged clowns and a mother-son murdering team in this latest installment.

Friday Horne and Corden, BBC Two Wales, 10pm More comedy as the patchy-but-generally-worthwhile sketch show gets a terrestrial slot. Worth it for Ricky Gervais' cameo alone.


An Unfinished Life, BBC One Wales, tomorrow, 10.20pm Robert Redford's ageing rancher suffers an emotional and financial collapse after the death of his beloved son.

Filled with hate for his son's widow, whom he blames for his demise, he spends his time cooped up caring for a sick friend. One day his daughter-in-law turns up out of the blue with a grand-daughter he never knew he had - changing his life forever.

Wimbledon, ITV1 Wales, Monday, 10.35pm A British tennis player at the end of his career, played by a fidgety Paul Bettany, experiences a turnaround in fortune when he is picked as the wild card for a prestigious tournament.

To add to his luck, he meets a rising American female champion, Kirsten Dunst, and falls head over heels in love with her - a relationship that impels him into an unprecedented winning streak.

It's All Gone Pete Tong, BBC One Wales, Friday, 11.40pm Mid-life crisis drama from Paul Kaye, the erstwhile Dennis Pennis. A superstar DJ enjoys a rock 'n' roll lifestyle with a mansion and trophy wife thrown in for good measure. But he begins to pay the price for a life of excess when he starts to lose his hearing and becomes increasingly dependent on drugs. With his wife and money gone, will he get his life back on track?
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Jun 27, 2009
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