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 SEATTLE, Oct. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- The following was released by Starbucks Coffee Company today:
 It's accessible, portable, affordable, exquisite. It's a growing trend. It's home espresso -- that slow trickle of golden crema, that room-filling aroma. The natural evolution of technology has embraced the romance of espresso, and more and more coffee lovers are enjoying lattes from state-of-the-art machinery without venturing farther than their own backyards.
 "Home espresso is a phenomenon. Consumers have learned to love -- and expect -- good espresso in specialty locations, and now they're brewing it at home," explains Cheryl Canning, marketing manager for Krups, the largest distributor of espresso machines in North America. "They're enjoying it as a day-to-day treat, for breakfast, while entertaining...We've seen a double-digit increase in percentage of sales over last year. Home espresso machines are our fastest-growing category"
 Who's buying all these machines? Jerry Gregory, a barista at Starbucks' Pike Place Market store for over 6 years, responds, "All kinds. I've sold espresso machines to a California muletamer, a contractor in Oregon and a retired couple from Boise."
 Beginning October 1st and running through the end of the month, Starbucks Coffee Company invites anyone who loves the taste of great coffee to "Explore Espresso," a promotion that affords even the thoroughly uninitiated a simple, step-by-step introduction to the gratification of espresso at home.
 "We've spent most of the last year doing research to find the very best lineup of machines available on the market today, machines that will allow our customers to make great espresso drinks at home," notes William Stiles, hardlines manager at Starbucks.
 "These machines were chosen for their overall ease of operation, consistent performance and each machine's ability to make a great espresso drink," Stiles continues. "Our goal is to help our customers enjoy coffee at home that is as exceptional as the coffee we serve in our stores."
 Any member of Starbucks' knowledgeable staff can provide clear explanation of machine features and benefits, to help espresso lovers find the best fit for both lifestyle and budget. During the month of October, each Starbucks store will post a regular schedule of seminars, welcoming customers to try out the new home machines. Class curriculum includes milk steaming tips, recipes, maintenance information and lots of hands-on practice. And tastings, don't forget the tastings!
 Each new machine comes with Starbucks' guarantee of continuing support, plus a free half pound of Starbucks Espresso Roast. Checking the grind, practicing that tamp -- the extra half pound is to help home baristas get a little extra practice after coffee class. In addition, we'd like to give each new espresso machine user an exclusive treat: a certificate for one free pound of Starbucks Christmas Blend, delivered from the roasting plant directly to their front door before our special blend appears in stores for the holiday season.
 This October, come by for a look, a sip, a try. Explore Espresso. Then take it home.
 Starbucks Coffee Company is the leading coffee roaster/retailer in North America. To order Starbucks by mail, call 1-800-445-3428. For more information about the company, call 1-206-447-1575, or write: Starbucks Coffee Company, 2203 Airport Way South, Seattle, WA 98134.
 Also featured during Explore Espresso are a range of "espresso accessories," everything you need to get started. First and fundamentally, we're offering a Home Espresso Kit, great for the beginner and a terrific packaged gift. Starbucks' Home Espresso Kit includes two exclusive demitasse cups and saucers, thermometer, tamper, 2/3 liter stainless steel steaming pitcher, and helpful how-to brochure ($27.65; components also sold individually).
 Starbucks' flavored syrups allow the home espresso lover to compliment their latte, cappuccino, or steamed milk at bedtime with a hint of vanilla, hazelnut or almond (25.4-ounce bottles, $6.95 each).
 Taking good care of espresso before it meets the machine is crucial for great flavor, and Starbucks' stoneware logo storage jars do the trick. Reducing exposure to oxygen, light and moisture, the primary enemies of coffee freshness, these small green ($24.95) or white ($19.95) jars clamp closed, airtight, and hold 1/2 pound of Starbucks. Their larger twins, also in green ($29.95) and white ($24.95), hold a full pound.
 And for a mid-afternoon or after dinner treat alongside espresso, there are Starbucks Chocolate Bars. Each its own inspired combination: orange peel and fine dark chocolate, chewy cherries with pecans, regal white chocolate and sweet raisins, smooth milk chocolate mixed with buttery toffee chunks. Is your mouth watering yet? (set of four, $7.75).
 Starbucks Coffee Company is the leading coffee roaster/retailer in North America. To order Starbucks by mail, call 1-800-445-3428. For more information about the company, call 1-206-447-1575, or write: Starbucks Coffee Company, 2203 Airport Way South, Seattle, WA 98134.
 "The way I think of our Espresso and my role in creating, maintaining and improving it," notes Starbucks' head coffee buyer, Dave Olsen, "is not that we have the best coffee in the world, but that we're continuing to work hard to make it as good as coffee can possibly be."
 The exacting result of over 15 years of concentrated effort, Starbucks' Espresso Blend combines the very highest-quality, highest-grown and lively Central American coffees with a substantial Indonesian component. Espresso Blend's characteristic bittersweet chocolate color occurs just moments after the bean has reached a Starbucks roast. The blend is formulated specifically for brewing in an espresso machine, which highlights acidity and intensifies other aspects of this unique combination of coffees. Properly brewed, Starbucks Espresso yields a cup with spicy bouquet, tangy acidity, and a dense, caramel-like sweetness.
 "In the case of Starbucks Espresso Blend," Dave emphasizes, "there is no such thing as a finish line. Seasons progress, the circumstances in a given country change, and new possibilities emerge..."
 The espresso machine is a "distiller" of coffee, capturing the essential nature of your brew in much the same way as a fine cognac captures the spirit of the fruit and earth of its origin. This exactitude makes the machine a wonderful vehicle for exploring many coffees, in addition to those formulated with a vision of ideal espresso flavor.
 Arabian Mocha Sanani yields the thickest crema of any coffee and an abundance of exotic flavors and aromas, ranging from berry to earth to cocoa, when brewed in an espresso machine.
 Guatemala Antigua, as the most complex and balanced Central American coffee, produces an espresso whose razor-sharp acidity is offset by peppery spice and a luscious, bittersweet chocolate finish.
 Ethiopia Sidamo offers heady, floral aroma and a gentle, fruit-like sweetness.
 Sulawesi: Thick as maple syrup, tremendously earthy, with a creaminess that can either complement milk or render it unnecessary -- as you prefer.
 Gold Coast Blend plays a game of hide-and-seek on your palate. At once piercing and velvety smooth, the blend of Guatemala, Sulawesi and Italian Roast in Gold Coast offers layer after layer of flavor.
 -0- 10/4/93
 /NOTE TO EDITOR: Fact sheet on home espresso machines available upon request/
 /CONTACT: Kat Spellman or Laura Moix, 206-447-1575, of Starbucks Coffee/

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