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 CUPERTINO, Calif., Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ-NMS: AAPL), today announced the LaserWriter Select 360 and the LaserWriter Pro 810, two new printers focusing on the needs of small and large workgroups respectively. Priced to be a leader in its class, the LaserWriter Select 360 is designed for networks of Macintosh and DOS/Windows computers, while the LaserWriter Pro 810 offers the speed and flexibility sought by large workgroups where users run a variety of operating systems.
 "Apple has configured specific technical features to meet the more sophisticated requirements of both small and large workgroups. We believe these products will be especially attractive to the growing number of networks in which Macintosh computers are connected to computers running a variety of operating systems. In addition, we are delivering these printers at prices which clearly aim to make them the market leaders," said Don Strickland, vice president for Apple's Imaging Division.
 Apple Offers PostScript Fax Option for the First Time
 One of the most distinguishing characteristics of Apple's new printers is their optional PostScript Fax capability. This add-in capability turns the printers into plain paper fax machines which can send and receive either standard faxes or high resolution PostScript faxes. Developed in conjunction with Adobe Systems, the PostScript fax capability on the LaserWriter Select 360 and LaserWriter Pro 810 is available to all users on the workgroup network.
 The quality of this fax option is especially noteworthy when PostScript fax printers both send and receive the fax. The output resolution is identical to printed output: 600 dots per inch (dpi) for the LaserWriter Select 360 and up to 800 dpi for the LaserWriter Pro 810. However, even traditional Group 3 faxes, typically 200 dpi, are rendered at higher quality when sent from one of Apple's new printers. Fax transmission costs are also less when sending and receiving on PostScript Fax printers due to the smaller file sizes that must be transmitted.
 LaserWriter Select 360
 At an ApplePrice of $1599, the LaserWriter Select 360 provides 600 dpi print resolution at a print speed of 10 pages per minute (ppm). Developed for small workgroups of networked Macintosh and DOS/Windows computers, the LaserWriter Select 360 supports Adobe's PostScript Level 2 software and PCL5. Apple Price for the PostScript Fax card is $299. This combination of high quality resolution, optional fax capability and speed makes the LaserWriter Select 360 one of the highest performance printers in the small workgroup market.
 "For most business printing, 600 dpi has become the standard for print resolution," said Terry Bailey, director of marketing for Apple's Imaging Products. "Apple now offers users the ability to receive and print faxes at this resolution. For users who require the transmission of high quality graphics or business information, this feature is indispensable."
 The LaserWriter Select 360 supports networked workgroups of Macintosh and DOS/Windows computers with parallel, LocalTalk and serial ports, as well as, Adobe's IntelliSelect software, which provides auto emulation and port switching in ROM. As a result, users can send documents to print without stopping to select between PostScript and PCL languages or to configure the printer port for their particular computer. The LaserWriter Select 360 automatically analyses the incoming document and switches to the correct port and language.
 Apple's new LaserWriter Select 360 ships with two paper trays standard: a 250 sheet letter size cassette and a 50 sheet multipurpose tray. Optional envelope, 250 and 500 sheet size paper trays let users expand the paper handling flexibility of the LaserWriter Select 360 to a total of 800 sheets. It is also compliant with all EPA Energy Star standards which ensure energy savings through automatic power-down when the printer is idle.
 LaserWriter Pro 810
 Apple's LaserWriter Pro 810 is designed for large workgroups with mixed computing environments, requiring high volume printing in a variety of page sizes. Available at the ApplePrice of $4899, the LaserWriter Pro 810 prints up to 20 ppm from three universal cassettes which can be configured for letter, legal, tabloid, A3, A4, A5, B4, and B5 paper sizes. It supports Adobe's PostScript Level 2 software.
 The LaserWriter Pro 810 is the first Apple printer to ship with tabloid paper capability and the first to provide 750 sheets of paper input standard. The Adobe PostScript Fax option is also available for Apple's LaserWriter Pro 810 as a user installable cartridge that prints 800 dpi faxes. The ApplePrice for this option is $299. The printer comes with a SCSI hard disk expansion slot, an expandable network architecture and maximum memory capacity of 32MB.
 Four networking protocols are concurrently active in the LaserWriter Pro 810 to ensure "plug and play" compatibility in Novell, Macintosh, UNIX and DEC environments. The built-in Ethernet network card provides transparent, simultaneous printing for IPX, TCP/IP, Ethertalk, and Digital LAT protocols. The printer is compliant with the industry standard Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and has a remote console facility that allows network managers to configure the printer and to obtain diagnostic information.
 "Network versatility is the watch word for this product. Network managers can now provide greater print speeds and higher capability for multi-platform users than ever before," said Terry Bailey. "We believe large workgroups with demanding printing needs will find no better product on the market."
 Virtual Printer Technology permits a network of Macintosh, UNIX, DOS, DEC or Windows users to simultaneously access one LaserWriter Pro 810. Up to 64 different 'virtual' printers can be configured by the network administrator,
each with unique port, protocol, PDL and imaging characteristics. As a result, the network administrator can efficiently control network printer traffic, and users do not experience any printer delay for reset or initialization. The printer has a native 400 dpi resolution or users can select 300, 600 or 800 dpi depending on their output quality needs.
 Both the LaserWriter Select 360 and the LaserWriter Pro 810 are expected to be available shortly and can be purchased through authorized Apple resellers and Apple Authorized Peripheral Dealers. PostScript Fax cards for the LaserWriter Select 360 and the LaserWriter Pro 810 can be purchased through Apple Authorized
Dealers. For further information, customers in the United States should call the Apple Referral Center at 800-538-9696. Customers outside the United States should contact their local Apple representatives for information on availability and distribution. Prices quoted below are ApplePrice. Apple Price will fall within the general range of street prices offered by our resellers.
 Model ApplePrice
 LaserWriter Select 360 $1599
 LaserWriter Pro 810 $4899
 Headquartered in Cupertino, Apple Computer, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets computer, server and personal interactive electronic systems for use in business, education, the home, science, engineering, and government. A recognized pioneer and innovator in the personal computer industry, Apple does business in more than 120 countries.
 NOTE: Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh and LaserWriter are registered trademarks of Apple Computer. LaserWriter Select, EtherTalk and LocalTalk are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Virtual Printer Technology is a trademark of Dataproducts Corporation. Adobe, PostScript and the PostScript logo are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated which may be registered in certain jurisdictions. UNIX is a registered trademark of UNIX Systems Laboratories, Inc. MS-DOS and Windows are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
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