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PARIS-Where does one go to see the latest trends in home furnishings?

Maison & Objet, the premier international cross-category home-furnishings show in Paris, of course.

Featuring the collections of more than 230 exhibitors, the show ran from Sept. 8 to 12 at Parc des Exposition, outside Paris.

The major color story that emerged relied on all shades of purple, from lilac to deep plum -- often combined with shades of red. When asked what colors were most important at the show, Ronnie Gold of Ronnie Gold Designs said, "Purples, plums, reds and lots of deep colors."

Greens held their own as a secondary color story, while there was a distinct absence of blues from the collections.

Shapes were often described by the designers as being "epure," or clean. This trend was spotted in tabletop products and furniture. The lines were minimal and sleek; furniture in the higher-end collections was lower to the floor and had a slightly boxy silhouette. Textiles at Maison & Objet reflected the growing trend towards opulence with a resurgence of velvets and jacquard weaves. "There's a movement toward dressier fabrics with more embellishment," said Gold. There was a dramatic shift in this season's embellishment, from the Indian-inspired beading of the past several seasons to the use of metallic thread embroidery.

The next Maison & Objet will be held Jan. 12 to 16, 2001, at the Parc des Exposition.
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Author:Devine, Michael D.
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Date:Sep 25, 2000

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