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 VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Nov. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Promark Software Inc. (Vancouver: PRW), a North Vancouver-based computer software firm, announced today the release of a new animated geographical computerized learning system, MicroClas, at a news briefing in a Vancouver area elementary school.
 Company President John Henry introduced the learning system during a demonstration of its use by several school children in the computer lab of Our Lady of Assumption Elementary School, in Coquitlam. Describing it "A back-to-basics learning tool using new technology," John Henry predicted "MicroClas will be well received by learning institutions due to its effectiveness as an instructional tool, and its interactive design." He said further, "With MicroClas, geography fundamentals are learned in the context of game participation. This feature has proven effective in both getting the attention of students, and in learning retention."
 The MicroClas system, which has been in lab test for several months, teaches students geography, from beginner to expert levels. Equally important, it is the forerunner of a new generation of instructional software to be developed by Promark for education, business, and the home. In coming months, the company will be introducing teaching enhancement software for over 25 subjects, including categories such as Biology, Language, Physiology, and Mechanics, among others.
 The current MicroClas package includes learning units for Canada and the United States, though packages are now in development for Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia. Students playing the MicroClas "edu game" learn geography during the process of correctly selecting regions, provinces, states, rivers, lakes, and a range of landmarks contained in the software memory.
 Promark plans to distribute MicroClas software widely, especially to the education sector. Beyond that, the company has already finalized a licensing contract with the prestigious National Geographic Society of Washington, D.C., which will make the program available to its 13 million-plus subscriber base.
 In discussing the students' response to MicroClas, Bob Simington, Promark's vice president of sales and marketing said, "More sophisticated levels require better knowledge and faster play. Our test program suggests it is the combination of video interaction, speed of play, and self-testing that is so enticing to students."
 School officials present at the MicroClas demonstration included Principal John Van der Pauw and fourth grade teacher Irene Wihak. Both educators remarked the new learning system was a valuable tool for their students.
 They said the students who had used the system during the test period had demonstrated a much improved ability to identify geographical features of all types and showed a greater understanding of geography in general. Van der Pauw said the new learning aid would be of significant benefit to students of all ages, saying, "In the contemporary world -- and given our global economy -- it is critically important for students to have a good grounding in geography; MicroClas will help give them that foundation."
 Promark Software Inc., is a Canadian company engaged in the development and marketing of industry-leading innovative personal computer based software solutions. Their address management software has been officially recognized by Canada Post.
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